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Nagy Family

Updated on January 18, 2015

Are you a NAGY ?

So are more than 235,400 people in Hungary . This is a very old surname .It literally means Great/Big . The most common surname in Hungary followed by Kovacs .The family name is contrasted with Kiss( Small) and was sometimes used to describe the older of two bearers of the same personal name.

Find out who are the famous Nagys in the world . Find gifts for the Nagy family .Have fun while being here .

More than 235,400 people in Hungary called Nagy .

A famous Nagy

Nagy Lajos the king

was King of Hungary and Croatia from 1342 and King of Poland from 1370 until his death.He was in war during all his reign with his Italian relatives for the throne .However he is considered to be a great king as Hungary became a strong country while he was the ruler . In Hungarian historical legendary he is recorded as the king who owned the greatest territory of the country, having three seas in three different directions (it's worth noting here that Hungary is a landlocked country now). A great fighter in the international scene (e.g. the first minor collision with the Ottomans occurred during his reign), with good sense of internal policy, and of culture (he founded the first university in Hungary, at Pécs, in 1367) he belongs to the glorious monarchs of Hungary. All of his children were girls: one of them (Mary) succeeded him on the throne of Hungary, an other (Jadwiga) had become the Queen of Poland after his death.

Many streets are named after him . The most famous one is in Budapest .Nagy Lajos király útja is an about 4 km long city road dividing Zugló, 14th district of Budapest into two halves .

Ãgnes Nemes Nagy

Ãgnes Nemes Nagy (.. Budapest, January 3, 1922 - Budapest, 23 August 1991), Hungarian poet, translator, essayist, educator, posthumous member of the Digital Literary Academy .

NAGY as a Last Name in The USA

15,003 people in the U.S. have this name

A famous Nagy

Nagy Imre , martyr of the nation

was first a Hungarian communist politician who was appointed Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the People's Republic of Hungary . When the 1956 uprising came then he stood on the side of the revolution and was the leader of the new government .. His non-Soviet-backed government was brought down by Soviet invasion in the failed Hungarian Revolution of 1956, resulting in Nagy's execution on charges of treason two years later. His reburrial was a great event in Hungary in 1989 and it was the mark of a new political system in the country .On 6 July 1989 the Hungarian Supreme Court acquitted Imre Nagy of the charges of high treason for which he had been executed.

Janos Kadar, the man who took over from Nagy and ruled the country for the following 30 years died in hospital on the same day.

A famous Nagy

Nagy Katalin pop singer

She became famous with her band Kati and the Kerek Perec .( katy and the round pertzel) -they had a lots of hits between 1975 and1982 .

A famous Nagy

Nagy Timea the fencer

a Hungarian fencer who has won two Olympic gold medals (2000 & 2004) in the Individual Ãpée.[1][2] She is left-handed, and became world champion in the épée discipline at the 2006 World Fencing Championships. For this achievement she was elected Hungarian Sportswoman of the Year.

A famous Nagy

Nagy Laszlo poet

László Nagy (17 July 1925 Felsõiszkáz - 30 January 1978 Budapest) was a Hungarian poet.

His poems were translated to many languages .

I have a friend who is Nagy . At school there were two Nagys out of 30 kids in our class . What about you ? Have you ever met a Nagy ?

Have you ever met a Nagy ?

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      julieannbrady 4 years ago

      Yes, Nagy is our family name on my mother's side -- Alexander and Julia Nagy of Cleveland, Ohio.