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politically incorrect family relations

Updated on June 19, 2016

Listen Up Youngsters: We have Some Ideas For You to Consider

Voices of Experience
Voices of Experience

How often have you p****d off your son or daughter in law when you offer a bit of advice on a family matter. Does it seem that anything you have to say to to them about most anything can set them off. Are you sick and tired of being the scapegoat in many conversations or comments you've made about how your grandkids are being raised. Are you being ignored?Do you find yourself tip toeing around these situations because your responses might be considered politically incorrect or too insensitive?

If so, the hell with them. It's time they grew up and began accepting more of the truths and the realities of life and begin listening to the voices of experience. If that's that's where you find yourself gramps, I say the hell with them. You have every right in the world to offer your opinion on any subject and your children should pay attention.

Remember this old timer. In spite of the opinions of the myriad of internet hosts, magazine columnists and every other opinion offered by the advice industry. Unless you turned out to be deranged psychotic old man, the advice your folks gave to you and you passed on to your kids can usually stand the test of time and should be passed on to your grandkids despite the new ramblings of those who today offer their sanitized, politically correct way of dealing with kids.This is simply a reminder.

You kids didn't turn out so bad.



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