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Nautical Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Updated on January 22, 2011

The Nautical Theme is a Fun Theme that is usually done for a Boy Baby shower

If the mommy to be is expecting a boy then this theme is sure to make her smile.

Boys love ships and sailboats and the ocean. Create a whimsical feeling by adding ocean touches all through the baby shower.

If you're having a girl baby shower then this ladybug baby shower post is sure to give you lots of ideas.

You might also want to check out what I do for planning a baby shower when I don't know the gender.

When planning a nautical themed party you can use all kinds of miniatures on table tops and to hang from walls and doors. Some items could be miniature sailboats, anchors, sea creatures, seashells, or lighthouses.

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Boats and Sails can go for all of the Tableware

Next thing to think about are the supplies you will need for the baby shower. Make sure the cups, plates, napkins, cake decorations, are all matching nautical colors like blue, red and white or another color that compliments the shower's decor. For a cute party favor, consider mini sailboats filled with lifesavers candy. These are really functional because they can be used as decoration then taken home as favors, which saves some extra time and money. It's a good idea to stop by a craft store, or browse for one online, to spark some inspiration and get those creative juices flowing. To decorate the foods tables you might want to check these baby shower centerpiece ideas

Nautical Wall Decor

Have images displayed on the walls or even make some decoratives out of construction paper. Tablecloths can have a nautical theme printed on the fabric. You can also scatter real nautical items like rope, netting, paddles, a captain's wheel, starfish, or general boat items.

Use your imagination whe it comes to the invitations

When deciding on what kind of invitation you want to send out there are many unique ideas to use for this theme. Send out a 'message in a bottle' invite using a real bottle or making it out of paper. Other ideas are making it look like a treasure map, a paper sailboat, an anchor or a lifesaver. Find cute trinkets that you can hot glue onto the invitation to make it even cuter.

Another cool theme is the frog theme. You can find frog baby shower party supplies at that link and many ideas to incorporate in your planning.

Nautical Baby Shower Games

To keep the baby shower from falling into glum after your guests have mingled, eaten, and looked at the beautifully put together decorations, plan some activities ahead of time to keep things moving.

Here are a couple of ideas for maritime-y games:

- Sand Sculpting or sea shell painting are definitely fun for all ages. This can be used as party favors also, or the mother-to-be could use it in the baby's room.

- Charades! People may try to deny it, but everybody loves this game. To give it a marine spin, pick scenes from ocean oriented movies to act out.

- Keep in mind that to set the stage for a great party is to have some good background music, some good food, and most of all relax and enjoy. This is a time of celebration.

Nautical Themed Food

Any kind of seafood goes perfectly with this theme. For budget oriented menus, try less expensive options like canned tuna or canned salmon and imitation crab. Crab or tuna salad served on crackers are a great appetizer. Another idea is the traditional fish and chips.


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