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Best Outdoor Toys For Toddlers - Your Kid Will Love Them

Updated on April 1, 2015

My list of best outdoor toys for toddlers

Outdoor toddler toys are a great way to occupy your baby for hours. Playing outside will also ensure healty development of your child.

To be sure that your baby will enjoy the toys for years, it is better to invest in quality toys. These are more expensive, but you can be sure they are made of non-toxic materials and meet all necessary safety guidelines.

To help you choosing the best outdoor toys for toddlers, I gathered some great ideas on this page. Here youâll find most popular toys for outside use, you can find online today. All of them are picked from best reviewd and most often bought ones.

Welcome and enjoy!

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best outside toys for toddlers
best outside toys for toddlers

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best kids outdoor toys
best kids outdoor toys
outdoor toys for kids
outdoor toys for kids

Kids outside toys help to develop your child's motor skills

Boost your baby's physical development!

Play is a natural way, how children learn about surrouding world. Playing outdoors is very funny way to spend time with your baby. Kids love to play outside. It is a great opportunity to fully use all their senses.

And this is what makes outside toys gret. Generally they help your toddler to use and develop their imagination, senses and most importantly, they are fun! Your baby can ride, climb, touch, pull, push, pretend... literally they can do everything they want!

Sandboxes For Little Kids

Let's make a sandcastle!

I love sandbox as an outdoor toy for children, because of few reasons. First, kids love to play with the sand. There are so many things to do there! Just imagine! You can dig, rake, shovel... And build all these fancy sand castles!

My little Maria always loves to dig in the sand (and I "love" to remove the sand from all possible wrinkles on her clothes after that ... :)

Secondly, many children can play in the sandbox at once. Yes, I know, they will most likely fight for the sand bucket or a plastic shovel. But this is also a great possibility to teach them to share things with others!

Lastly, age range of kids loving to play in the sandbox is really wide. I remember that I was building awesome and fancy castles and sand buildings even when I was about 12-14 years old!

outdoor sandbox for toddlers
outdoor sandbox for toddlers

Toddler are able to spend literally hours playing on the sand and you can use this time for reading a newspaper/magazine or your favorite book and... oh!, you know exactly what are you going to spend the time for! :)

TIP #1: If you're to buy/build a sandbox, choose one with a lid. You're going to save great amount of time and effort when trying to clear all leaves and other dirt accumulating inside the box. You'll both will enjoy always a ready to use sandbox.

TIP #2: Keep your sandbox armed with plenty of a "sand tools", like plastic shovel, bucket, all kinds of molds, sieve and others. Having enough of those colorful accessories will ensure more peaceful play, even if there are more children playing in the sandbox at once.

plastic folding slides for toddlers
plastic folding slides for toddlers

Folding Slides For Toddlers


Plastic folding slides are ideal toys for younger children, who are too small to play on classic big slides in a playground.

Small plastic slides with folding option combines few useful features in one toy.

Parents will appreciate the fact, that they can be easily stored. Just fold it or quickly unassemble and you're done! Next feature you'll appreciate is that these slides require low maintanance, because plastic can be quickly and easily cleaned.

plastic slide for kids
plastic slide for kids

Kids love sliding down! Plus they can exercise their motor skills, because to slide down, they must first climb a ladder, then sit down and finally rush down! Then they have to walk back to the ladder, so thye're always in the move.

You'll find great variety of toddler outdoor slides. When choosing one, go for those with rounded steps, to make climbing easy, and high sideways, so your baby won't fall down.

riding toys for toddlers
riding toys for toddlers

Ride On Bikes And Cars For Kids

Beep-beep! I'm coming!

Your toddler will absolutely love to play with ride on bikes and cars. Kids love riding! It is so exciting to move with speed and have the ability to drive your own way.

These toys are also great to keep your baby in the move and spend his huge resources of energy. Of course you must pay attention a little more, but in reward you get nicely tired toddler, ready to go to bed... I think it is a great deal.

Furthermore, riding toys are great to boost your baby's coordination abilities, which will be pretty handy in the future.

You'll find great variety of riding toys for outdoor use with all those blinking lights, engine sounds and many more, which makes the playtime even more exciting!

pretend tools for toddlers
pretend tools for toddlers

Children Pretend Tools

Let's repair this thing!

Giving your little one a set of pretend tools for outdoor play is a great idea. He is going to develop his creative thinking. Moreover, kids learn by repeating all activities which they see their parents do. So if your little son is a crafty gifted one, give him a little toolbox filled with plastic tools and accessories!

For older kids there are many wooden tools to play with. They can for example hammer down the wooden nails or try to screw in the wooden screws!

Your kid will love to pretend repairing something or even building an imagined machine.

Those toys also help to develop dexterity skills and contribute to improvement of your baby's fine motor skills.

play tents for toddlers
play tents for toddlers

Kids Play Tents

Hey! I'm here! Catch me!

These toys are another must have when you consider outside toys. There are many types and designs of those tents available on the market. They come in nice, colorful desings, so your toddler will like it.

There are special play tents for girls stylized into ping castles for little princesses. For boys you can find a wide variety of those tents which are similar to a castle, a locomotive or for example pirate ship.

play tents for toddler girls
play tents for toddler girls

Of course you can get also many play tents designed for both girls and boys. Those, most often, look like little copies of classic outdoor tents for camping or a house where kids can pretend play a house with mommy and daddy and children...

Finally there are available play tents for toddlers containing different tunnels for crawlig through and other features which make the play even more funny.

When buying a play tent for kids, make sure it is made of durable and soft materials. It should be waterproof as well. Finally look for tent which is lightweight and easy to assemble.

outdoor playhouse for kids
outdoor playhouse for kids

Backyard Playhouses For Toddlers

Knock, knock! Who's there?

Little kids love to play in play houses. I remember from my childhood, that during summer holidays we could spend whole day to play in play house. We chose a daddy and mommy and the rest of us were children :)

Toddlers love these toys ,because they can hide inside, go in and out, invite somebody in... Open and close the door and windows...

The play houses in toy stores are available in many different types, designs and colors. They are themed as a cottage, classic little house, a princess castle, a cafe play house or even a activity garden.

A short story - why it is good to always have some outdoor toys by hand

My little Maria loves when we go out. She is about 2 years old and she is excited to explore everything she comes across. A stone or a stick on the ground, sand in the sandbox, animals ... literally everything. I'm always scared about what all she touches and takes in her little hand.

(Once I just turned my head for a few seconds and when I looked at her again, I found her sittling on the ground and pattering a chicken poo ... it was sooo exciting !!! ... for her :)

So I think it is better to have some nice outdoor toys always by your hand.

Which were your favorite toys to play outside?

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    • WebMarketingPro profile image


      4 years ago

      I love the backyard play houses!

    • Erin Mellor profile image

      Erin Mellor 

      5 years ago from Europe

      Honestly ... a football. I loved playing football from the minute I could kick one and not fall over.


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