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Dedicated to all you Moms out there...Young and Old

Updated on July 26, 2010
This could closely resemble my Mother and me when I was younger, but I wouldn't be wearing teal shoes. That's just weird.
This could closely resemble my Mother and me when I was younger, but I wouldn't be wearing teal shoes. That's just weird.

Dear Mom

To the women out there who work countless hours seeing to the needs of their young. Those who have sleepless nights due to a child's illness, yet still make it to work the next day with hardly a complaint. The Moms out there who do their job to the best of their abilities, I feel you. I'm not a Mom nor will I ever be, but my thoughts and considerations are with you.

Being a Mom can sometimes seem like a thankless job. I know when I was a kid (the youngest of 4), I wasn't too concerned with waking my parents up in the middle of the night because I was scared of something, or I wasn't feeling good. I did it because I needed my Mom and Dad, and I knew they would be there for me.

I know all of you Moms are there for your kids, too! (Dads, you kick ass as well, but this hub is for the Mommas)

Your kids may not be old enough to appreciate all things you do for your little ones. Working overtime to afford that "must have" gift for their birthday, or staying up extra late to finish those cupcakes for the bake sale your kid just happened to casually drop on you that night :)

I guess the reason I am writing this is to let you know, there will come a time where they are old enough to reminisce and realize all the wonderful and selfless things you did to help them become confident, intelligent, articulate young adults. Think of it as an investment! All the kind and responsible things your children do as they grow are a direct reflection of you! You have so much influence over your children, and to all the Moms who use this power to their kids advantage are going to see it flourish.

I want to thank my Mom and all the Moms out there, including you, for doing their best. You don't need to be rich, or have the best material stuff for your kids. That's NOT what turns them into healthy, positive adults. It's being there for them though thick and thin, and knowing when to drop the hammer on them when they're being way out of line. ( I was too many times to count haha)

Helping them blaze their own path into young adulthood and beyond, and nurturing them when they seek guidance. I was and am truly blessed to have had (and still have) those things given to me, making me the adult I am today!

Family Photo

A photo from my Brothers wedding. My mom is in the light colored dress. Hey Mom! RIP Dad - We all miss you dearly and love you!
A photo from my Brothers wedding. My mom is in the light colored dress. Hey Mom! RIP Dad - We all miss you dearly and love you!

10 Reasons I want to thank my Mom and Moms like her

10) You always made sure I was fed, and had clean clothes to wear. I know this seems elementary, but you would be amazed at how many kids go without.

9) You have always seen me through my darkest times, and helped me to your best abilities

8) You have always made amazing dinners for me and the whole family

7) You know exactly when to bend but not break when it came down to something I "needed" as opposed to something I "wanted" and always made sure I realized that money doesn't grow on trees.

6) For always having my back. No matter what.

5) All those mornings you may not have felt like it, but always made sure I walked out the door to school with a delicious and nutritious lunch!

4) All the nights you would sit in bed with me when I was sick or had a bad day, and read to me or tell me stories until I fell asleep.

3) Countless drives to soccer, baseball, piano lessons etc. I could have made most of them on my bike, but you sacrificed time to do those things for me.

2) Having patience with me through the years, and knowing when to step in and when to let me learn from mistakes. It has been an invaluable life lesson for me.

1) For always putting everyone else before yourself. You did (and still do) so much for me and the family, and it will never go unnoticed! Love you Mom.

Mothers Day should be EVERY day

I dedicate this hub to my Mom and all of you fantastic Moms out there who put there kids before themselves on a daily basis. All those days of not being able to shower because you're too busy with the kids and cleaning up after them. The meals you have missed because you have to feed your baby and ended up losing track of time. All the time nights patching up your kids favorite doll or teddy bear. All the tears you have dried and the frowns you've turned upside down makes you Moms extraordinary.

Moms are Superwomen!

p.s. - Even if it doesn't seem like it now, your kids will appreciate you so much when they're older :)

If you are a Dad or child reading this, tell your Mom or Wife how much you love them. A little thank you once in a while wouldn't kill ya now would it? 

Don't F*#k with Mr. T

Well, I've said about all I have to say. Thank you Moms all over the world! We wouldn't be here without you!

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    • happyfaktor profile image

      happyfaktor 7 years ago from Boston

      Hey Paula,

      Wow. Thats amazing that you're able to do all of that while raising kids! You may not be able to spend as much time as you'd like with them, but once you're out of school things will get a lot better because:

      a) You'll be done with school which means more free time

      b) You will more than likely be able to eliminate not one but possibly TWO of your jobs once you start a career

      This will pay dividends for you and your kids and is the best possible thing you can be doing right now. They will definitely understand as they grow older what you did and appreciate you more for it!

    • PaulaHenry1 profile image

      PaulaHenry1 7 years ago from America

      Very nice, I do hope my children will appreciate all I do for them. I feel guilt being a single mom of two, having to work 3 jobs and go to school fulltime. I miss them, will it be worth it? Do they know I do this for them and not to them?