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Parents and Children - Preventing Teen Depression

Updated on December 29, 2014

A Difficult Challenge

Raising children in order to have the happiness of being near them, instead of facing conflicts because of their existence, seems to be a very difficult challenge today. Our problematic historical time and our depressed civilization are not indications that we live in a place where a family can live happily.

You will find the solutions you need by analyzing and interpreting the content of the human psyche. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is the best doctor and counselor we could ever find.

You'll also help your children prevent all mental illnesses thanks to the unconscious wisdom.

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Preventing Aggressive Behavior

The scientific method of dream interpretation proves to the world that there is a wiser brain, far superior than our under-developed human brain that produces our dreams and sends us wise messages in the symbolic form of dream images.

By following the guidance of the wise unconscious mind in your own dreams, you can solve all your problems, overcome all mental illnesses, find your physical health, and yet, help other people find their health and happiness like you.

You can mainly help your children prevent all mental illnesses before they become depressed teens or before they show aggressive behavior, resting assured that they will be able to keep their mental health for life. This means that they will become happy teens and adults, and you won't have to bear the conflicts common to most families.

All mental illnesses are originated in the anti-conscience, the wild side of the human conscience that lives in a primitive condition, without any evolution.

The anti-conscience is not a fossil, but a very active part of our personality, even though we cannot perceive its influence.

It is our primitive self, which keeps trying to destroy the human side of our conscience in order to control our behavior because it wants to be only a violent animal, disrespecting human rules.

Therefore, if we want to live free from all mental illnesses, we have to eliminate the poisonous influence of our wild, violent, and immoral primitive side.

This can be done through dream interpretation because the unconscious messages provide counseling and psychotherapy to our human conscience.

As a conscious parent, you must learn how to translate your dreams, and show to your partner how to do the same so that you both may become balanced parents.

By setting the example you'll be able to give your children the right education and help them understand the unconscious messages.

This is also how they will eliminate the dangerous influence of their anti-conscience without ever passing through mental illnesses, while they are still young.

They will build a strong and self-confident personality besides becoming very intelligent, since their wild side will be tamed and transformed into a positive component of their human conscience.

This means that they will use all their capacities and acquire total consciousness, becoming sensitive human beings who will behave with serenity, compassion, and wisdom in all occasions.

Christina Sponias


Child Psychology

Mind Development

A child's psychological development depends basically on the love that he or she will receive from his parents, especially in the first days of his life.

The love you'll give to your child while he or she is still very young will help you prevent conflicts when your child becomes a teen, even though you must be prepared to face problems without losing your temper.

When your children become teens they have the first contact with their wild side, and this is many times quite disastrous. They don't know how to behave, and they are constantly irritated with this situation. You have to show patience and understanding.

Deceptions are painful.

Your children have to solve many problems that were caused by previous generations, not to mention saving our polluted planet. They have to be strong in order to face so much and yet, find their happiness.

They are ignorant and insecure. They don’t know how to deal with their existential problems.

However, when they become teens they believe that they have to find different answers for old questions.

They cannot accept advice.

The solution for your children is the transformation of their personality through dream interpretation according to the scientific method; before they even begin to face psychological problems.

They will learn how to eliminate the dangerous influence of their wild side by transforming it into a positive part of their human conscience.

This means that they will never acquire a mental illness in their lives.

They will also become more intelligent, since the psychotherapy of the unconscious works like mind development, what means that they will be able to easily find solutions to all problems.

When the entire world will understand the importance of this scientific discovery all children will learn how to translate their dreams at school.

Dream Interpretation as a Science


Here is a list of common mistakes made by many parents today, which you should avoid.

Young Parents

1. Leave their children alone at home while they are working, even though they work outside the home too many hours. Children alone at home may not only make a dangerous mess and burn down the entire house: they may do other things very dangerous for their mental health.

2. Total indifference to the child's existence. If a child appears in a family when their parents were not expecting more children, he or she can be abandoned, without the necessary attention and care. If you have a third child, treat this child the same way you treated your first one, otherwise he/she will have serious psychological problems in the future, and live depressed.

