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Natural Remedy for Colic Baby

Updated on August 19, 2009

Natural Remedy for Colic Baby

Getting adjusted to having a newborn baby in the house can be extremely stressful at times. Since everything is new, a lot of times you’re not sure what’s considered “normal” versus “abnormal” behavior for your child. If you have ever had to deal with a baby that cries for very long periods of time without stopping (i.e., it goes on for more than an hour or so straight), it’s enough to make you want to jump out the nearest window. This condition of having a baby that cries incessantly and inconsolably for prolonged periods of time is known as having a colic baby, or a “colicky” baby…either term is valid. Of course, as soon as you discover that your child has this condition, the first question swirling in your head is probably “What can I do about it???” Although it may be easy to try and “medicate” the situation, giving any type of medicine to a newborn baby is a risky endeavor, so many parents search for some type of natural remedy for colic. The main reason to seek a natural or holistic solution is obvious: You want the remedy to be as harmless as possible to the baby, but yet still get the job done. Most babies that display infant colic symptoms are usually between the ages of three weeks and four months old. The “kicker” about colic is that as a new parent you can be mystified by the constant crying and screaming; you’re not sure if there’s something physically wrong with the child, and it’s so tough because the baby can’t tell you what’s wrong; the only language they know at the time is crying. In most infantile colic cases there’s actually nothing at all wrong with the baby. To this day, no concrete causes have been established; no conclusive evidence has been brought to light as far as what exactly causes colic. Most researchers have suggested that it may be caused by abdominal pain due to gas, possibly from an underdeveloped or just simply new digestive system that’s still getting used to life on the other side of the womb. Remember: Babies are brand new to the planet, and their immature digestive systems are not even used to processing the food they are consuming, even if it’s only breast milk or formula. Other doctors have proposed that it may have to do with a baby being over-stimulated due to the new environment in which they live, and their still-developing nervous system is having a hard time adjusting to all of the stressors and sensory overload, so they simply cry as a form of “stress release”. Again, these are purely speculative statements, as no conclusive scientific evidence has yet been produced.

Image courtesy of Microsoft Office Clip Art
Image courtesy of Microsoft Office Clip Art

Natural Remedies for Colic

Much has been written about possible natural remedies for colic, and some of the methods are somewhat questionable, and in my mind some of the methods seem a little “old school”, but each method has its proponents. One of the methods I’ve heard about is extending your forearm out (palm up) and laying the baby face down on top of the underside of your forearm (which I guess is now the top if your arm is facing palm up—okay, this is getting confusing), with the baby straddling your arm and your hand holding his/her chin up, and gently lifting and lowering your baby ever so slightly, producing a soothing motion. Other parents recommend a homeopathic remedy known as “Gripe Water” by Colic Calm. It is reported to have a combination of natural substances that are easy on a new baby’s stomach, and they also report a 90% success rate in easing colic symptoms. Again, I can’t prove any of this stuff; I’m just telling you what they are reporting. Other recommendations include using “white noise” to calm the baby down—this can include running a dishwasher or a vacuum cleaner, or even driving the baby around in your car for a while. We have to realize that when a baby is in the womb, he/she is surrounded by fluid, and hears constant but comforting noise due to the mother’s movements. Utilizing “white noise” can sometimes put the baby in the same pre-natal frame of mind and remind them of something familiar and soothing. When all else fails, you may as well just buy some earplugs and shut the door—there can be times when every effort to calm your baby will just go up in smoke. To summarize, if you’re attempting to confront a condition that can be as tough as colic, it’s good to explore every natural remedy for colic that you can find; it’s better to work with a full toolbox than just one screwdriver, if you know what I mean.


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