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MY KEEPON | The Little Robot That Helps With Autism

Updated on December 15, 2012

The Cool Little Robot You'll Love!

You've got to check out this cool toy called My Keepon from Wow! Stuff. It's a dancing robot that will rock out to the music that you play. How it works is through a very small microphone located in the robot's nose.

Through that, it can pick up the music you jam out to or whatever tapping, clapping, stomping sound you make. It's pretty sensitive to noise and can understand the rhythm of the music. By picking up that rhythm, the robot can move in time with the music.

It doesn't matter what genre of music that you listen to, the robot can keep up. Whether you listen to slow songs or heavy rock, your music won't be too much for the robot to handle.

The Little Robert That Dances For You

The performances the robot gives will always be one of a kind - no copycat presentations. Because it has a variety of sensors strategically placed under the skin, the robot will respond to actions such as tapping it with your finger or giving it a gentle squeeze. It will react to the touch by turning to look in the direction of the touch.

The minute the My Keepon from Wow! Stuff starts the day, it wants to interact and lets you know this by acting in ways to get noticed. The stage that the Keepon sits on is strong and quite sturdy, which makes it the perfect container to keep the mechanism (or brains of the toy) protected in.

Yellow Dancing Robot

The Little Yellow Robot

The yellow part of the Keepon is pliable and soft. The toy likes to communicate in ways that are non-verbal, using robotic squeaks, sounds and chirps. It's really cute to watch the robot shake its head back and forth.

Dancing to Spoon's I Turn My Camera On

My Keepon

Wow Stuff

What's really cool about this interactive and fun toy is its ability to do moods just like a human can. One minute the toy is excited and thrilled, the next, he's wondering what's going on - brimming with curiosity and it even shows signs of being sleepy!

My Keepon Funds Autism Research

Autism Therapy to Toy

Like humans too, it'll even show its annoyed side! This toy is by the same makers of Keepon Pro, which was a tool for helping kids with autism. This toy is about the size of two stacked up yellow tennis balls in height.

My Keepon Comes To Your Home

My Keepon TV Spot

Wow! Stuff

The My Keepon from Wow! Stuff uses battery or an adapter. If you do use batteries, you'll have roughly enough power from them for the little guy to rock out to a number of songs (about 100) depending on song length. Of course, if you prefer not to get batteries, then the robot can play longer using the adapter.

From Autism Therapy To Toy For You

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