3. Total indiscipline. Many parents are always so tired because they work too much, besides being always busy with other problems, that they don't have the necessary energy to educate their children. This is why they never forbid anything to them, they give them whatever they desire only in order to get rid of their complaints and insistence, and they don't teach them anything, because they don't want to waste their time and energy with explanations.

It will be better if you work less but be nearer your children, than if you work too hard in order to give them all the necessary material conditions, without having any emotional contact with them, and without teaching them how to accept restrictions and obligations.

Don't make the classical mistakes of our time and civilization.

Prevent Parenting Stress and Teen Depression!

Helping Your Children Face Difficult Challenges in Life

Prudent Parents

The mindset of our time and civilization is characterized by the adult's tendency to hide what is bad from their children. Another very dangerous tendency that characterizes our historical time is to try giving a good appearance to what is bad.

Today we believe that the fears and the superstitions that were part of the mindset of older civilizations were a result of their ignorance. We want to believe that nothing is really bad; closing our eyes before the dangers that threaten our happiness.

This attitude is very dangerous. We have to open our eyes and clearly see what is bad, so that we may avoid suffering. If we try to give a positive spin on what is bad, we will distort the truth. This distortion will provoke even worse distortions in the future. In then end, we will face despair.

In order to be a prudent parent, you have to show to your children the ugly truth as it is, without painting it with beautiful colors. If you fail to show them that there are bad consequences in life, they will become victims of other people's bad intentions.


You have to pay attention especially to the effect that your own example has on your children's personalities and lives. You are their hero. You have to be a positive role model in their lives because they imitate your behavior.

I translate dreams for the public when they need an instant dream interpretation. I also provide them with psychotherapy. In addition my clients send me their short autobiography along with their dreams. When I analyze it, I usually verify that their parents are irresponsible. Those who have psychological problems always have indifferent, absurd, and cold parents.

Many parents completely hide from their children the bad aspect of sexual relationships outside of marriage. Other parents never care about teaching their children that they should never accept having sexual relationships with married men or women. The consequences of this negligence are very bitter. Their children not only get involved in bad relationships, they accept immorality. They acquire grave mental illnesses because they have many traumatic experiences.

Parents that don't teach their children that what is bad in life can only bring future catastrophes, are not preparing their children for successfully facing the various challenges of life.

Worst still is their bad examples as role models in their children's lives. When children have parents that don't respect their family, they will have serious problems in their relationships as well.

You teach your children how they should react before the various difficulties of life with your own attitude and behavior. If you are not able to provide a good example, they will repeat your mistakes.

Follow the unconscious guidance contained in the dream messages. You'll learn how to be wise, and give the best live example to your children. They will therefore be very well prepared for successfully facing all life challenges.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at:

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I Can Translate Your Dreams for You

Instant Translation from Images into Words

Submit Your Dreams For Instant Professional Dream Translation

You can be immediately relieved from depression by translating the meaning of a single dream through dream interpretation according to the scientific method. You will also learn how to positively transform your personality and develop your intelligence.

If you have no time to study and learn how to immediately translate the meaning of your dreams by yourself, I can translate your dreams for you. Later you'll study dream translation and learn it because it is not difficult after you learn my simplification.

Many people send me their dreams for translation everyday to find immediate help and support in the dream messages.

You'll easily understand what is happening to you and what you have to do thanks to the unconscious guidance in your own dreams.

Later you will study the meaning of dreams with enthusiasm. After my professional translations you will have proof that the meaning of your dreams is very important and really works like free psychotherapy.

Professional Dream Translation

Find more details about the scientific method of dream interpretation and the fast treatment through dream therapy at

Online Therapy - Finding a Dream Translator.

How to Be an Excellent Wife and Mother

An excellent wife and mother is the one who is always sweet.

However, the various problems of human life transform human beings into stressed and depressed creatures.

It's not easy to be sweet when you are tired, and it is impossible to be sweet when you are angry.

