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How To Use Natural Skin Care For Nappy Rash On Your Baby

Updated on January 4, 2012

Nappy rash is no fun for anybody. It's no fun for the baby, the mum and dad or anybody in earshot. With the best of care, even the most conscientious parents can't be awake 24 hours around the clock. At some time in the life of any nine to twelve month-old tot, a wet or soiled nappy comes into contact with that soft little bottom and causes a blotchy rash in pink or red. The idea of putting harsh chemicals on baby's bum isn't a nice thought. What every parent wants is a natural skin care for nappy rash.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nappy rash is inevitably caused by nappies. The best way to avoid it is to let your baby go commando as often and as long as possible. Just let them lay on a layer of absorbent material and mop up as necessary. Of course, this is not always practical, for example, on public transport or in the shops.

Next to letting your infant go commando, the best approach is to use cloth nappies without a watertight covering like plastic or rubber pants. This allows dampness to be drawn away from the skin. Not only does this help hold back the tears, it is the most environmentally friendly solution as well as the most economical.

The product of choice of most parents where managing infant waste products are concerned is the disposable nappy. The disposables used on babies of an earlier generation were little more than a layer of flimsy cotton wool sandwiched between two sheets of plastic. These had a sort of greenhouse effect and contained moisture inside, next to baby's skin. With today's highly evolved disposable technology, they are far superior to cloth nappies when it comes to convenience.

Changing frequently and using gentle products to cleanse the area will help protect delicate skin. Specially made baby products that use calming substances such as camomile or calendula can keep the area smooth, dry and free from irritation.

A naturopath might recommend the use of egg whites applied to the nappy area after changing and cleansing with cooled boiled water and cotton wool. Simply apply a thin layer, dry gently with a blow dryer on the 'cool' setting and repeat until a layer of about three coats has built up.

Nappy rash is an inevitable consequence of being a modern baby. When natural preventative measures fail to hold back an outbreak, probably the best thing to use is a zinc oxide cream available from the chemist. This is the same substance used by Australian surfers to hold back sunburn and is made from completely natural ingredients.

To find out more about natural skin care for nappy rash please visit


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