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Nutramigen Formula: A Parents Guide

Updated on August 23, 2013

Nutramigen Lipil the Hypoallergenic Baby Formula

If you have a baby that happens to be very colic or is allergic to cows milk then you should speak to your pediatrician about using Nutramigen formula instead of your current formula. Nutramigen formula is very different from your traditional baby formula because it is made without milk, so therefore your baby with an allergy to cows milk can now easily digest their formula with ease. Now you may be thinking my baby has a bad case of colic, but did you ever think that the formula may be causing the colic? Many times even though the baby may not have an allergy to cows milk, the baby formula that your newborn is eating may not be agreeing with him/her and therefore causing the colic. Enfamil the company that makes Nutramigen states that Nutramigen Lipil effectively manages colic in newborns, so this may be the colic remedy that you have been desperately looking for.

Nutramigen Concentrate 12pk
Nutramigen Concentrate 12pk

Types of Nutramigen Formula

Powder, Concentrate or Ready To Feed...What One Is Right For You?

Well now that you are ready to buy Nutramigen formula you have a choice of formulation to go with. What I mean by that is you can choose from three types and they are Powder, Concentrate, and Ready to Feed. Now depending on your busy lifestyle and feeding environments picking the right formula type will make a world of difference and quite honestly make your life easier. Now let's take a look at the three types and what the benefits are so your selection process is much easier.

Nutramigen Powder - This is the most popular of the three types. Powder is very easy to keep because until you mix it with water it does not need refrigeration. This is handy if you are going out and don't have access to a cooler or fridge. You can put the powder in a bottle and when your baby is hungry add some bottled water, mix and serve.

Nutramigen Concentrate - If you don't like to deal with the powder and like to make several bottles at one time then Nutramigen Concentrate is for you. You simply mix the can with the directed amount of water, mix and pour into bottles. They do need to be kept refrigerated so refer to Nutramigen Powder above if this is an issue.

Nutramigen Ready to Feed - Well by far this is the easiest of all the types of Nutramigen Formula. All you need to do is open the can and fill your bottles. This is the best way to go in order to ensure that you have the proper formula strength for your baby. The downside of the other types is that you can miss-measure formula and cause your baby to get too much powder/concentrate or not enough. Well with the ready to feed there is no measuring or mixing, just open and serve.

Well it is not uncommon to buy different types of Nutramigen formula to have on hand. One of the most popular combinations is the Powder/Concentrate. People make their bottles for the the day/night with the concentrate and use the powder on the go. Either way it is up to you.

Just on a side note 2 of my 4 children used Nutramigen due to food allergies and believe it or not they each had a preference as to which one they liked better. My son loved the concentrate and hated the others, and my daughter loved the ready to feed but hated the others. I just wanted to mention that to you in case your baby doesn't like the taste of one (trust me they let you know) simply try another because one of them they will like.

Nutramigen Formula - Dr. Brown's Formula Mixing Pitcher - The Best Way To Mix Baby Formula

I am the father of 4 beautiful children, and three of them used Nutramigen baby formula. Now I am not a doctor, but I would consider myself an expert in mixing Nutramigen formula. When we had our first child who needed Nutramigen I was your typical first time dad who did not know exactly what I was doing so I used a lot of trial and error when preparing my son's formula. I tried to put the powder in the bottle and shake it up, mixining it in a spare pitcher, and a couple of other ways, and I always seemed to end up with clumps or baby formula full of foam. That is until a friend recommended to my wife that I try the Dr Brown's formula mixing pitcher.

I could not find it in my local department store so I bought it on Amazon for less than $15 at the time, and it was one of the best parental investments I had ever made. When I could not wait for it to arrive so I could get rid of the mad scientist lab that I set up nightly in my kitchen. When it arrived I cleaned the pitcher and mixed up my first batch of Nutramigen for my son. I could not believe how well it worked. From a father who has made thousands of bottles in his life I can tell you that using the Dr Brown's pitcher is quick, easy and produces the perfect mix that gets rid of any clumps or foam.

The bottom line is that if you have a child on formula or know a parent to be this is an essential tool for mixing baby formula.

Baby Formula Mixers - The Most Important Baby Formula Accessory Is the Mixer!

Nutramigen Coupons - Nutramigen Formula

parents of children on nutramigen
parents of children on nutramigen

Who In The World Uses Nutramigen Baby Formula

Parents Around The Globe Use Nutramigen Formula

Take a look at how many parents around the world are dealing with a child with some sort of food allergy. Check out the countries that have visited this lens:

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