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Indoor Playcenters, Playgrounds and Activities for Kids in the Greater Vancouver Area

Updated on September 19, 2012

A guide to playgrounds and indoor activity centers for children in GVA

Every parent knows that finding new and exciting things for there kids to do can be a challenge, especially for toddlers who are mobile, but not old enough for school. It is very important to find playgrounds that are safe and equipment you can trust. I have personally been to the play centers listed here, and this is my opinion on them. There is a section for viewers feedback where I, as well as other parents would love to hear your experiences, good or bad. This lens is a guide to help parents choose play centers in Vancouver that are safe and affordable, I hope you enjoy and don't forget to add this lens to your favorites!

I have started with the major indoor play areas simply because it is fall and the weather is turning, so keep checking in for great ideas for outdoor adventures as the weather gets warmer in the spring!

Koko's activity centre

3210 St. John Street. Port Moody, BC #604-469-3357

Koko's Play center

Movie area:

Large screen TV with child size seating, perfect for mini movie watchers.


There are a variety of rides including a Carousel, race car a space ship and more. Each ride is 1 or 2 tokens. 1 token is 0.50 cents.

Toddler area:

This is a large nicely padded area with wall puzzles, slide balls and soft blocks.

Soft play zone:

This is the main attraction, a maze of tubes, tunnels, slides and much more!

Koko's Cafe:

A section of tables and a diner area where busy body's can go to refuel.

Kid free zone:

A place up out of the action (it's a balcony so you can still watch) with a TV and comfy chairs.

In my opinion: On a scale of 1-10, I give Koko's a 9.

I love this play center! There is enough parking, and it is kept clean. to me those are highly important. For my daughter, I couldn't keep up with her! She was running around screaming with delight. All of the apparatus is well padded and ventilated.

The only thing I did not like about Koko's is the location, it is way out in port moody which is great if you live or work there but it about a 30 min drive from the Queensbrough bridge. I did take note that there is a bus that goes through the area.

Jungle Jacs

Meadowtown Centre, #115-19800 Lougheed Highway, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2W1: TEL:604.460.1654

Jungle Jacs

Jungle Jacs is a franchise for anyone who wants to get involved!

They have birthday party packages, and daels on admission prices.

When first trying to locate Jungle Jacs it was not too bad, the directions on the web site are accurate, The thing to keep in mind is that the building is hidden in behind Jysk. There is lots of parking for when you don't feel like car pooling.

Inside the place is big and impressive, the first thing I noticed when I walked in was the big tree in the center of the room and the colourful artwork on the walls. Inside the tree they have a cozy little movie area which I thought was clever as long as your its only a short breather. Another of the big attractions is the 21ft water effect slides. Some of the other fun stuff includes a shooting banana splat ball pit, climbing up through tubes, and swinging off ropes on the pirate boat deck.

The toddler area is one of the best I have seen, it has the usual soft blocks, wall games, slides and my favorite the toddler sized rope bridge. My 19 month old daughter loved the sports center (basically a small indoor soccer field) she had so much fun kicking the ball into the net.

Jungle Jacs has a variety of arcade style games to play that cost twenty five cents to a dollar, some are only for big kids but they do have toddler friendly games as well.

For the parents Jungle Jacs has lots of seating, Wifi and an Atm. There are change tables in both mens and womens washrooms and the facilities are kept very clean. For food they have kid friendly pizza, hot dogs, nuggets and what not, the prices are very reasonable compared to some of the other places we have been.

In My Opinion: on a scale of 1 to 10, Jungle Jacks gets a 9.

Kid Zone Play Center

#105-4351 No. 3 Road. Richmond, BC: TEL #604-207-8460

Kid Zone Play Centre

We have been to Kid zone many time to let our 1 1/2 old daughter play, in fact we had her first birthday party there.

The building was a little hard to find, the sign ouot on 3rd did not stand out very well and the actual building is behind a bunch of stores in an industrial area. Parking is also an issue.

Kidzone Playcenter is 100% owned, designed and operated by a mom with two boys named Gurvinder. She takes great care to ensure cleanliness, safety and variety for all children.

