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Parents Handbook

Updated on August 19, 2018
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Previously a writer on Squidoo 2008- folded. I write about entertainment, crafts, writing, beauty and anything else that inspires me

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The Parents Guide....

I will add the words as I go along with all the topics. This lens even once it is published will still be a work in progress as I think of other things to include

Whether you are a parent or when you were a kid you wished your parents (maybe even the baby sitter) had a guide how to.

This is my take on a Parents hand book, from the eyes of myself as a daughter, when I was little, until I 'grew up' at least to a kidult....

What I have written in here is how I was brought up and where I think I can 'improve' upon for my own. As well as what I feel I see other parents doing. (Like at the movies...No kid should be at anything above a PG movie, also teach the munchkins not to kick the seats...Thank you)

The kid keeps crying and you don't leave the room, I will tell you to give me my money back for my ticket back! because of your distractive behavior. (This is why I go to Alamo draft house, this way I don't have to deal with the little ones at my movies unless I forget that first show on discount day kids of any age can get in to a movie (regardless of rating)

but first and foremost....


Always Support Your Child in Any Interests They Have.

Never laugh at their dreams.

be positive

let them live their life & make mistakes (its called experience!)

Description of Parenting Styles - with me it was somewhat Authoritarian to Permissive

My Upbringing and How I would change that

I certainly do not have a follower mentality. I want to be the leader but no one gives me the chance. Most of what it says about what the kids grow to be like, at least on my part.. true.

I was an average student, (hated school)

I can be moody (but then I am also a scorpio) I get anxiety attacks, & easily to moderately frustrated, Though I am well behaved. Not sure if I'm Damanding or Whiny but may lack a bit of empathy. I am however a friendly peson most of the time. (unless I'm not feeling well or in pain then i don't want to be bothered.)

NEVER say Because.. There's nothing I hated more as a child than when I got that as an answer which isn't even an answer. Give a reason why, be honest with your kid if you want them to respect you (or your parenting) when they get older. You don't want them to have regrets. Don't say Because I said so because it's not an answer... We were too smart for it back then, (heck I've had 'fights' with my parents as a kid, Why, Because, Why Because....) but now, not sure about some of the kids as what I have seen, I question the future whether I'm alive or dead when they take over.

Also don't be one of those hoover parents. If your child wants to learn something new, support them, and help them, no matter how wacky.

If they want to go play let them, but don't put them in a bubble. We grew up on wooden monkey bars, I want to know when the plastic crap showed up? Like Plastic cannot be molded to be made into the really cool jungle gym sets we had. (Like the one that was in Tibbets Brook park in Yonkers, NY It even had a tree house/look out.) We played with cool toys jacks (which helps with motor skills & hand eye coordination) Those clacker things (I was a kid and would jam my fingers with them all the time, yes that means I had the ones on strings) but you eventually learn that when you mess up, you adapt to avoid getting bonked. So though some of our toys for these times may not have been safe, they taught you other things as well.

Do not decide what your child is to do for a career, that will only blow up in one of your faces eventually, if they even do try for it. No one is happy doing what others want them to do (or be) or tell them to. Remember if you get oppressive in your parenting, Your child will end up going to therapy.

Oh yeah and if there comes a time when they may want a tattoo or a body piercing. Don't just tell them NO, not til you move out or something like that. Find out what and why they want it. Is it to honor a family member? Like a memorial, then let them do it. If they want it in a spot that will show if they wear short sleeves to a white collar job, (if that's what they are trying for) then try to urge them for another spot. If they want zodiac signs something they drew themselves etc. Ok but if its anyone's name other than their own family or kid (no girlfriends or boyfriends..) then so be it. Take them to get it or better yet do it more like a consultation. That they can do it but you want to find out the place (so you can check credentials etc. Then they can go with a friend to get it done. (& everyone should be happy)

Family Holidays

Mothers' Day- May

Fathers' Day- June

Parents' Day- 4th Sunday of (every) July

Grandparents' Day-September

Childrens' Day -Universal Nov 20

What is your Name day (sort of like birthday)




The MOMMY & Daddy Diaries

These are books you can fill in, in case you are not into scrapbooking or keeping a journal, the books listed in this link save time (and plenty of money considering the price of some of those 'scraps' you buy in the store. Once the book is filled, you could always give it as a gift to the kiddo once the book is complete (or at least can read). These make a great Personal gifts and keepsakes for any family member.

I also included other things for parent's grandparents children's books and some items to help your child get well. I will add to the items (and maybe even remove some) from time to time as well.


Parenting Pyramid

Parenting Pyramid
Parenting Pyramid

Part of the parenting job IS

being a teacher - teach your children

Role model- someone to look up to and respect

Friend- be supportive in their dreams and endeavors

Authority figure- You are their first 'cops'

Caretaker- basically an uncertified medical professional

Parents need to raise their children by teaching them the value of old-fashioned things -Bill Cosby

Parenting Styles Chart

Parenting Styles Chart
Parenting Styles Chart

Reason Why to Home School

Honestly I wish at times I was homeschooled. I do understand however, the reason of actually going to school; which teaches socialization skill and such (or at least supposed to) I know in these times not many can stay home to teach their kids (do you get paid by the government to do it? Doubt that)



Age Appropriate bed times

Bed Time
10:30 - 11:00
Suggested times by Hours of sleep needed for each age. Let me know if you want infant to 12 mos information

My Parenting Style

Please be considerate of others...

If you are in a resturant or movie theater with a screaming baby or toddler go out to the lobby (or bathroom) to calm them down.

If they are younger than a toddler maybe you should have waited for another time for a sitter, before you take that baby to the theater & annoy everyone. (I KNOW you see those daggers coming out of our eyes at you, you can't miss a death stare)

I know you need to get out and are not always able to find a sitter & yes you do have a right to see a movie or do some other activity you'd like; & enjoy the hard earned money, but Please don't it (whatever the activity) for others in the vicinity.

