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Preparing the greatest Angelina Ballerina Party Ever!

Updated on May 24, 2011

Does Your Little Girl Wish To Be A Sweet And Gorgeous Ballerina?

In that case, why not make her dream come true for her next birthday!

Make your sweet birthday girl --- also as her little guests --- into stunning ballerinas with my great Ballerina-inspired party plan.

Give plenty of use to your camera for a day of beautiful little girls in tutus and ballerina shoes!

They will have a fantastic day and beautiful pictures to remind them forever of that great unforgettable party.

To change the party area into a great ballerina haven, make sure you have lots of pink!
Also add whites, purples and silvers.
Remember to decorate your front door with attractive wreaths to match the theme.

Turn Your House Into A Angelina Ballerina Haven! - And why not dress as a Ballerina for your daughter's party too and make it even more special for her?

The wreaths will make it a nice welcome for your ballerina party guests. And also, it signals the party location and makes it easy to find. Hang lots of streamers using the Ballerina colour scheme. String up plenty of pink and white helium balloons! This alone will make a very impressive statement! Also put a big mirror in the party room. Like this, the ballerinas can see just how pretty they look with their ballerina outfits on. Keep in mind that is a good idea to also decorate the mirror with stars and glitters. Cover the party table with a ballerina-themed table cover. Tie some heart-shaped balloons to the birthday chairs. Spread a good amount of confetti on the table.

Angelina Ballerina Party Invitations Templates - Send The Cutest Angelina Ballerina Invitations!

For a adorable ballerina party invitation, take a picture of your little girl in her best ballerina outfit, standing in a ballerina position. Use this photo to place on the front of the party invites. This will without doubt please your little girl! In the invitation, write just a simple message that you would like to have the little guests to come wearing their ballerina attire. Mention in the RSVP that they should let you know if they don't have ballet flats or tutus so that you can help provide one to the little girls who need them.

Angelina Ballerina Party

Angelina Ballerina Party
Angelina Ballerina Party

Have Some Pretty Ballerina Party Gifts For Each Guest! - Cute ballerina party gifts include necklaces, bracelets, rings, tiaras, lip glosses, ballet stickers, b

Click This Items Link, It's on e-bay and I really loved it!

Remember To Play Some Fun Ballerina Birthday Party Games!

There are a whole extensive range of adorable games your tutu-clad guests will definitely get pleasure from.

A great example is Magic Star Relay.

Build four large stars using golden-colours cardboard.

Then, divide the kiddies into two equal lines and give the first kid in each line two stars.

These stars are the only things they can step on as they travel from the front of the line, around a chair, and back to the line again.

With the 'GO!' signal, girls should place one star on the ground and step on it.

Then they place the second star on the ground and step on it.

While stepping on the second star, they pick up the first star and make it their 'stepping stone' again.

This continues until ballerinas finish their relay leg.

They then should hand the two stars to the next player in line.

The group to cross the line first wins! Widgets

The Ballerina Pictures - Mums and dads love taking photos as well as videos of their little dancers!

See Some Ballerina Cakes Ideas

Another good game is the Balloon Dance.

Tie some inflated balloons on long strings to the girls' wrists, waists and ankles.

Then turn the background music on and let the children dance.

This could be a fun ruckus since participants have to try popping the balloons of the other dancers.

They should also take some extra alert since they must protect their balloons from the others.

Have a Jewellery Box Decoration Activity too!

Purchase a Jewellery Box Craft Kit from a party store or craft store.

Then let your ballerina party guests decorate their own boxes with glitter, stickers and jewels.

With this great Ballerina Party Plan in mind, you'll surely make your precious girl and her guests celebrate like true ballerinas!

For more fun and interesting party-theme ideas, watch out for Squidoo party-theme ideas lenses!

Tables And Décor

Tables And Décor
Tables And Décor

Plan Your Angelina Ballerina Party Well - Don't Forget The Angelina Ballerina Cake

Angelina Ballerina Party
Angelina Ballerina Party

Everyone ought to learn just exactly what helps make little ones have FUN, and learn what can be good value for money and a stress free experience. Your aim is definitely to give your children a fantastic party, therefore I'm happy to help you so that you can plan a really good party, include your children's special desires and make the celebration 'something to remember' at a budget to suit you.

Your little ones will have a blast. And when you plan it properly you will not miss a detail. You can easily make everything exciting, Get the games, crafts and even scavenger hunts for your kids. It is non-stop activity.

You can easily have the children active as well as having fun from the actual start to the end of your party, that much fun that they will not want it to finish.

When you do it right it will make you believe like you were definitely BORN for this!!

Kids are all one of a kind, therefore kids birthday parties ought to be as well.

Thank You For Reading My Lens.! Please Don't Forget To Click On The Thumbs Up At The Top Of The Page To Rate It! ;o) Fatima Stevens

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    • VicPalombo profile image

      VicPalombo 5 years ago

      How beautiful girls in their costumes. They are adorable.

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      osteopath_fan 6 years ago

      These are great ballerina party ideas. Just what I need for my baby's party.

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      How wonderfully fun, the best Angelina Ballerina party for sure!

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      Tolovaj Publishing House 6 years ago from Ljubljana

      Kids love Angelina:) Cute lens!

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      Great lens! I love it! Blessed!

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      Great idea for a party

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      Haha cute.

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      Love the Ballerina party ideas here! Great tips and photos.

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