When you go in, the staff is helpful and friendly. They now have a day care center, I think the idea is wonderful especially if you just want to drop off your little one for a little while to have some adult time! They do provide meals.

The toddler area is only for 1 - 3yr olds only, includes ride on toys, snap city tunnels and slides, soft foam building and climbing blocks, ball pool and lots of wall activities.

KidsZone has a few $.25 and $.50 coin operated games, ping pong table, air hockey table, soccer table, but the are not the big attraction.

The mini golf course is the first thing you walk into when you enter, with lots of props to make the game more fun! The big bouncy castle is popular with the little ones, as is the jungle gym complete with tunnels and slides.

Parents are encouraged to join the fun with their children as appropriate with the play equipment. There is plenty of seating throughout the playcenter for parents to sit, relax and watch.

Parents can bring their laptops and enjoy the free wireless internet that can be accessed from anywhere in the playcenter.

In My Opinion: On a scale of 1-10 I give Kidzone Playcenter a 8.

Over all I am happy with our experience at Kid zone. I recently visited Kid zone to check out the Day care area, I was impressed with what I saw! Kids have access to a quiet work space to work on homework or to just take a time out from their busy day. They receive a hot lunch and snack of their choice, and of course full access to the play area!

Crash Crawly's - (Indoor Play Centre)

Unit #1, 1300 Woolridge Street. Coquitlam, BC: TEL #604-526-1551

Crash Crawly's

The building is huge and there is lots of parking. The area is Ok, it is an industrial park but the local stores are things like Toys r Us, Ikea, and next door is a baby store.

On first arriving the place looks great. There coin-operated games including Indy 500, Neo Geo, Bubble hockey and foosball. For younger kids there is an auto racing car ride. Machines take quarters, loonies and toonies.

The play area is very large with lots of tunnels, twists and of course slides. In the middle there is a big screen TV with a little seating area. A ride on train that goes through a tunnel and passed a waterfall. The train is very impressive but no adults aloud. High Ballocity an interactive play unit consists of two floors and six ball blasters, ball dump, a ball volcano and a ball vacuum. They have a track built just for mini jeeps, one token per child. The Jeep track is hidden away in the back corner, it is a little hard to see if you didn't know it was there.

The toddler area for children 3 and under, includes a wacky wall, ball pit, cave crawl and a tandem slide. There are large soft blocks and a levitation table. I was not impressed with the gate on the toddler area, it had no latch and anyone could open it! (you must keep an eye on your little munchkin)

There is lots of choices on the menu for food but it is pricey.

Over all we did have a good time at Crash Crawlys.

In my Opinion: On a scale of 1-10 I give Crash Crawly's an 5.

Fun 4 kids Play Center

Unit 3730, 4151 Hazelbridge Way. Richmond BC: TEL#604-279-5439

Fun4Kidz Playcenter

Fun4kids is in a mall, therefore parking is easy. The facility is in the top floor of Aberdeen center in Richmond. It is easy to see from almost anywhere in the center court because of the big dragon heads, also it is beside the food court if you get lost!

Inside there is lots of seating for parents separating the toddler area from the main play area. This makes life easy for parents with one child but not so great for parents with two or more.

The Main play structure is separated by the ball area. It looks like it has a connection from the outside but I could not find it on my crawl through. (this would not likely bother an active youngster, but it was confusing to keep track of my charge).

They have a build a bear party package, I liked the idea of having a build a bear station, it does cost extra but it is a wonderful party idea.

Over all I would not go out of my way to go to Fun4 kids but it is fun to go burn excess energy if you're in the area.

In my Opinion: On a scale of 1-10, I rate Fun4kids 4

Go Bananas

Chilliwack, BC 604.858.9814-Langley, BC 604.514.7529-North Vancouver BC 604.982.0576-Richmond 604.204.0576-Surrey 604.588.7529

Go Bananas - (Indoor Play Centre)

Go Bananas is a large franchise, so the are able to keep there prices low. The playcenters provide safe, fun, and affordable entertainment for children 12 months - 12 years of age.

With our multi-level soft playgrounds, concessions, seating and birthday party areas, Go Bananas has been a family favorite for nearly 10 years.

