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How do you break a child's habit of picking their nose... and *gross*... eating their "treasure"???

Updated on May 5, 2012

breathe2travel asks the question "How do you break a child's habit of picking their nose... and *gross*... eating their "treasure"???"

Here is the link if you are interested in the answers.

Naturally, you can read on for my answers.

My Top Four Ways Of Stopping Nose Picking

#1 Gloves

Make your child wear gloves. I'm not talking regular gloves. With those they can still shove a finger up their nose. I strongly suggest mittens. No child's nostril is big enough to accommodate a whole hand.

Might not seem like much, but you try going through the day wearing mittens. You will be frustrated within minutes. You just can't function wearing them.

#2 Hot Sauce

Keep their fingers smothered in hot sauce. Actually you could use anything hot. A couple times sticking that finger in there, experiencing the burn, and they will stop!

#3 Clog The Nostrils

Just block the entrance. Stuff some tissue up each nostril and access is denied. Of course they will try to remove them, so I recommend a small amount of crazy glue to keep it in place.

This does come with a warning. Make sure your child can breathe through their mouth. Otherwise they might suffocate.

#4 Cut Off The Finger

You could always cut off the offending finger. Even if they don't learn a lesson after the first time, you still have nine more attempts. After ten lessons, the nose picking will stop. Unless the child starts using their toes.

Now To Cure The Eating

Personally I never enjoyed eating a booger. The kids on the other hand seem to love it. There is only one way to stop this.

Spend a month collecting boogers. Pick your nose and have friends and family donate boogers. Once you get enough to fill a small bowl, give it ti your child for dinner. Explain that since they eat it, you would like to express your love by giving them their favorite meal.


I'm not a professional. This hub is for entertainment purposes only. You actually do any of this and you'll be in the big house. Go to someone else or Google it for serious answers.


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    • mrpooper profile image

      mrpooper 5 years ago

      @Lisa HW. My apologies for grossing you out. While I appreciate your kind words about the hub, I feel bad that I may have contributed to you needing therapy.

      I'm sorry the drawing has caused my hub to be hidden. I'm just glad I didn't use a real photo. Then I might have been deleted.

      P.S. Please don't claw out you eyes!

    • Lisa HW profile image

      Lisa HW 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Although I can't condone some of your approaches (even if they are clever in their own way), I have to applaud you for having the stomach and courage to write this Hub (and for being will to see it keep showing up in your Hub collection). When I ran into the question last evening I knew my answer would be a long one, and I thought, "I should really write a Hub instead of just an answer." (Well, I thought that AFTER first thinking, "OMG. If there's one bad habit a lot of kids do, I'm sure glad this particular one isn't one I ever had to deal with with my own kids! I really feel bad for parents who end up dealing with this one!")

      Anyway, I decided not to write the Hub because I did't want to see this subject showing up any time I saw my own Hubs. I gave answering the question my best shot and assumed the subject would comfortably and "non-grossly" disappear into Internet world, and (since my kids are grown), I'd never run into it again. I went on to think of more pleasant (and less gross) things, comfortable that I'd made a sincere effort to be helpful.

      This morning, as I signed into HubPages and took my first look at what's here, here was your Hub (In my feed), with far better answers than I came up with. Not only that, but my feed included, of course, the nice, big, drawing of a "most appealing" character engaged in a "most appealing" activity.

      First, I'd like to say "very funny Hub". Second, however, I'd like to leave you with one thought: Gee, thanks a lot for keeping this gross subject alive on my monitor screen and brain. I thought I could assure my stomach that I was done with it; but no...... Here it is again - and with a picture! Having said that; clearly you're a better person than I (or at least one with a stronger stomach and higher tolerance for "gross"). :) (Now that I've oddly been drawn in by the "lovely" image and subject, I think I need to hide your Hub from my feed.) (Well, it's either hide the picture on here or else claw out my eyeballs.)