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Outdoor Activities For Kids: Spring Fever

Updated on February 2, 2013

Spring is Coming

Springtime means more out of doors activity for the kids, and outdoor activities can be programmed and planned, or not. Kids don't need much...just space, and some good whether. Nevertheless, as the winter fades, you may want to nudge them away from those video games, and give them some ideas!

When warm weather starts to tease, my youngest children are eager to get outside and soak up the warmth. The tweens and teens are a little more reluctant. Make sure that you keep light jackets handy for the kids when they do head out, as a chilly spring wind can still come up, by surprise. I have vivid memories of a warm spring day, when I was in first grade, and no jacket. The walk home from school was downright icy.

Read on for some outdoor activity ideas in the changing of the season!

Tween Activities:

Get them moving!

Activity! Keep Tweens Active!

In that subtle dance between winter and spring, before the icy winds bid adieu, it's a great idea to keep your youngsters active when they are outside. Spring sports often mean chilly nights for spectators, while the participants, active, don't suffer nearly as much. It's worse during a night game, out of doors.

Some active ideas? Hula hoops, hopscotch, four square: traditional childhood playground games! More ideas? Tag, Hide and Seek, Red Rover! More playground games! Older kids? Trampoline, skateboarding, bike riding? There are plenty of things to do outside, some requiring simple equipment, some, no equipment at all. Take your pick. Spruce up existing gear, or just run around and have fun!

Great Activity Choices for Tweens:


Active Tweens:


Kazam Balance Bike


Fun Activities for Pre-Tweens: Sand Boxes

KidKraft Pirate Sandboat
KidKraft Pirate Sandboat

When the weather warms, the first place my youngsters head is to their sandpile! They create, dig, and create some more. This is the perfect venue for imaginative, pretend play, as they build (and "explode" ) volcanoes, create castles and motes, and devise homes for lady bugs. If you have an endless supply of sand, you may not need a sandbox. However, the quality of digging material at our desert dwelling isn't the same as the sandbox style material, so we bring in a load every few years, to accomodate our kiddos. A sandbox makes the containment of the material much easier, and is necessary in a "not so desert" residence.

Examine the fun Pirate Boat model, shown here, as well as some of the other fun sandboxes featured below. Watch for Amazon Prime eligible products, which will save you plenty on shipping, and watch for Amazon Mom eligible items, which can extend your free Prime benefits, through terms of Amazon Mom.


Outdoor Activities for kids

Don't you love the sandbox? My fave activity as a kid was to play in the sandpiles trucked in for our home's construction!

Read about more Outdoor Activities for Kids

Parenting a large family provides lots of experience, and my insights and ideas are shared further in the following articles.

What's your favorite outdoor Activity for Tweens?

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