The different Locations each have their own pluses and negatives, For example, the one in Langley had great parking, good location, and it was decently clean.

The location in Richmond I found needed a good scrub down. Mind you the Richmond location is under going construction from September through November, so hopefully things will pick up.

In My Opinion On a scale of 1-10, I give Go Bananas an 7.

Queen's Park

New Westminster B.C.

Queen's Park


First Street and Third Avenue

Queen's Park highlighted features Include multiple sports fields for soccer, rugby, baseball and softball, there is an Arena, stadium, horseshoe pits and Tennis courts.

The Centennial Lodge is perfic for any gathering including birthday parties and weddings. There is a bandshell that is often used for outdoor plays and concerts.

The most popular attraction is the Adventure playground. The best time of year are the warmer months from April till September, this is because there is much more to see and do, but the playground is open all year. For your convenience they have a washroom on site all year. During the peak times they have a consession area if you get hungry or thirsty and a spray park to cool off.

There are many stroller friendly trails and greenways if you feel like walking, as well as covered picnic areas to get in out of the sun or rain.

I think my favorite part about Queen's park is the Petting farm. In the summer they bring in all kinds of farm animals for everyone to enjoy. They have Goats, Pigs, Sheep, Chickens, Rabbits and even a Calf. I was impressed to see they had an area for an animal from the SPCA so anyone coming through can see how these wonderful animals need homes. The only cost to get in is only a donation. The money collected goes toward feeding the animals and maintaining their enclosure, so they can continue to come back every year.

In My Opinion: On a scale of 1-10 I give Queen's park a 10


The Next few parks are other notable playgrounds in New Westminster.

Hume Park


Lower Hume Access: East Columbia Street and Hoult Street

Upper Hume Access: Kelly Street and Braid Street (closest to the playground)

Highlighted Features

Multiple sports fields for Tennis, baseball/softball and soccer. There is a concessions area open on certain occasions.

A spray park and an outdoor pool.

The Adventure playground has lots to do for kids of any age.


Sapperton Park


Columbia Street & Sherbrooke Street

Highlighted Features

A little Spray Park for cooling off in the summer sun.

Two Sports fields (1 softball, 1 soccer)

Washrooms and a Picnic area.

And of course a large playground for older kids, toddlers can play too but I highly recommend staying close.


Quayside Playground


Quayside Drive and Laguna Court

Highlighted Features

A wonderful urban park offering boardwalks, trees, flowers, benches, picnic tables, washrooms and a playground complete with a half sunken submarine!


Moody Park


Eighth Street and Eighth Avenue

Highlighted Features

Sports fields (5 baseball /softball, 2 soccer/rugby) a lacrosse box, 3 tennis courts, lawn bowling and a basketball court. The concession stand open during events.

An outdoor pool, spray park and playground.

There are trails and greenways,a washroom located at the Century House.


Grimston Park


20th Street and Sixth Avenue

Highlighted Features

There are 2 tennis courts, a lacrosse box and Sports fields (1 softball, 1 soccer)

Picnic area, washrooms, a wading pool in the summer and the adventure playground.

Central Park

Burnaby B.C.

There is tons of stuff for kids to do in Central park. The park is known for its excellent sports and recreation facilities. They have Tennis courts, an outdoor swimming pool, horseshoe pitch and a pitch-and-putt golf course.

Anchoring the park is Swangard Stadium, home to the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team and host facility for many sporting events, including Olympic and World Cup-qualifying matches featuring Canada's national soccer teams.

The Park was founded in 1891, it is a 90-hectare urban park is notable for its immense douglas fir, western hemlock, poplar and maple groves. Just minutes from Metropolis at Metrotown with sky train access from the east side by the Library.

Central Park is a refreshing calm compaired to the rushing pace of the surrounding city. They have network of well-marked and well groomed trails that make it a great spot for exploring the forest by foot even with strollers. Geese and ducks flock to the park's two ponds. You can stop to smell the flowers at the Perennial Garden. And most importantly there's Central Park Playground, an integrated play area that provides fun and challenges for children of all ages and abilities.