In order to be an excellent wife and mother you have to be very well organized and learn many things normally you ignore. You will be helped in your journey if you'll learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. Now that I simplified the complicated method discovered by Carl Jung, which is the only correct one, mastering the dream language is a simple task.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams works like a doctor. You'll see reflected in your own dreams the components of your personality. You'll then understand why you behave the way you do, and what you have to do in order to become balanced and wise.

As a mother, you have a basic role in your family. You have to be a mother for your children, and a mother for your husband. You have also to keep being a girlfriend for him, without letting your obligations transform your relationship into something boring.

You need the guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams in order to understand how to be a romantic wife, and how to be a mother who helps her children develop their own personality.

You'll learn how to maintain a happy family, without forgetting to evolve and do the things that will make you satisfied with yourself. A mother and wife tends to sacrifice her life for her family. She cares only about her husband and her children, without caring about her personal ambitions as a human being. You must be very careful so that you won't fall in this trap. You must have a personality and life independent of your family.

You should not be a woman who has no personal interests, but lives only in order to be a wife and a mother. If you'll spend all your life being a dedicated wife and trying to be a perfect mother without paying attention to your individual evolution as a human being, at a certain point you'll feel suffocated. Fortunately, through dream translation you will be able to pay attention to your personal evolution, and transform your personality.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is real salvation.

Your own dreams will help you organize your life and manage to do everything you need.

You'll also help your children prevent all mental illnesses thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams, and in their dreams as well.

You'll remain in a good mood all the time, and never become angry for any reason.

You'll control your behavior and find peace.

Your husband and your children will feel that they always have your support, and you'll feel that your life is better than what you could ever possibly imagine.

Raising Children Without Facing Conflicts

Finding The Solutions You Need

Raising children in order to have the happiness of being near them, instead of facing conflicts because of their existence, seems to be a very difficult challenge today. Our problematic historical time and our depressed civilization are not indications that we live in a place where a family can live happily. It breeds an environment of conflict and strife.

Divorces and major conflicts of all sorts are basically characteristics of the generational differences within families as they try to live out their lives together. There are only a few families living happily on Earth today, and we don't know how long they will stay that happy.

Even happy families will experience an unexpected problem that can dramatically change the happy scenario of their lives at some point. Once the problems such as divorce, or the children start showing aggressive behavior set in, we lose the admiration and respect we once had for these families and feel sorry for them.

Other times the couple is united yet their children imitate the bad behavior of their friends when they become teens. Then we observe the formation of many conflicts that gradually destroy the happy atmosphere existent in this family when the children were still small.

We blame the parents when their children exhibit problematic behavior, but sometimes this is not their fault. Everyone inherits the basic characteristics of their personality from birth.

If a child has a strange personality, he or she will constantly generate many conflicts within the family, without any apparent reason.

You will find the solutions you need by analyzing and interpreting the content of the human psyche. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is the best doctor and counselor we could ever find.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method, is a simple translation from images into words. Learn how to translate your dreams so that you maintain a happy marriage.

You will also teach your children how to unravel the workings of their own unconscious so that they can flourish as the well adjusted and happy children that they were meant to be.

This is the only guarantee you can have that your children will bring you happiness in life. The scientific method of dream interpretation will transform them into balanced human beings who will love and respect their parents, and who will certainly be self-confident and mature adults in the future.

Christina Sponias


What do you think about parenting?

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    • sponias lm profile image

      sponias lm 5 years ago

      @LouisaDembul: All parents need the unconscious guidance in their dreams in order to carry on their difficult mission.

    • LouisaDembul profile image

      LouisaDembul 5 years ago

      I think parenting is really hard. We try to do the best for our children, but we are also human. I will soon have a teenager to cope with, and I know a lot depends on me how she will cope!

    • sponias lm profile image

      sponias lm 6 years ago

      @Wellbeing111: The unconscious mind is a divine doctor. This is why we are protected from all dangers when we follow the unconscious guidance in dreams.

    • profile image

      Wellbeing111 6 years ago

      I absolutely agree with you that âunconscious mind that produces dreams is the best dr and counselor we could ever findâ, I also believe that dreams really tell us what we truly want. Great articles, thanks!

