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Mickey Mouse Watches - The Gift of a Memory

Updated on February 9, 2013

Mickey Mouse Watch - Making Memories

A long time ago, a big brother went to Disneyland. He came home with a small gift for his little sister who dreamed of going to Disneyland all the time. He picked out what he thought she would like and he was right on with his choice. The perfect souvenir gift that made a lifetime of memories.

The Mickey Mouse watch with the bright red leather band.

Read how this became a treasured memory.

(Photo is me at Disneyland, age 4, standing in front of Sleepy Beauty's Castle and the horse drawn trolley.)

Mickey Mouse Watch With the Bright Red Band

Disney Kids' D001S505 Mickey Mouse Time Teacher Red Velcro Watch
Disney Kids' D001S505 Mickey Mouse Time Teacher Red Velcro Watch

This is pretty close to the watch my brother Greg brought me back from Disneyland.

Greg 1972
Greg 1972

An Unexpected Turn

The Mickey Mouse watch was a great reminder to myself that Greg thought I was a good little sister. I wore that watch proudly for a very long time. I didn't realize then how much that memory would mean to me during the next few years.

My brother Greg was killed in a motorcycle accident a few years later when I was ten years old. The shock shook our family when this twenty-one year old young man died. Greg was getting ready to join the Air Force and use all those piloting skills he had in the service. He had taken his physical to enter the military which included dilating his eyes. It was after this exam that he was driving his motorcycle and turned left in front of an on-coming car. Everyone thinks his visual perception must have been off and he miscalculated the distance, turning directly in front of a car coming straight at him.

Thus ended this young life. I often wonder how our family would have been different if he was still with us here on the earth. I think he and I would have been good friends as adults. I do know that the simple gift of a watch with a red band is not forgotten even all these years later.

Barb and Her Siblings 1964
Barb and Her Siblings 1964

Big Brothers

My oldest brother Greg was a mystery to me as a child. He was so much older than I was that we seemed to live in different worlds. (Photo taken on my second birthday in 1964. Greg is the one on the far right. The other two are my sister, Mary and brother, Tim.)

He was twelve years older than I was so we didn't share a lot of time together. My earliest memories of him are when he bought his first motorcycle and he would zoom off with his long hair flying out behind him. He was the cool guy much to my parents agony. He was smart. He learned to fly an airplane and quickly became an airplane flight instructor in his late teens. He went to the University and earned a degree in philosophy.

His world was so foreign to me and although I remember his kind words and smiles, he was always busy and moved out on his own when I was five years old. He took long trips on his motorcycle to Mexico and on one of those trips he made a stop at Disneyland. It was on that trip that he brought me back a little gift, the treasured Mickey Mouse watch. It was my very first watch ever and it was perfect. I can remember wondering if it was really for me and asking if I got to keep it. I can vaguely remember his smile and reply that it was mine to keep.

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Disneyland is a favorite family vacation.

Disneyland is a favorite family vacation.
Disneyland is a favorite family vacation.

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    • LadyFlashman profile image

      LadyFlashman 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Your brother sounds like he really lived life to the up-most, I am so sorry that he was taken from your family at such a young age. Thank you for sharing what must have been a difficult story to write, it was certainly very moving to read.

    • Senora M profile image

      Senora M 6 years ago

      I remember having a Mickey Mouse watch growing up with a red band! Great memory. I haven't thought of that in forever!! Cool lens!!! :)

    • jimmielanley profile image

      Jimmie Lanley 6 years ago from Memphis, TN, USA

      Wow. What a powerful story of family. Small things can mean a lot.

      I enjoyed seeing the old photos.

    • profile image

      ohcaroline 6 years ago

      Keep your brother's memory going. He was special to you in ways you may never know.