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Portable Travel High Chairs For Toddlers - Collapsible Folding Highchairs

Updated on August 28, 2013

A portable high chair for travel outside of the home is one of those little necessities it is hard to do without. When eating at home this isn't a problem as your free standing or foldable high chair is always readily available but when it comes to feeding baby away from your own house it can often become a problem. Bigger chain restaurants usually have some form of wooden high chair or plastic booster seat you can use, although sanitation is your problem but smaller restaurants are often less accommodating. Eating at family and friends houses can be even worse as unless they have children themselves, they're unlikely to have anything suitable meaning you have to make do somehow.

The solution to all these problems is to buy your own portable highchair booster seat or to opt for a wrap around or tie on material highchair like those offered by Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat is a great choice which, although bulkier than any of the cloth highchair harnesses, offers the additional advantage of adding a few inches in height to raise your child up to the level of the table. I prefer these because the others often leave your child at a perfect height for gnawing on the edge of the table which is less than sanitary in a public restaurant.

The Sling Style Travel High Chair vs Other Types of Portable High Chairs For Babies

Put simply, if you have a baby who is able to sit up unaided to be fed, then you need one of these.

The pocket sized sling style high chair folds up to around the size of an average diaper making it an absolute no brainer purchase for anyone who travels anywhere at all with their baby or toddler.

Traditional travel high chairs are typically bulky hard plastic feeding stations which do have the added benefit of coming complete with a feeding tray so baby can feed themselves...or dump food all over the floor of wherever you are staying of course. They are practical when you are traveling by car or don't mind porting them around with you.

One of the few complaints about the sling or wrap style of baby high chair is that they generally do not allow your child to sit at the height of the majority of dining style tables. Booster seats lift baby up a little to elevate them to a more inclusive level whilst the sling style does not raise them up at all. This might be a problem if your child is used to joining in at meal times and you might still want a baby booster chair for most occasions if this is the case, but for those emergency occasions, or for feeding time outside of regular planned meals, an over seat high chair wrap or tie on style sling seat might still be a life saver.

Portable Booster Seats For Travel and Restaurant Dining

The nice thing about this kind of highchairs for babies is that they allow you to turn any adult dining chair into a baby or toddler highchair simply by snapping or tieing on of these onto it.

Dining chair booster seats are prefered by many parents (and their children!) because they enable the child to sit higher in the seat which leaves them at a more comfortable level to the table at which they are seated.

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  • OliveChan profile image

    OliveChan 4 years ago

    We're looking for a portable high chair for our travels this summer... thanks for posting this!

  • profile image

    webmavern 5 years ago

    These look great! The sling style portable highchairs are a brilliant idea for occasional use.

  • ambervaprice profile image

    ambervaprice 5 years ago

    These are awesome. I may need to buy one of these for our family trip in a couple months.