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Naming a Child - The Mythical M

Updated on October 23, 2012

"This is it and it will be mmmMEEEEE!!!"


The "M" in my family: How it all began…

Once upon a time, one sperm said to the one right beside, “My friend, I got a little secret to ask but before so, just wanna warn ya don’t go swimmin’ and yappin’ it to the others. Between you and me…Whaddya think? If ya win this, how would mama and papa call ya?

“A Baby?” thought the hyper other.

“Ahahaha, nah, ya fool!” “A NAME. Think of a name they will give ya?”

Swimming in the same direction side by side chatting with sheepish sperm, hyper sperm begged, “Lemme think. Lemme think. Lemme think some more…ummm…maybe ‘Red’?”

“Red? Why d’ya come up with the name Red?”

“Umm not’n.” replied proud hyper sperm. “It’s just like a combative name for my character- strong, brave and full of vigor! Unlike Billy or Joey, it’s like milk-and-water or milk-and-honey. It sounds cute but that’s not me, uh ah, never me. Right now, I dunno what I’m gonna be.” “How ‘bout ya? Ya look cute to me, round-faced! Your foxy tail, you propel it smooth, slow and careful. What name are ya thinkin’?”

A clever reply came from the sheepish sperm, “Not really sure but I heard a lot of Mmmmms!” “I have a feeling I will see the light at the end of the tunnel and it will be an M for me for sure. No doubt. I’m positive. Oh, God I heard a lot of mmms minutes ago. This is it and it will be mmmMEEEEE.” “Conceive. Conceive. Conceive.”

“Okay. Okay. Too much information.” said hyper.

Squirming in speed, passing the foxy tail swimmer and swimming crooked losing concentration, hyper sperm crashed onto others. SPLAT! hyper vanished. Sheepish indeed sees rays of light at the other end. Once conceived, sheepish sperm’s real gender anticipated for a name.

Sheepish sperm became the first of the brood of four. The parents gave her an ‘M’ name; and so on with the next three broods their names started with the letter M. Traditionally mythical, as the name planning may seem to be of unreal cause but loyal and contagious to the anointing of the initial letra M in a name. Papa is an M too and I guess it is all his idea. My siblings’ little girls are all M’s. But my other brother wanted to break the mythical M charm and he did. He should not have. Why Mark, why?

The sheepish foxy-tailed M is me. Now, I have two girls and both their names start with M too and my dog’s second name is an M.

Would this mythical M continue in the family? Only the third generation M does know.


The crazy 'M's my the family:

A family of M’s: (papa Manolo, me-Marites (Maria), siblings Mark, Myles and Missy; my girls are Monika and Muffet (Marie) and our dog’s alternate name Montycarlo; Myles’ daughter is Meca, Missy’s two girls are Meg and Mya and a dog named MuShu. Mark wanted to crack the tradition and named my handsome nephew Kurt.)


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