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Baby Sister

Updated on December 26, 2011

Baby sisters can bring joy as well as heartache. They are so cute as babies. You look at them and see all the love in their eyes. The laughter they express, when you are performing your most hilarious acts. They seem to chuckle and shake like little old ladies and men. Baby sisters seemed to understand the words from your favorite reading book, even when you have mispronounced the words.

Baby sisters are really great when they start to walk. They are especially exciting when they are able to follow you around as you play follow the leader. You are the hero or heroine and best friend they ever had. You know that if they have a problem or a secret, you are the first one to know. Even your hair style is the one, they want their hair to look like.

Baby sisters can also bring heartache, when they are now able to reason on their own. You see them going through the same problem you have had before, and they feel their answer is the right answer. Heartache comes along after they reach third grade, and Susie or Bobby in the class room gets to share their problem or secret. They feel that now they are able to walk to class on their own or with their special friend. They no longer want you to comb their hair, because they know how to do it now.

No matter if its joy or heartache, having a baby sister is a cherished relationship all its own. A moment which those who never lived it, would have missed a beautiful thing.


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    • DSCR626 profile image

      DSCR626 6 years ago

      After reading your hub, I found it to be a very interesting observation. I am an only child and I find your awareness of how you saw your relationship with your sister quite loving. It was really refreshing to read about how you felt.

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