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My Top 10 Educational Toys For Toddlers

Updated on October 11, 2014

Educational Toys

As I worked on finding activities for toddlers, I thought I would add a page on educational toys. Toddlers are often a hard group to keep engaged. Physical activity is often the key to keeping them involved in a game. Their attention spans are often short, but this is a great time for learning. Their language is expanding. They slowly stop parallel play and begin to interact with others. Their emotions are often changing as they learn to navigate life and try to understand the social aspects of relating to others. I wanted to find toys that are not your run of the mill computer games or electronic devices. Price was a factor as well. I wanted to find economical items. I feel that these are well worth the investment and should enhance your child's education. It is never too early to begin teaching. Children absorb their environment. Go ahead and try out some of these products! The great thing about these toys, is that you can expand the activities well into early elementary years.



Wedgits are a great 3-D puzzle for all ages. The set that is specifically for toddlers has larger pieces that are easy for little hands to stack. They come in fun colors, and the patterns you can make are endless. Your little one is sure to love this one. All kids love blocks, but Wedgits takes it to another level. You can challenge older siblings by creating more complicated structures. They can play alongside little brother or sister.

Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks

I can testify right here that ALL of the pieces to this set are still there. My children love this pattern block set! I wish it had a lid. That would be the only draw back. Your toddler is sure to love it too. They can learn shapes and use their manual dexterity in putting the pieces in place!

U Play Mat

I wish I had this one when my daughter was going through speech therapy! The design of this mat is great! It allows for total interaction and eye contact. Your little one sits in the middle of the U while you complete the activities!

Lauri Toys Toddler Tote

What a great set at a great price. Help your little one with hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, manual dexterity, and color recognition with this all in one tote. Totally portable and easy to clean.

Alex Toys Wooden Stringing Sets

Why play with plan wooden beads when you can string cars! Alex Toys has made a few delightful sets of stringing beads that are sure to keep a toddler's attention. My daughter loves to string beads and these bead simply stand out. The colors and shapes are fun and unique!

Portable Sand Tray

Why pay more for those expensive tables? A portable tray makes it easier for you to move around and adjust to life at home. I know I like to move things outdoors, but there may be times I want to keep the kids indoors. I can adjust my play area to just about anywhere I want! I recommend a shower curtain be placed under the table for quick clean up. Your toddler is sure to love scooping and pouring! There are so many educational activities you can do with a sand table as well! Maybe a game of hide and seek? Bury different shapes inside the sand and help your little one identify them.

3-D Find and Feel

If your child is a tactile learner, then they are sure to love the textures of these blocks. Younger toddlers will have fun looking at the blocks spread out on a table. They can match the shape with the corresponding card. Older toddlers can be challenged by keeping the shapes in their bag. Little ones can reach in and guess at what shape they will pull out! You could modify your lesson to include colors and sorting as well!

Mix and Match Games by Smethport

These mix and match games by Smethport are a great way for your little one to put together puzzles as well as work on numbers, colors, or letters. I especially like the rhyming mix and match cards. It gives your little one a visual and helps them understand the concept of rhyming words.

Learning Resources World Treasure Hunt Map

Ok so your little one may not be totally ready to complete the treasure hunt, but you can expose them to the world of maps. This mat can simply be put on display on your floor. You can help your little one identify the continents with this colorful map. Older children will enjoy the treasure map activity included.

Educational Insights bean bag sets

These educational bean bags can be used in a variety of ways. You can engage your toddler in physically active and educational lessons. Play catch, hopscotch, pin a bullseye on the wall and see who can score the most points, or buy a bean bag toss. The possibilities are endless.

What do you think of my list?

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    • Frugal Bride profile image

      Frugal Bride 7 years ago

      Thanks! I only buy educational toys for my nephews and niece. Thanks for the new ideas.