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Old Couple Relationship vs Young Couple Relationship

Updated on November 19, 2020
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I am a middle-aged woman that loves to write articles describing my life. I am Italian but I speak English fluently. I love HubPages.

Old Couple Anna & Giuseppe Story

Anna is an elderly wealthy woman that lives in Italy. She and her husband Giuseppe wedded in 1968 at 20, 22 years elderly. They wedded youthful, they for sure, without a doubt adored one another. At the point when I asked them to answer my question, they considered some of the questions idiotic. I totally comprehended that since I made those questions, however, I think they were stupid however creative and important questions. The two of them addressed all that I asked them too. My first question was, what do you feel is significant about being a couple? in the first place, Giuseppe was sarcastic like his character. However, next, he answers something very similar to what Anna said. Everything is significant in a relationship however more critically not lying to one another. They said that without a doubt anna was the person who worked the most in the house and that Giuseppe was the person who worked more to take cash home. They had two youthful little girls, one when they married and the other one afterward. Her other daughter arrived four years later. I met both of them, and they are wonderful people. They both have a family with children. I am going to present one of the couples afterward for the youthful people's relationship. Anna because giuseppe was working past double the time with her children, however often, on the weekends they went traveling. For example, walking with their dogs in the mountain, going to visit familiars or just going to the lake. They spent a lot of time together. All the time that they were fighting they always did because of the children. Probably they didn't always have the same opinion of how to teach and keep them as well women. Giuseppe also said that he loves dogs therefore much however when he married he didn't want to have any children (like dogs). However, when they met, they fell in love with each other. Anna and Giuseppe met in a bar called Santa Monica. They called their first daughter Monica in honor of where their relationship started. I also asked what they did not like about each other, and they both answered in a very humorous, amusing way. Anna said that Giuseppe was a messy man, and she always had to clean for him. Giuseppe instead said that anna bought a vacuum cleaner called Dyson and from that moment she passed it all the time. Giuseppe has had enough of having a sound that now thunders in his head all the time and to have the floor therefore clean. One answer that is still in my head is what Giuseppe said about this question: what do you think first about family? "what a break of balls” translated in English. I think their relationship is great. They are passionate about and love each other. Around the house, I could observe all their pictures, about family, nephews, and even their dogs. I am really happy to have met them.

Young Couple Ale & Andrea Story

Ale and Andrea met at a sports center while working. Andrea was in the fishing area, and ale was at the checkout. Also by working in the same place they never met each other until one of their friends in common presented them. Before that ale was a liberating, releasing soul and Andrea was consistently out with youthful ladies. Without their friend, they could have never met. Andrea liked ale from the beginning while ale revealed to me that she truly enjoyed him after he met him well. She liked that he was humorous, amusing. They wedded in 2000 at the age of around 25 years of age. I feel like 25 years of age is the ideal age for a wedding and to have children however they had their first children recently. Now they have three children. When did i inquire what they felt was more important about being a couple, they answered: communication and sincerity answered ale while Andrea said they had passed time together. Ale works more in the house and stays with the children while Andrea works however he is always ready to spend some time with the children. They told me that Andrea had this opportunity of living in Italy and going to Hungary for a travel opportunity, they chose to take the opportunity and now their children speak English perfectly. They fight mostly for the children however not for serious motivations. It's been exactly 20 years since they were married and they like staying together however would also love to be out, especially ale. Instead of the elderly couple above, they select the name of their children by consulting a reserve that is not therefore lovely. Now they have a great family and a dog. They also love themselves even if they fight.

Difference Between The Two Couples

Elderly couples spend more time together, and they meet in a more significant way, while youthful couples meet during normal lifetimes. Youthful couples love themselves a lot however I feel like the way elderly couples love is different from the youthful couples. Elderly couples show their love each day in different ways, they do not normally work because they are elderly and this makes them spend more time with their woman. What they've passed in the past is now what youthful couples are getting. The couple ale & Andrea don't have a lot of time to stay together not just for work however also for children. Youthful couples if they wouldn't have children or work they would have more experience together also because they are youthful. Allow's take as an example of bungee jumping... Would the elderly couple do bungee jumping? well, the answer is rejected, unless they are really healthy however most of the elderly couples are not as well as youthful couples, however, it is the difference because youthful couples like to risk and to try new things.

I wanna have a great thanks to the two couples that helped me write these two articles, they were so sweet and nice, I had so much fun having them telling me their stories.


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