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Mountain Buggy Swift - go where you want!

Updated on April 18, 2013

Mountain Buggy Swift all terrain stroller

The Mountain Buggy Swift is a stylish compact buggy which is at home in the city or on rougher terrain. It's brilliantly maneuverable and suitable for newborns through to toddlers. The Mountain Buggy Swift comes in vibrant Chilli and Lime or simple Flint. You can add a carrycot for extra comfort for newborns. The extendable sun visor is a great feature. And parents will be very glad of the adjustable handle.

A great all round pushchair for parents that want quality, simplicity and great design. The Mountain Buggy Swift is a great choice whether you're headed to the mall or an off-road trail.

Coming soon: Mountain Buggy Freerider Scooter. Attach to the Mountain Buggy so toddlers can get a ride! Detach so they can scoot on their own. Watch a video of the Mountain Buggy Freerider. Coming in early 2011.

Mountain Buggy Swift Accessories - Rain Cover, Sun Cover

Be prepared for any weather.

Mountain Buggy Swift Carrycot

The Mountain Buggy Swift has a compatible carrycot which is superb for the early months.

Slime for Stroller Tires

The Mountain Buggy Swift has pneumatic air-filled tires. These are great for absorbing bumps and make the stroller glide along.

Great until you get a puncture. But you can get around that problem by filling the tires with Slime. Yes, slime! This stuff is sold for filling bicycle tires to prevent punctures and the Mountain Buggy Swift tires are constructed in the same way as bike tires. Slime has gained a large following of stroller users who fill the tires with Slime to avoid punctures.

Slime is easy to apply through the tire valves.

Slime 10003 Tube Sealant, 8 oz.
Slime 10003 Tube Sealant, 8 oz.

An 8oz bottle of slime is enough for 3 stroller tires.


Mountain Buggy Swift or Mountain Buggy Urban?

The Mountain Buggy Swift is the little brother to the Mountain Buggy Urban. They are both great in town and off road. The Mountain Buggy Urban is bigger which is an advantage for older children and its 12" tires mean it can handle even rougher terrain. The Mountain Buggy Swift is smaller and lighter - great for younger or smaller children and will cope just fine with some moderate off-road walking with its 10" tires.

Mountain Buggy Swift Video

If you want to see the Swift in action, watch this Mountain Buggy Swift video.

Mountain Buggy Swift Instruction Manual

If there's anything else you need to check out, here's the Mountain Buggy Swift Instruction Manual


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