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Pre-Birth Memories

Updated on February 1, 2013

Past Lives

I am about to be a new dad and one thing I started to think about while my daughter was growing in my wife's belly was where did she come from? Now, the scientific explanation is understood. But, what I really wondered was aside from the fleshy physical that was being formed where did "she" as in her soul come from? Has she lived many past lives? Did she choose my wife and I for this life? This whole thought process started when my wife told me about our niece telling my sister-in-law that she could remember being in the womb and being born. When researching the possibility it seemed nearly impossible from a scientific point-of-view due to lack of brain development. However, is there something more than that... is it possible to have pre-birth memories or even memories of a past life?

Pre-Birth Memories
Pre-Birth Memories

Pre-Birth Memories From The Womb

Scientist say that it is not possible to have pre-birth memories due to lack of development of certain areas of the brain. This is all well and good but we have all had situations that are not scientifically plausible. Why should this subject be so different? Maybe authentic cases are rare but is it not possible that there are some authentic cases none the less? Where we come from and where we go when we die are age old unanswered questions. Maybe some of the rare authentic pre-birth memories or rare authentic near death experiences will help lead to a better understanding... at least as much of an understanding as one could comprehend.

Past Life Regression

Past Life

Have you had any pre-birth or past life memories?

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