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Luxury Stroller Update: UPPAbaby Vista 2012 Reviews

Updated on February 26, 2015

UPPAbaby Vista 2012 - Get it with Free Shipping and Returns

Are you planning to buy an UPPAbaby Vista stroller for your baby? The UPPAbaby Vista 2012 has garnered rave reviews from parents across the internet - you can see why in the customer reviews below.

While the 2013 UPPAbaby Vista due out in a few months does have some new feature and colors, the deals on the 2012 version can not be beat right now. Prices on the 2012 model have already dropped, but act fast to get one before they are out of stock. Read about the many innovative features on the 2012 model and then get it at Amazon today for as low as $685.

Today's Lowest Price: $685 at, with Free Shipping and Returns! Buy it today, Risk Free!

Do your research, but bookmark this page - because when you are ready to buy you will find all of the best prices and all the top UPPAbaby accessories right here

uppababy vista on amazon
uppababy vista on amazon

UPPABaby Vista Features

The 2012 Model Is a Parent's Favorite

What you get with UPPAbaby Vista 2012

This stroller comes with an impressive list of features and provides a great value compared with other luxury stroller on the market. No wonder it has some of the best parent reviews of all the rear-facing, convertible, high end strollers on the market today.

-- Easy Fold - with or without toddler seat attached

-- Reversible seat allows your child to face the world or the parent pushing the stroller.

-- Toddler seat has 4 adjustable positions, including fully upright.

-- Easy activate brake system

-- Interchangeable Bassinet and Toddler seat require no fabric swapping.

-- Organic soybean fiber and cotton lined bassinet.

-- SPF 50+ sun shade and canopy extension - an industry first

-- Easy one button telescopic handle-height adjustment

-- Rubber-coated chrome finish

-- Never-flat wheels

-- 4-wheel shock absorbing suspension

-- Higher seat/bassinett height keeps you closer to your child.

-- No kick rear axle

With all of these great features, you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck. Here is what UPPAbaby Vista owners are saying about it:

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"The HUGE basket underneath absolutely cannot be beat! It holds my big diaper bag, a laptop bag, groceries, a soft-sided cooler, all kinds of stuff!"

"...for many reasons we've chosen the uppababy and are very very happy with it! First it is a lot cheaper and it comes with everything you need - the bugaboo itself is a lot more expensive and you have to by extra things for a lot of money, too,like a sun protection etc."

"I love that our daughter is up high away from dust, exhaust, dogs, dirty snow and other yucky stuff. She is closer to us and we can hear each other."

"Baby loves that he can sit up high and look out at the world, or directly at you."

UPPAbaby Vista with 3 Children (from
UPPAbaby Vista with 3 Children (from

UPPABaby Vista Expandability

With Room for Three Kids, This Stroller Has Room to Grow

The UPPAbaby Vista is the perfect stroller for a growing family. Additional accessories allow you to add a second seat AND a ride-along board - allowing you to transport up to THREE children in comfort and style, while still tackling rough terrain in comfort and style.

Second Seat

"We bought the rumble seat for our 2007 Vista. Our 2 year old fits perfectly in it with lots of lower leg room with still enough space to fit diaper bags and lunch packs. Highly recommend for anyone needing a 2 seater that can still fit in smaller spaces."

Ride-Along Board

UPPABaby Vista Piggy Back Board

"This is the best! The piggyback has been a huge hit at our house with my almost 5 year old. We use it all the time"

"I love it, my 5 year old loves it and my 2 year old loves it. And my 7 month old loves it too because whichever of his brothers are on it entertain him when he's rear facing. Best of all using this with the rumble seat allows me to safely keep all 3 of my kids with me when I'm out with them alone. It's a really fun and practical addition to an already amazing stroller!"

Top UPPABaby Vista Accessories

A smart stroller with even smarter add-ons

The UPPAbaby provides some extremely practical accessories available separately. One of the best can be used from the minute you bring baby home from the hospital. The UPPAbaby Car Seat Cabana is an ingenious SPF sunshade, wind and insect protector, and device for giving baby some privacy at nap time and keeping all those well meaning baby-touchers at bay. Best of all, it fits on almost all infant car seats, so you don't even need to own an UPPAbaby stroller to take advantage of this cool accessory.

UppaBaby Bassinet Stand

The wooden bassinet stand allows you to use the bassinet in your home until baby is ready for a full sized crib. It is also great for overnight trips instead of lugging around a separate bassinet or pack-n-play.

Uppababy Vista Bassinet Stand

And when baby has outgrown the bassinet, the hamper liner can be used to adapt the stand into a stylish, roomy hamper - something any home with babies or toddlers can use!

More Deals on Ebay - Save money on a used UPPAbaby stroller

Buy a gently used UPPAbaby Vista on ebay and save money over a new model. Also find great deals on UPPAbaby accessories here.

UPPABaby Vista Snack Tray

Customers LOVE the Snack Tray. Read their reviews here:

"The snack tray is just perfect, it snaps in very easily, and my 8 month daughter not only uses it for her snacks, but also as a foot rest when she naps."

Video Review for UPPAbaby Vista - See what One Satisfied Mom has to Say about her UPPAbaby Vista

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