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Nick Jr Boost

Updated on September 9, 2012

Nick Jr Boost

Nick Jr's fun animated characters teach children to learn and have fun. Geared for preschoolers thru first graders the age appropriate games feature familiar friends Blue, Diego and Dora. Kids learn math, literacy, spanish and art all while having loads of fun. As a parent you can relax, knowing your kids are learning valuable skills from their new animated friends. My kids love to read their Nick Jr books everyday. They are thrilled to see the familier character in videos and on the computer too. We limit their screen time, but with all the great books and workbooks, they can learn so much while having a blast!

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Read a book with your child. - Dora, Diego and Blue are ready to read!

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My kids love to play on my computer, but like many parents I am concerned for their safety. There are a few sites that I feel are worthwhile places for my kids to learn. Nick Jr has an educational site called Nick Jr Boost that meets my criteria. It is educational and fun and most importantly it is safe. Because we do limit how much time they spend in front of a computer or television it is imperative that the time they have is utilized on learning. The ad-free environment in Boost helps to make the best use of their computer time.

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Other sites we like.

The first web site I was comfortable letting her explore was PBS's Sesame Street site. They have a bunch of learning games, videos and printables that will entertain preschoolers for hours. She gained proficiency with her mouse by playing the many games, and even learned where the letters of her name were on the keyboard. This was a great introduction to the computer for her, but now that she is four and a half, she is wanting something a little more challenging.

Does your Child love Dora, Diego and Blue? - Tell us what you think.

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    • lasertek lm profile image

      lasertek lm 6 years ago

      My children loves them so much. Thanks for sharing.