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Bonding with Your Daughter

Updated on May 27, 2016

Everyone knows that little girls are sugar and spice, everything nice...

Having a daughter, or daughters, to love and cherish is a true treasure in this life. Our daughters will look up to us, as their mothers, to figure out life. As mothers, we are our daughters role models, teachers, security, comfort, joy and happiness to our baby girls of all ages. We spend everyday helping our child form who she will become as an independent adult... she is watching us to learn who she will become. Let her watch, let her interact and help her grow to the best of her ability! She is the treasure that will become our legacy on this earth!!

While our little girls are young, they are in a prime faze to absorb your love and lessons. By actively giving yourself a way to continue building the bond between you and your daughter at a young age will help establish the relationship between the two of you, a relationship that she will need as they travel through the different ages and stages of their life and development into womanhood.

The time in your daughters life to bond with you is now. Waiting for tomorrow for something to important is not an option. She is here, she loves you and you are the focus of her world... Show her how much she matters.

She will follow your lead...


Converting "Adult" tasks, so your daughter can partake:

I share my love of gardening with my young daughter and in return I get some of the best smiles in the world. Along with a mud pie or ten!

We have a very big, full garden that we grow as a mother/daughter team. This activity is an amazing opportunity for our bonding time! Here are some of the ways that I involve my young daughter and gain valuable bonding time, that is also educational:

  • When we are rototilling she is following collecting roots and rocks. Seems like a chore rights? Not if she is collecting treasures that she can only find once a year, during rototilling time! Once the 'chore' is done we make family art by using a piece of cardboard and mud as glue to make a 'garden' picture!
  • My sweet daughter (who will be seven this gardening season) has her very own garden that mommy is not to touch, unless I get permission. This patch is where she sows, weeds, grows and gathers from -- and is all hers! (Should I admit now that her plot often out produces my carefully planned one??)
  • We love fishing! If you garden, you know the value of getting a hoe in there and loosening up your soil. When it is time to complete this task my sweet little girl will go behind me and collect fishing worms. Her reward: A fishing trip.

So what is the moral of this shared experience? It is that you can get tedious chores done in a manor that gives you a bonding opportunity!

Be your daughters guide...

As their mother you are the role model, the authority figure for your little girl. You are who she is looking up to when she is trying to figure out who she will become as she takes the walk towards being a grown-up in this life. Set a good path, she is following!

Cut out the things that steel your time - It will make more room to get to bonding that you both will benefit from

Like Mom... Like daughter

Pavilion Gift 49013 Mommy and Me Two Mugs with Spoon by Jessie Steele
Pavilion Gift 49013 Mommy and Me Two Mugs with Spoon by Jessie Steele

Coffee time... Tea time... Hey baby... It's you and me time!


3 Ideas to Make Memories Together

Create more opportunities for 'mommy and me' time by following some simple rules:

1. Create a scrapbook together... Set aside one day a week to sit down together and get crafty, while documenting all the special memories that you girls were able to make that week

2. Take turns taking a photo of each other during special time (cooking, crafting, cleaning, playing...) Every so often (say every six months or so) burn the pictures to a disc and add the disc to a memory box ~ You daughter will treasure the memories when she is older

3. Record yourselves singing your favorite song... Not only can you have a great time 'in the moment' of this activity -- It will be able to become a keepsake that you both can enjoy decades down the road!

Be sure to avoid these 2 toxic things during Mommy and Me time:

  1. Negative words... The may be said, don and over... But harsh or hurtful words can linger with a heavy weight in a child's heart
  2. Not listening to your daughter with your entire body... If you listen to them, but not really hear them, they will know...

Life is short... Childhood even more so... Grab each moment and make a memory that will count for decades to come!


"I love you mommy..." Has been the best thing I have ever head in my life

— Said to me, by my very own dauhter

Be more than a bystander in your daughter's life... we both know that she's worth it!

Run around the back yard being faries, slip down the slide right behind her. See who can twirl the longest... It is so important to her for you to be participating with her...

Do it together

Flirty Aprons Bundle - 2 Items - Women's Strawberry Shortcake Apron & Girl's Strawberry Shortcake Apron
Flirty Aprons Bundle - 2 Items - Women's Strawberry Shortcake Apron & Girl's Strawberry Shortcake Apron

She will love the fact that she will look just like mom while the two of you are making memories in the kitchen! -- Tried, tested and beautiful...


Make the time to make memories by removing distractions

Turn away from things that take time away from each other...

1. Put that cell phone away -- there is no one more important to talk to than your daughter

2. Turn the T.V. off -- don't let her tune into her shows to fill your void, or tune her out for a box that won't return your affections

3. Your novel can sit on a shelf, but your child shouldn't -- the ending to the novel will never change... But the little one that looks up to you will

4. There is always time for 'your quiet time'... When you child is not hoping for a moment with you...

Giving her a little gift that she can take with her...

Even if you are not able to be with her all the time, she can carry a 'mommy and me' treasure with her...

If she has separation anxiety, it might empower her to be able to take some 'mommy love' with her.

A special gift, just for the two of you

Sterling Silver Polished & Satin Finish Floral Design Heart Locket Pendant Necklace Set
Sterling Silver Polished & Satin Finish Floral Design Heart Locket Pendant Necklace Set

Let her carry your picture close to her heart and carry hers close to yours -- Made from sterling silver


4 Bonding Time Ideas

  1. Pull out the special tea and cups, set the table with a fancy cloth and some candles... Lay out a few snacks and grab the tea bags -- Give your daughter a call and let the magic unfold as you two spend some quality time over tea...
  2. Movie night, living room sleep over --- grab the sleeping bags, snacks and her favorite movie and she is sure to shine with happiness...
  3. A new way to do the groceries -- Ask her to help you make the shopping list -- by circling the items in the flyer that you guys need. "I give my daughter a grocery store flyer and crayon, we review the flyer together. When I spot items we need I have her circle the item... And of course I let her pick one treat to add. Once the list is done we head off to the store and she is in charge of the flyer -- not only has this been a great 'us' time experience, but it is also teaching her very valuable life skills -- All while spending us time... Then once we get home and put everything away we share the treat that she picked out for us <3"
  4. Grab a piece of cardboard, snag some paints, head outside and create a finger painting together... Once it is dry you can even hang it up (with or with out a frame) -- My daughters room is adorned with a couple of our 'special' art projects...

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    • JoleneBelmain profile image


      4 years ago

      I love the whole gardening thing, and although I am not much into gardening right now, my husband and I will soon be getting a home of our own where I can start a nice garden. We will watch a movie together and cuddle on the couch, we've had makeover nights where we wear mud masks and do our nails (the boys will hide in the basement and play video games lol)... raising children can be such a fun time!!

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      4 years ago from Canada

      I love the photo of your daughter peeking out of the box. That is adorable. A funny spelling slip on one section though "I love you mommy..." Has been the best thing I have ever head in my life. Head should be Heard. all the wonderful loving thoughts in this article. Excellent advice.

    • LouCannon profile imageAUTHOR

      Amanda Louise Cannon 

      4 years ago from Wynndel BC Canada

      I personally am always on the hunt for ideas to further establish a bond with my daughter... I hope you will share some ideas here :)


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