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Choosing the Perfect Baby Crib Bedding

Updated on July 28, 2009

Matching your newborn's baby crib bedding to your nursery décor is of course important, but there are other essential factors to consider when purchasing crib sets aside from the color. 

Some other important things to consider are how comfortable the material will be for baby and how well it will allow baby's skin to stay fresh and cool.  One of the best fabrics to use for baby bedding sets is cotton. Cotton is easy to care for, comfortable for baby to lie on and it is very good for baby's skin.  Cotton material also comes in a large variety of patterns and colors making it very easy to match with your other nursery furniture and curtains. 

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Most baby bedding crib sets include a pillowcase, one or two sheets, a quilt and sometimes a mattress and pillow.  There is a huge variety of crib sets on the market. You can choose between baby boy crib bedding or baby girl crib bedding, or you can choose a more unisex style of bedding.  If you're also looking for a mattress for your crib be sure to measure your crib in advance so that you get the right sized, snug fitting mattress.  

One idea, if you are buying your own baby crib bedding, is to buy two sets that are exactly the same. This allows you to change different pieces of the set without having to change the entire set. For example, if baby made a little mess on his bottom sheet you could simply replace that one sheet only rather than having to change the entire bed set. This type of planning ahead can save you a lot of time.  Alternatively, you could buy (or have sewn) extra bottom crib sheets from a neutral or matching color and use those when you only need to replace the bottom crib sheet.

Some parents love the big bright designed sets, with animals or puppies or other kiddie designs boldly printed on them. Other parents prefer more muted, softer shades and styles.  Chances of baby taking much notice of what is printed on his crib bedding is fairly slim, so you should be able to choose something that also matches with the room decor and the mood and atmosphere you want to create in your child's room.  Sometimes, with a newborn especially, softer and more calm surroundings help keep baby calmer too so you may want to save the more bold prints till baby is a little older.

If practicality is important to you, you may want to avoid too many frills and ruffles.  While they look nice and spruce up a nursery they are sometimes difficult to keep looking nice, and baby often will grab them and suck on them, or his little foot or fingers can get stuck in them.  Your nursery can still look lovely and inviting with a simple, nicely patterned crib bedding set. If you want to spruce up your baby's room a little, you can simply add colourful throw pillows, or lace edged pillows, cute little stuff animals around the room, while keeping his baby crib bedding practical and easy to care for.  


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