There are a few smaller playgrounds throughout the park, but the largest is located on the North end just off of Kingsway close to the stadium.

This outdoor playground has something for everyone! There are sand pits for kids who love to dig or make sand castles, a small splash park to cool off in the summer heat, and many different structures for kids to climb, crawl and jump on.

In My Opinion: On a scale of 1-10 I give Central Park an 10

That's right it is that good! Central park is accessible for anyone by car, bus and sky-train. It has washrooms and places to wash your hands. There are pick-nick tables for lunch or if you need a rest. If you want to take a break from the activity all you need to do is go for a short walk a re energize. Central park is the kind of place where you can plan to spend the day!

Blasters Family Fun Centre Inc.

13538 73rd Avenue, Surrey, BC. 604-628-6826

General Information:

Age Group:

"Loonie-verse" is for a younger audience. This is an area dedicated to patrons ages 4 and under it features coin operated kiddy rides.

Soon there will be a "Kid Universe". An area totally dedicated to younger patrons ages 6 and under.

Hours of Operation:

Open at 11am everyday until our last customer leaves. Hours 11am to 11pm most days. They stay open all hours for private parties. Reservations are required.

Cost: (as of 2008)

Laser-Firing Bumper Cars: 5 minute ride $4.00

Air Hockey, Foosball, Wiggle Cars, Skee-Ball, Super Chexx Hockey, Basketball, Bowling and more!

The only facility in North America to feature the Most Sophisticated, Lazer Equipped Orbiting Bumper Cars. Be one of the first people on the continent to step beyond gravity, beyond normal space dimensions and beyond our galaxy to a world bound only by your imagination.

18 hole miniature golf. $5.00 for first round and a discount of $1.00 for a replay. Seniors (over 65) always enjoy 1/2 price games at $2.50 per person.

Themed for space travel with a ton if awesome suprises. An out of this world trip through a cosmic landscape featuring 18 challenging holes and a scale replica Space Shuttle over 30 feet long.

Ride a Segway for a 5 minute supervised experience of a lifetime for $3.00

Come in and try out the transportation craze that has been sweeping the nation by storm. Self Balancing, personal transport unit used by post offices, police departments, executives and factory workers alike. Take one for a test spin then navigate our obstacle course.

Laser Tag: First game cost is $7.00 and replays are only $5.00, Cost includes GST.

Play in a comfortable air conditioned environment. Lazer Tag is a high energy, safe and exciting sport where you must target and shoot your opponents with a safe beam of light. Your battlesuit knows if you have been hit and actually tells you. After you have been hit your battlesuit will turn off for a couple of seconds allowing you to get to a new position where you can continue to destroy your opponents and score points by shooting the moving targets (your friends). To make it more interesting, the environment is completely darkened and you will all be wearing a battlesuit vest of brightly flashing LED's. You too are a moving target!

Unlimited time in our GIANT bounce castle for only $2.00 or enjoy our "wiggle cars" for $1.00 (some size and age restrictions apply)

Bounce like the real spiderman. Bouncy castle with Spiderman theme.

Nintendo Wii: 1/2 hour for $12.00, 45 minutes for $18.00 or one hour for $24.00 (Mega - Giant screen)

Radio Controlled Cars

Practice your driving skills. This is a skill driving course and not meant for racing. Play in groups or solo. These RC cars are almost 2 feet long and you are in control.

Dance, Dance Revolution

Enjoy a dancing machine game with over 300 songs with multiple user levels to choose from.


Hot Dogs, smokies, Cotton Candy, Nacho's, Ice Cream Bars, Freezies, Potato Chips, Bottled and fountain pop, Chocolate Bars

Community Centers

Check out your local Community Centers for baby and toddler programs. Most centers will have story time and play groups for children under five, the programs are a great way to meet parents in your area and collect resources from qualified heath nurses who run the programs. There is usually little to no cost and are run at the same time every week.

Play Centers for your Backyard - Large and Small

Play centers are great places for kids to learn climbing skills, coordination and can improve balance. They come in all kinds of configurations and styles. Be sure to look into safety features designed specifically for your child's age and level of development.


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