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New Dad Gear: The Bumbo Seat

Updated on January 24, 2016

This thing! The Bumbo Seat… It totally works. Put it one your counter top, your kitchen table, or just put it on the floor.

The Bumbo Seat has a short timespan for usefulness, but during that time it’s super useful. That’s why I’m writing about it. When Freya was between 3 and 6 months old, we put her in this goofy looking thing all the time. We were given this spongy, bulky, purple seat from a friend, and put it in our closet to wait for it’s time to come again like so many other hand-me-downs. Before Freya could sit up on her own we pulled this gem out of the closet and put it to use. She immediately loved sitting in her ‘new’ Bumbo Seat, and shared the same sentiments each time she sat in the goofy seat… until her thunder thighs got too big to fit in the seat. That’s when we decided on the Bumbo Seat’s expiration date. We would pick her up, and the seat was still attached. We also found that when Freya could really rock back and forth, and start to crawl, the Bumbo seat was done. If you use this seat, you’ll know when it’s run it course.

When Googling the actual name of this seat, I saw that some of the new Bumbo Seats have a built in seat belt. Hmmm. That’s redundant. The whole point of the original Bumbo Seat is to keep a fairly immobile baby in his or her place. So, why the seat belt? If there is still a seat-belt-less version on the market, get that one.

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Freya loving the Bumbo Seat
Freya loving the Bumbo Seat


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