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Stylish Organic Baby Diaper Bags

Updated on February 16, 2011

Carry an Eco Friendly Organic Baby Diaper Bag for All of Your Diaper Essentials!

You can go organic while staying organized, and look great while doing it with these organic baby diaper bags! All of these bags are made with organic materials, a great choice to carry around baby's diapers, bottles, and essentials. Read on to find some truly organic messenger bags and organic diaper bags for a more fashionable (and greener) you!

Organic Baby Diaper Bags

Cute diaper bags that are organic, and yes some of these even Dad could carry!

You are a few months away from having your new addition come home and you are finishing up your "Must Have" list for the new little one. One of the main items which will be used every time the two of you leave the house is a diaper bag. Of course there are plenty of options out there ranging from messenger bag style, backpack style to tote bag style and a sling bag style-all of which can be very overwhelming. As a new parent some people think of the color-if I am having a boy, can I carry pink? Sure you can. Remember, you will be the one carrying the diaper bag, although I'm not sure I could convince my husband to carry around a pink bag.

So you have decided on color, taken into consideration the size you would like and the research begins!! Luckily over the past few years there have been several companies who have now introduced organic diaper bags (a perfect accessory to your organic cloth diapers, but we'll save that for another lens). As you start looking keep in mind that things will likely spill in the bag, and the bag will likely cross function as your purse, so make sure you love it!

Aiden Organic Cotton and Hemp Diaper bag - A great bag made from all natural materials!

This is a great diaper bag which is displayed here in a soft blue on white fabric with brown accent. Not only is the bag 100% organic cotton but it is colored using all natural dyes! This bag comes with a changing pad and has several pockets which are key for storage.

Bumble Bags Natalie Travel Tote - Made from all natural organic materials!

This diaper bag is made of all natural organic materials and has plenty of room! Perfect for a mom always on the go with one or more kids. These bags are made using a specialized design process which helps prevent stains and water leaks without harmful chemicals. There are a few celeb moms who have made these bags very popular. This bag makes the perfect travel tote and includes features such as hidden compartments, a larger changing pad and dual insulated bottle pockets.

Pink Latte Diaper Bag set (Bumble Bags) - A different style of Bumble Bag built with the same great materials!

This Bumble Bag presents the messenger bag style. This is easy to throw over your shoulder and away you go! So colors offered are even neutral enough that Dad wouldn't mind carrying it around. As a bonus there is a detachable changing pad included with the bag, along with a beautiful pink chenille and silk blanket and burpy by Little Giraffe. A great size to carry everything with you! (16.5"L x 13.5"H x 4"W)

Dandelion Organic Canvas Tote - One of my personal favorite diaper bags!

Dandelion is one of my personal favorite companies to order from! All of the items I have purchased so far have come wrapped in a biodegradable bag and the products have all been high quality. This Organic Canvas Tote has a variety of different sayings that all relate back to preserving the earth, which will benefit our children and future generations. There are also plenty of pockets and pouches, and maybe even room for a Dandelion toy or two.

WeeBe Organic Tote - A must have for any diaper bag to keep you organized!

Now I know, I know. Not a true diaper bag, but this is a must have for any diaper bag! This mini organic tote will slip into any diaper bag you have. This tote can carry toys, diapers, snacks-basically giving you an extra pocket or two in the bag.

Babe Ease WeeBe Organic Tote - Natural
Babe Ease WeeBe Organic Tote - Natural

This is made up of soft, natural cotton. Fair trade practices. This is an eco friendly farming production. These are the components that make up our WeeBe Organic line of 100% certified organic cotton tote. This is for the mom who wants only the best for her baby, WeeBE Organic provides that and more. Each of our 100% organic products cradles baby in natural comfort. There are no harmful chemicals or pesticides here. All WeeBe Organic baby products are made from SKAL certified 100% organic cotton and adhere to global organic textile standards GOTS and fair trade practices.


Zippered Wet Bags - Especially helpful for those using cloth diapers

These wet bags are perfect for travelling when you are using cloth diapers. These wet bags will hold your wet diapers (or anything other wet item including bathing suits) until you get home to wash them. The lining is PVC free!

Comfort Gear (Dad Gear) Diaper Vest - Yes, dads! Goodbye diaper bag, hello vest!

Now, I want to disclose that this is not an organic item, but it is a great invention for the dad's that just aren't comfortable carrying the diaper bag. A diaper bag built into a vest! Yes this vest has added pockets, and even a secret pocket with a changing pad! Perfect for the Dad that needs to carry around diaper essentials but doesn't want to be caught dead wearing a diaper bag.


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