    • sponias lm profile image

      sponias lm 7 years ago

      @bigjoe2121: In order to be able to control your mind you must pass through psychotherapy. The biggest part of your brain belongs to the anti-conscience, the wild side of your conscience. You cannot realize how much your behavior is influenced by your wild and primitive conscience. Through dream analysis you discover this bitter truth, but you learn how to transform your primitive anti-conscience into a positive component of your human conscience. This is how you acquire sound mental health.

      We live in a world governed by terrorism, violence, immorality, indifference, hypocrisy, greed, selfishness and superficiality. We cannot understand how absurd we are because we are mislead by the false conceptions imposed by the absurd logic that prevails in our historical time.

      The truth is that we must be very careful because the anti-conscience provokes mental illnesses within our human conscience, and the world where we live works based on absurdity.

      You should be prudent and stop believing that your mental stability is safe. You can learn how to protect your own mental health, and your familyâs mental health through dream analysis. Youâll easily eliminate your anti-conscience if youâll follow dream therapy before your anti-conscience manages to destroy your human conscience. However, nobody knows what can happen to you tomorrow if youâll be indifferent to this danger.

      Some people manage to keep their human conscience alive because they are religious and they have learned how to cultivate goodness in their hearts. However, most people are in great danger of losing their mental health. They are easily manipulated by the evil anti-conscience, and by the wickedness of many cruel people in our absurd world.

    • sponias lm profile image

      sponias lm 7 years ago

      @bigjoe2121: Thank you for your explanations! If you believe that life on Earth is better than it has ever been even though a suicide happens each second and teen suicide is increasing daily, and even though todayâs depressed teens abuse their bodies, we cannot really discuss this matter.

      Concerning mental health and mental illnesses, the bitter truth is that only the wise unconscious mind can help humanity win the battle against craziness. There is no human doctor capable of helping a mentally ill individual recuperate his/her mental health after losing his conscience, or able to help everyone prevent all mental illnesses forever. Only the superior wisdom of the unconscious mind can make this miracle.

      This means that almost everything that most psychologists and psychiatrists declare today is false. This is why they are not able to completely cure their patients.

      The bitter truth is that we are so far from sound mental health that we cannot understand our own absurdity.

    • bigjoe2121 profile image

      bigjoe2121 7 years ago

      @sponias lm: well, it's probably not anything that we'd be able to talk about :) because I don't have any theories to back me up. I'm not a professional of any sort. I just have my opinions and my experience. :)

      I don't agree in some very basic things though - like I don't agree that we have a depressed civilization (I think life on earth is better than it has ever been) and I don't believe we have to analyze our dreams for the answer (I used to be depressed and now I'm not and I never analyzed my dreams).

      I also think this statement is extremely strong and problematic.

      "Therefore, if we want to live free from all mental illnesses, we have to eliminate the poisonous influence of our wild, violent, and immoral primitive side."

      And then, assuming it is true, I am certain that dream analyses and and interpretation are NOT the only way to ensure you become a balanced and mentally-healthy person.

      And, do you have any children? I do, and I know for sure that if an anti-consciousness exists (lizard brain?) Children do NOT have the first contact with their wild side as teens. It's there from birth.

      Teens become rebellious and violent because they don't like to be controlled and have their lives run by somebody else (just like all of us) and because as teenagers, they are finally in a position to back themselves up. To take care of themselves fully for the first time in their lives. So attemps at control just don't work anymore.

      Anyway, see what I mean ... I have extremely strong opinions, and nothing to back it up with :)

    • sponias lm profile image

      sponias lm 7 years ago

      @bigjoe2121: It would be nice if youâd explain why you disagree with many points presented in this lens, so that we could talk about them.

    • bigjoe2121 profile image

      bigjoe2121 7 years ago

      although I disagree with much of what is said on this lens, I do agree that there has obviously been much care and thought put into it.

    • profile image

      the777group lm 7 years ago

      There's obviously been a lot of thought, care & design put into this lens. Well done.