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Memorial Keepsakes - Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Updated on July 16, 2011

Capture a Memory


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Personal Diamonds from Hair or Ashes

In nature, it takes millennia to create a diamond; in their laboratory, it takes just a few weeks to create a memorial keepsake that is certified to be physically, chemically and optically identical to an earth-mined one. The process is also environmentally-friendly and conflict-free.

Turning ashes into cremation diamonds is not only a scientific process, it afford family members one of the most personal memorial opportunities available. Using the personal carbon source of a loved one or even a beloved pet, a laboratory grown diamond keepsakes can be created in less than 70 days.

While gemologically equivalent to earth-mined diamonds, their personal lab grown diamonds are more beautiful, more meaningful and more precious - because they contain forever the essence of someone special. They are truly the most personal diamonds in the world.

Personalizing a memorial diamond further by selecting the cut, color, size and setting of your gem allows to create them most beautiful and precious piece of cremation jewelry.


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    • MaureenMcHale profile image

      MaureenMcHale 6 years ago from Longwood, Florida

      Thanks for the comment. I agree, there are many wonderful ways to memorialize someone -- a human or a pet! DNA2Diamonds is a company that can create a diamond from ashes - their website explains the process. I have my dogs ashes...still not sure what I would like to do with them...