  1. Unlike when I was a kid, & wanted to play a game (I'm an only child)

    PLAY with your child. NO matter how busy you are or what you are in the middle of.

    Play a game that will take no longer than 30 minutes to play when you are at home at night.

    Chutes & ladders, Hungry Hungry, Hippos, Cootie, Old Maid, Go Fish, connect four or even better something the two of you or whole family makes up!

    (Make a family Game & movie night)

  2. Is there something your child has been asking for? Is it quite a bit of money?

    This is a bit hard. I'd say depending on how old they are & their attention span for their toys.

    *If they play with 'new' toys for months then, yes get it for them (see conditions)

    *only play with it a week up to a month, Then that's a no no.

    Conditions on buying that expensive gift (Reward)

    Have them do a few chores or some way of earning it (no matter how young they are.)

    For instance as long as they say their please & Thanks you & mind their manners (or whatever you are teaching them at the time) Then after a month they can have (without letting them know!) as long as they do them without being reminded.

  3. Weather you have Young Kids or older kids (Junior High, High school or college & after)

    For their Birthday or Christmas if you know of a movie, music star or whatever hobby they may have. Get them at least one gift that has something to do with it.

    Do they like scrapbooking get them an album or an assortment pack of scraping items

    Writer? Buy them a journal & a fountain pen,

    Artist? paints, charcol, oil pastels, crayons, markers, & canvas or a large pad

    Are they into Pen Paling (snail mail) get them a Stationery set, & colored pen, & stamps

    Athlete? Buy them an item for their sport. (Hockey Skates, boxing gloves, even if they just hit the sand bag at home)

    Do they just want to exercise? show your support by giving them a pair of ankle weights or 2-5 pound free weights, or kettlebell

    these are the best of gifts cause not only are they what they are interested in, you are positively enforcing their interest, and to me show more thought than anything else. (basically it says You've showed an interest in me)

    Why are kids Bored at school, cannot wait, get easily frustrated and have no 'real' friends

    I like the idea of the 'tedious' work to do from a young age, just don't use it as a must be chores or something, maybe you could reward them for doing it though.

The Chore Board

Here's an idea that was posted on the After5ive facebook page. I thought it was a grand idea so I'm posting it here
Here's an idea that was posted on the After5ive facebook page. I thought it was a grand idea so I'm posting it here | Source



Kim's child safe 'Kurses' - trust me on this one. oh & its humorus!

If you have a young child that is almost or in the phase they will repeat everything you say or just the curses.. here's your guide to handle that.

To try to keep yourself from saying the actual curse substitute it with one of the suggestions below (or just be sure your substitute word starts with the same letter) change it up this way they don't figure it out

You can also use the over used... Shut the front door but at this point, I'm sure the kids know what that means!

or as I have come up with if you are REALLY mad (think of it as counting to 10)

"Water Damming Son of a meloncholy malimute fruit tart bat" -Shakspearing insult kit'

  • Sh--


    shapoopie (as a friend of mine used to use)

    Schitzu! (a type of dog)

    Oh Cheese Logs





    Holly HeyBells


  • F-bomb

    Fudge (usually helps me)

    Fugasaki ('Foog' a sak- e) no idea what it is or if actually is a word but it helps)




    fruit tart

    FRAK (as I've heard I think the new Battlestar Gallactica has used)

  • B**ch







  • Bastard

    b tart




    bull head


  • Toss-up (these can be used when you put 2 explitives together)

    Mother Mayhem (what I use for "Mo Fo")

    Butternut bug


also keep in mind, Bastard & Bitch are in the dictionary so therefore they're not really curses.

If you come up with any of your own, I'd love to hear them!

How to Dry your baby

How to Dry your baby
How to Dry your baby

My favorite cough drops now & as a child

Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops, Wild Cherry, 26 Ea
Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops, Wild Cherry, 26 Ea

These have always been my favorite cough drops. Yes they are somewhat candy like I will admit, but unlike Halls (and possible others) They didn't taste like medicine, best of all when your throat was really sore or you were coughing a lot, they actually coat your throat to soothe the irritation better than those medicine tasting ones.

I will admit Halls has come a long way since I was a kid, now their cough drops actually have some decent flavors (I found a melon flavor one in a dollar store that was good. But as I don't get sick often, I usually end up sucking on cough drops (any) as if they are hard candy.


The Sick List - weather they wake up or come home sick

be sure to have these items on hand and try to make them as comfy as possible.


-slippers or socks

-comfy p.j.s (depending on time of year)

  • Cepacol or Cloraseptic in a spray
  • same as above but a pocket pack of the grape or cherry disolving strips
  • soup (I'm a ramen or oodles of noodles kid myself) & don't forget at least a shake or 2 of garlic
  • Pom juice has antioxidants (& really should be drank before getting sick but it should help)

    Orange juice we need vitamin-C when we are not well

  • Baby Blanket or favorite plush (stuffed) animal
  • They can play but not exert themselves.

    I used to make a fort with a large blanket draped over a couple of snack trays & maybe a chair to make a tent and I'd play a bit with my dolls or whatever I had enough energy for.

    Play a board game with them or dice or read to them.

  • Homework.. unless they are going to school the next day don't bother

    (please don't send your kid in the next day because someone else already got your child sick so please don't do it to someone else)

    The first night they act more like themselves, then they can do the homework.

Teen Talk

Free Apps for education

Suggestions, Feedback complaint advice dept.

Did I forget about anything? Have any ideas to add to any section

Making chores fun or tricks to get them done?

Maybe an allowance idea. Anything you can think of please suggest below

& Thank you

The phonebook - comment book

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