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parent pet peeves

Updated on September 11, 2011

 i work in child care and just had to list a few of the things hat drive me and my fellow coworkers insane.  everyday we have to write in a journal things that went on during the day.  but its also a venting place.  hope this lets you know what your child care provider is thinking some days.

one of my biggest pet peeves are the parents who send their children to child care in designer clothes, and get really upset when their child is dirty. For goodness sakes, they're TWO! Or THREE! They're gonna get food or dirt or paint or anything and everything on them. If my child ever came home in pristine condition at the end of the day, I'd ask what was wrong. To me, the dirtier my child is, the better the program and the more my child got out of their day. PLEASE! SEND YOUR CHILDREN IN OLD CLOTHES!!!  Save the nice, expensive clothes for the weekends, when you can control what they get into. And don't flip out if they get dirty. LET THEM GET DIRTY!! Children that young need to learn hands-on. And in order to do that, you have to get dirty. End of story.

When you ask them to send the children in "weather appropriate" clothing because we try and get outside as much as possible and they don't.  Some kids come without coats, skirts without tights, etc. 

Another similar situation is that we and ask them not to send them to school in flip flops/crocs so they can run and play safely on the playground and I can guarantee that at least 3 or 4 kids spend most of their time on the playground sitting pulling bark chips out of their shoes, or that someone runs out of their flip flops.

We tell all the parents numerous times about our nut-free policy (we have kids with airborne allergies) and I've had to run items to the dumpster because they contain nuts. 

Not picking up your child on time on a regular basis (not counting those emergency situations which we all know happen) .  We have state mandated staffing requirements that need to be met and if you don't pick up your child on time that throws our numbers off.

My biggest pet peeve with parents is when they try to have a conference with you in a completely in-appropriste setting. THIS HAPPENED LAST WEEK... We were having a back to school hotdog picnic where parents are invited to come, this was the Friday of the FIRST week of school, so, one parent comes up to me and starts asking about our reading curriculum and math curriculum and how do we teach science and this and that.... in the middle of the freakin hotdog lunch. Seriously, if you want to talk about that set up a meeting with me... HELLO???? 

It's the parent who shows up with the child, who has brought some toy from home, and says "I couldn't get him to leave it at home".  Now I get to be the bad guy!

Same story different scenario, the ones  that show up with a bunch of candy in their mouth/hand...and parent says..."he/she insisted they have it before we left the house."

Makes me wonder who's running the show at home....

My biggest pet peeve is when a parent comes in and tell you that their child is a litttle sick!! What is a little sick? If you know that your child is sick why would you bring them to school and get all the other children sick. And then they have the nerve to be upset when you call them later a tell them that they need to come and get their child (unbelievable). 

Let's not forget the parents that bring little Johnny in knowing little Johnny had a fever the night before, and that morning....they give him Tylenol to bring the fever down, only to have the Tylenol wear off about 4hrs later , when you discover it. Old enough kids will tell you that momma or daddy gave them medicine that morning. Or they'll innocently mention that they threw up on the ride to school....yep...unbelievable.

But what I don't understand is when the parents drop their child off first thing in the morning 7 am and picks them up @ 6 pm. Which that child is there "everyday" Mon thru Fri. Then the parent slips & tells us which days he or she has off. Then they turn away & tells us "Boy I wish I had time to more time to spend with (their child) O my god that pisses me off.

Then o my if we get sick I get a lecture from my boss cuz I'm requesting a day off so I can relax......but when a sick child comes in she doesn't make them leave. Then the child tells us "mommy gave me medicine" or "i threw up last nite" But for guy sakes we're suppose to be robots & not get sick. My boss tells me to take more vitamin C. What I'm not allow to get sick but you're allowing sick children come in & spread their illness around.

I am dealing with one parent right now and I am about to pull my hair out! We go to the same church and our son's were in the same class up until this year. One day she accuses me of having an affair with her husband and then the next day asks if my husband can give her husband a ride to school for the next quarter. (They go to the same college but my husband can not stand the guy and avoids him at all costs). Then the other day I had to call in because I could not open my eyes. I went to the doctor and he told me I had a really bad eye infection (more than likely I picked it up from one of the kids). He told me not to go to work even though my boss was begging me to come in. Anyways, I went in the next day. When it came time to go outside I requested to change with another teacher because I was still very sensitive to light. While they were outside and I was inside the boy pushed another child 4 feet off the ground for no reason at all. I wrote an incident report for both parents. I was gone when the mom came and picked up her son but she sure did have a lot to say about me to the afternoon pre-k teacher. She told her that it's the other kids fault because they push him first (which they don't) and it's the teacher's fault because they have too many kids to watch and they don't see the other kids being a bully to her son. She wanted to know if I was still the teacher because my name wasn't on the incident form. (I was inside at the time). She wanted to know why I was not outside stopping the other kid from beating up her son. Um, for one the other boy didn't lay a hand on him and two I had very good reason to not be outside and it is none of her business. The next day she came up and talked to me like we were best friends. UGH!

Ok so since I have only been teaching 2 months the only thing I can really think of I dont like is our drop off time is 8:30, I get to work at 8:00 I use the 30 min. to set up for the day. I have a Mom that has started bringing her son at about 8:10 or 8:15 I need this time to set up it drives my crazy!

There are ALWAYS parents who try to squeeze in the extra minutes. It kills me. I have worked in child care for 8 years, and it never ceases to amaze me how many parents arrive 15-20 minutes before we open and just sit out front in their cars waiting for the door to open.



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