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Mothers Day Gone By

Updated on April 16, 2013

Remembering the Mothers Days Gone By.

This article is about remembering some of the most memorable Mothers Day I can Remember and even the not mothers day memories.

To my mom, the best gift ever is being your daughter. Thanks for being there mom for me and all those nights we would stay up talking with Jacki, and Jim, and Allen! Oh you know who they are. I love you mom and this is a tribute to all the memories that made us "US". I am so very happy that you and Dad are in the warmth of the sun in Mazatlan.

I hope you enjoy this too mom.


My Mom


No not from the movie Carrie. She was born in Pamona,, California a few years ago. You were born on a Saturday to Maria Leonita and Frank Acosta. I looked forward to the stories grandma told me a child of things that you had done. I never thought I would be anything like you, and yet I am very much like you and grandma too.

Amazing how when we look at each other I have the same freckles as you do just in a mirrored image. I will never forget the day I had gotten sick at school and you came to get me. Then take me to the Doctors office. And how the nurse had asked for my mother to you, and remembering your reply, " I AM HER MOTHER" makes me giggle deep inside. I never took it the same as you had, it had always been a compliment to me. I was and am the luckiest girl to have such a beautiful mom.

You know they say that as a baby I picked you to be my mom, and that was the first great choice in my little life I had made. I think back to all the times we spent laughing and you kissing my skinned knees and putting a band aid on them. I was not a "TomBoy" per say, and I was not the girly girl either, I was right in the middle, Had to have my "Tonka Truck" and pig tails one year, and then it was a bicycle with a banana seat and basket, with training wheels until I had enough confidence to tell you to let go the following year.

These are some things I think... - My mom would like.

These are just some of the things I believe my mom would like.

My Best Friend

I may not have said this lately

Thank you mom. I love you! There is no doubt that the angels guided me well the day I chose you to be my mom.

Even while going through Law School, I loved being able to still have the eyes of a child and the truths of what the angels had told me. You may remember this mom, the one weekend, you were swamped with your homework from College and I am not sure how I ended up in my room or if I had just woken up. But what I do remember is the look in your eyes when I came out to see you with all of those bows stuck to me.

As a parent myself now, I understand how you reacted the way you did at first. Oh my God, what kind of a mess did this child just create. I would have too, and then you noticed that I had started to cry. And you asked me what was wrong, as I sniffled a tear away, I remember beaming from ear to ear with a smile and telling you "That I was Your Present, Mommy". You had that look of surprise or something to that effect, and then of course, you asked me to explain. So, I gathered up all that gumption inside and said, "Well mom, I am a present from God" Right there and then I remember you putting down your books and I don't think you ever picked them up again. And you said to me, "Yes, Cathy you are most definitely my present from God".

Although we may not always make the right choices about things, I will always be happy that i chose you to be my mom. When the going got touch the tough got going. I thank you for always believing in me and although I did not always listen to your advice while growing up, I seem to have turned out with a lot of you very apparently in me. I Love You Mom! I hope that you enjoy this Mothers Day down in the warm of Mazatlan.


Mothers Near and Abroad! - I know how much I miss my mom, and she is only a skip away.

I know several have had to bury their parents and this time of year is not always easy for everyone. I also know that you all must have some awesome memories of your mom too, Please share with me one of your most fondest memories.

If your mom was standing infront of you this very moment what would you tell her?

Mom by the pool in Mazatlan, Mexico

Mom by the pool in Mazatlan, Mexico
Mom by the pool in Mazatlan, Mexico


This has been a tribute to my mom and all the wonderful memories I have from my childhood all the way through adulthood. No one else like you mom! I love you! Please share your wishes to mom with me. Thanks for reading, and I do hope you enjoyed my article.

Happy Mothers Day! - To ALL MOMS both near and far.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Happy Mothers Day to you too sweetie. I wouldn't have all the blessings of 'momhood' if it weren't for you. Those wonderful memories are great and made special because these were our special times together; just you and I.