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Organization of Medical Records

Updated on October 4, 2012

Organization of Medical Records at a Glance

The medical records get higher and higher. What to keep? What not to keep? Should we just throw it all in a box in the closet or do we just simply throw it away. The answer is much clearer and having those medical records is a very important aspect of life not only for the special needs families out there but for everyone. So we go to the doctor and they give us a "Summary" of the appointment and then schedule another. What do we do with that? What happens when you go to the hospital and you have to tell the nurse, doctors and any one else walking through the door the lenghty list of medical diagnoses, surgeries, hospital stays, allergies, Doctors/ specialist? Well I have a solution that works. It is my life Saver and I know that it could help you to.

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How to start with getting organized

First thing is first, be prepared to sit there for a while and be prepared to concentrate. Concentration is key to getting things done accurately. Take frequent breaks and if your a music lover turn on some tunes while you do this. One of the first things that I do is that I go through and divide all the paperwork up between the people in my home. Example would be: 1 pile for my daughter, 1 pile for my son and 1 for myself. Of course as parents of special needs kids we all most likely have the least of the record problem. So Start with the smallest stack first and work your way up. Get a folder with Divider tabs and go by the earliest to the latest of medical records. This will make a huge difference. If you have to many records like I do then buy a file cabinet and get the file dividers and do it that way having a special drawer for each person. Once you have completed all of this you are about half way done with the dreaded task of organizing.

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Next step:

creating a to-go record

A to-go Record is exactly how it sounds. You want to make sure that you have exactly what you need when it comes to a medical record and take it from me it can be a life saver especially when you are in the ER and are going through a massive amount of testing. First thing you want to do is get a binder with page dividers. This will make it to where you can have a tab for everyone. Write what each tab will contain. For example mine has several tabs that go in this order: Alexia's Medical Records, Alexia's Gas Reimbursement, Dominick's Medical Records, Dominick's Gas Reimbursement, My Medical Records, Things to be mailed ASAP, IEP's, Business Cards. You may be thinking several things right now about some of my tabs? Completely understandable. I will go into detail later about the gas reimbursement and about well everything else you can think of. For each tab you need to pick out the most important bits of medical information. For me it is testing that has been done. My reason being is that I have created a template for everything else so there is no need for me to keep anything else. IEP's keep them all because there may be something that a doctor finds in there that you didn't and needs it fixed. Now that you have your binder divided into categories and you have put what you need in them I am going to show you the template that I use. Now, there was no way for me to put a PDF on this website but I have taken a picture of what you should have done and if you would like a PDF to alter into your use. Please feel free to email me at I can email it to you. If you look at the picture provided you can see all of the categories. Also the picture shown once you create your own version make several copies and hand them to grandparents, keep one in your purse, keep one in your binder and not to mention give one to every doctor you see. Even if they already know the medical standpoint.

What is up with my binder?

Well for those of you who are wondering what the gas reimbursement is contact your developmental pediatrician and see if they can help you in anyway figure this out and set this up they should be the first to lend a helping hand. This is for Medicaid patients that I know of. Check with your health insurance provider if you are not on Medicaid. Also, If your developmental doctor cant help I would recommend calling Medicaid personally.

I know in South Carolina the gas reimbursement is done through Logisticare. If you are wondering about the business card area of the binder that is where you would get divider page for business cards and every card a doctors office gives you put it in there. Will make the world of a difference if you lose your phone or phone numbers. I hope this has been a major help for you!

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This wasn't that bad, was it? Enjoy the rest of your day or night!

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