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Pink Leopard Bedding Ideas for girls

Updated on August 1, 2013

When the Panthere is Pink...

I am looking for a new house. Of course I have to visit them. Of course I judged them too. But I try not to judge the way people live : ordeal, walls' color, cleanliness, pictures and portrait etc. I remember many years ago I visited a house with my boyfriend and my realtor who was a man. I was in the bathroom when I heard the guys giggling like schoolgirls because the owner as many pictures of herself on her furniture naked. :)

ok... let me continue, so I was visiting this house when I saw the bedroom of this teenager. ALL pink and Leopard. WOW ! PINK LEOPARD bedding, PINK wall, PINK LEOPARD lamps... I was very surprised when my realtor told me it was so trendy theses days. Really ?

Following my visit, I told my friend Danielle about this PINK Leopard fashion. She said I was out dated and obsolete because this new wave fashion type was here for the last 5 years.

Pink Leopard accessories, how do you manage a room so showy ? Must be hard to harmonize so you don't want to scream every time you enter in the bedroom!

Bedroom is the place to relax, is'nt it? So I found some ideas (decoration, wall painting etc..) to help you to soften this pink panther.

Leopard Print For Baby Room:

How to arrange a practical and cozy room?

First :

Determine your style: romantic, animal ...

Choose a crib or a bassinet with a changing table. Put the bed away from the window and place the changing table not too far from the bed. If you have room, put a chair to rock and feed your baby.

And the cozy side, add curtains or blinds, carpet, shelves, boxes and a laundry bag to optimize storage.

Leopard Bedding

Cheetah Animal print Pink and Brown ...

Rocking Chair

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman ...

Leopard Print Bedding

Caden Lane 2 Piece Ruffle Crib Set, ...

Pink Leopard Baby Accessories

Cheetah Girl Pink and Brown Musical Crib Mobile by Sweet Jojo Designs
Cheetah Girl Pink and Brown Musical Crib Mobile by Sweet Jojo Designs

Includes: Musical Mobile Frame, Canopy with stuffed toys, and matching arm sleeve cove


What Kind of Light Should you Promote?

In a tiny room, the light should not be aggressive but effective.

Install several bright spots: a pilot or a garland to spread a soft light and a ceiling or floor lamp for direct lighting.

Good idea also, lamp with dimmer.

Tadpoles Table Lamp Chandelier in Pi...

Butterfly Mobile Pink Garland String...

Pam Grace Creations Lamp Shade, Tabb...

Pink Cheetah Bedding..Tips to Bring Harmony

Feng shui : Tips

The principle of feng shui: harmonize the flow of " chi" energy in a room.

*Bet on the light and bright colors like pink (tenderness), peaches (comfort), oranges (dynamic), green and soft blue. Do not paint a whole room in blue which is a taboo color in Feng Shui. Too much blue, too much water ..... avoid it.

*The baby's room is a room that must breathe serenity, cleanliness, tranquility.

*Install the bed against a wall to make a shell and promote a peaceful sleep.

* Organize small storage accessible close to the front door.

*Place his work desk so that the child still has a wall behind him. This position facilitates concentration.

*Stuffed animals or favorable pictures for the nursery are : elephants, cats, birds, symbols of wisdom.

*Prefer furniture with rounded edges more secure and give a fresh atmosphere and less aggressive than the corners.

*Display posters and some photos of the child with his family and friends to strengthen and promote friendly relations. Position them still has its height.


Avoid yellow in the children's rooms. Research has shown that even a very pale shade of yellow causes more frequent crying spells and makes older irritable.


DiaNoche Designs FREE SHIPPING Wall ...


Malden Daddy's Girl Expressions Fram...


Wild Republic Sweet and Sassy 12" Le...

And When the Child Grows?

And when the child grows?

We can keep the decor by arranging with stickers, frieze or photos. And landscape several areas: a sleeping area with double bed, bedside rug, a leisure area with large cushions, playmat storage bins and small table.

A rug is a small comfort to cold feet, but it must be non-slip. Buy it with a slip below or attach a nonslip material under every rug.

More Wild Look

11Pcs Queen Leopard Animal Kingdom B...

Variation on Purple

Pink and Blue Leopard Print 7 Piece ...

Still Pink Panther

Cheetah Girl Pink and Brown Teen Bed...

Pink Leopard Print Bedding Sheets for the Panther Sleeping Within You

I Tested for You

I tested the electric paint roller.

Impressive at first, this machine is very easy to use. She sucks the paint in the pot to bring it to roll. Compatible with all water based paints it controls the amount needed to cover the wall evenly without risk of sinking. The handle is telescopic (8 feet) and is very convenient. With 1 set of battery you are able to paint up 15 gallons. With one fill you will be able to paint up to 70 square feet.

Wagner 0271008 Cordless TurboRoll Pa...

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