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Mother's All Want One Of These - Pictures on DVD or CD

Updated on February 12, 2015

Family Pictures on a DVDs

When my husband was terminally sick with cancer, my daughter-in-law, Tammy, was creating (unknown to my husband Bruce), a collection of pictures to put on a DVD and create his life story. All of our favorite photos were included as well as audio with our favorite songs. What a wonderful tribute to our beloved Bruce. It was an excellent way to retain history, pictures and keep safe valuable pictures in one place. I believe Mom's would like to have such a creation at their finger tips and they could easily have an extra copy stored in a safe. There are several programs available in which to create such a DVD; one being Windows Movie Maker. What is important is that it gets done before time passes on.

Don't just think in terms of a memorial of someone passing. What about a DVD for that special anniversary, birthday, wedding or graduation. It may be a special accommodation, i.e. West Point grad.

So many times we mom's receive flowers or candy (I always love flowers and now takes pics of my gifts) or worst scenero what we call "dust catchers". They are, for the most part, just that. But, pictures are sometimes harder for most to organize. So, I say, all you talented computer gurus, get busy and give the give that will for ever be remembered. A gift that keeps on giving.


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Do It Yourself


Buy software to make my own memory DVD!

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