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Making Family a Priority: Top 10 Commercials About the Family

Updated on November 11, 2012

My Top Ten Commercials About Family and Lessons I've Learned About Being a Dad

Whether your a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes referred to as LDS or Mormons) or not, their messages about spending time with family are inspiring and touching. In my youth, I often found some of them funny or amusing, but now as a husband and father, I must admit, I get as teary eyed watching them now as my parents did.

Family--It's about time

Don't Loose Focus

There are always distractions in life, but there is nothing more important nor anything that will bring a person more joy than their family. But like anything valuable, it must be cherished and cared for. Below are some of my favorite LDS television commericals and some thoughts on being a parent. Watching these and other LDS Commercials about the family, help me remember to focus on my family.

#10 Potato Chip Trail

I think one of the all time classic LDS family commericals is the family washing their car. One child gets a little mischeivious and starts a water fight. That's when the parents arrive. Dad orders they look at each other, all muddy and wet. The children lower their heads. Suddenly, a dad pulls out the video camera and tells them to smile, starting up the whole thing again. As parents, its easy to want to nit pick every time children throw off our groove, or loose focus from what we expect. If it isn't wrong, go with it. Be spontaneous and roll with the punches.... Just as this video demonstrates.

#9 But Why?

Its so easy to get caught up with important deadlines, and tasks at work, that we forget what is important to our family--US! Those small things we do with them are as important as getting in one more business call, or another round of golf. But some day when we come face to face with God to be accountable for our chooses, all those important things down here will seem as small to Him as what is important to our little ones. Are we prioritizing as we should?

#8 By the Hour

One night as I was laying my 4 year old down to bed, I thought over the day and how each time he wanted to play I had things come up. I wanted to make it up to him, so I asked him if there was anything he could do with me tomorrow what would it by. He knew right off. I pulled open my planner as I sat on the edge of his bed and said, "We'd better pick a time, because if I don't schedule it, it doesn't seem to happen." My son walked over to me and placed his hand on my shoulder. When I looked up at him, he said, "then you better schedule it, dad."

#7 Something Important to do

Whats more important?

#6 Dream Car

Who doesn't have their dream car? Dream house? Dream vacation? What are we willing to give up to life the good life? Our dreams define us and determine our priorities. What do your dreams say about you?

#5 Bad Hair Day

Oh, one of those days. You know the one where you're just glad to be home from work. But wait! The children are just as happy to see you as you are to see the TV remote. What do you do now? Make it a day to remember--you may not, but they will... and perhaps some others will too.

#4 Waiting for Dad

There is no heart break bigger than a child who doesn't receive the fulfilled promise of a parent. Parents are so perfect in their eyes and children believe their parents word one hundred percent. The trust of a child isn't something you have to earn--it must be maintained. Its easier to satisfy the trust of a child now, than to regain trust of the sceptic adult they become.

#3 I want a drink

Too real to life! The boy in this LDS commercial is like my children (and probably like yours too). Patience is a message parents must never forget. Its not only key to our children's survial, but ours as well.

#2 Swashbuckler

In my undergraduate studies in psychology, I found so many case studies and research about parental neglect, especial from the father. A father's influence is unreplaceable. In a particular study, I recall a father who denied neglecting his son as a child--he always invited his son to particpate in dad's hobbies. It was the son who was disinterested and choose not to join. In this short teaser, a boy and his father bond as they work toward a common goal--not the father's goal, but the sons. A reminder to take time to do things our children enjoy.

#1 Can You Read to Me?

So many of the details in life often drown out the imporant--especially when those important things are small in stature, and soft voices. Even good parents need precious moments that remind us to spend time with there children. Look for them, because children have soft ways of letting parents know.

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    • profile image

      phektiong 5 years ago

      Nice recommendation.

    • WordChipper profile image

      WordChipper 5 years ago

      Fantastic lens - Thank you.

    • lshields lm profile image

      lshields lm 5 years ago

      fun and nice commercials, all give a good message on family

    • Jerzimom profile image

      Cheryl Fay Mikesell 5 years ago from Ladysmith, WI

      I liked all the commercials but two of them were my favorite. The little boy saying why, why,... and the bad hair day one. That cracked me up. But my boys fixed me up with their tools when they were little. :)

    • chinchilla-cages profile image

      chinchilla-cages 5 years ago

      Great message about the importance of a family being a family! :)

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 5 years ago from Ljubljana

      You are right, we should never forget what is really important.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Very good selection of commercials!

    • heartycindypen profile image

      Hearty Cindy Penaranda 5 years ago from Ormoc City

      Can't decide which... I treasure family, yes very much... I think you could have the title as top ten family commercials. this is a good lens...

    • profile image

      VeronicaHaynes 5 years ago

      Such a great lens. Family is a real blessing. Thanks for sharing.

    • floppypoppygift1 profile image

      floppypoppygift1 5 years ago

      Yes no matter what religion you are being a parent is the best job in the world and the most appreciated! Cheers~cb

    • Countryluthier profile image

      E L Seaton 5 years ago from Virginia

      Great family oriented commercials. Nicel lens work there squiddly one!

    • victoriahaneveer profile image

      victoriahaneveer 5 years ago

      Aww they are all lovely. What is more important than family? Thanks for sharing these commercials. I enjoyed this lens.

    • lclchors profile image

      lclchors 5 years ago

      they are all great. this lens makes me feel good. Thanks

    • profile image

      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Some very good commercials here - thanks for sharing!