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Preschool Curriculum Guide

Updated on July 2, 2017


  • Understands big and little.
  • Understands long and short.
  • `Matches shapes or objects based on size.

Colors and Shapes

  • Recognizes and names primary colors.
  • Recognizes circles.
  • Recognizes rectangles.
  • Matches shapes or objects based on shape.
  • Copies shapes.


  • Counts orally through 10.
  • Counts objects in one-to-one correspondence.
  • Understands empty and full.
  • Understands more and less.

Reading Readiness

  • Remembers objects from a given picture.
  • Knows what a letter is.
  • Has been read to frequently.
  • Has been read to daily.
  • Looks at books and magazines.
  • Recognizes some nursery rhymes.
  • Identifies parts of the body.
  • Identifies objects that have a functional use.
  • Knows common farm and zoo animals.
  • Pronounces own first name.
  • Pronounces own last name.
  • Expresses self verbally.
  • Identifies other children by name
  • Tells the meaning of simple words.
  • Repeats a sentence of 6-8 words.
  • Completes incomplete sentence with proper word.
  • Has own books.
  • Understands that print carries a message.
  • Pretends to read.
  • Uses left-to-right progression.
  • Answers questions about a short story.
  • Tells the meaning of words heard in story.
  • Looks at pictures and tells a story.
  • Identifies own first name in manuscript.
  • Prints own first name.

Position and Direction

  • Understands up and down.
  • Understands in and out.
  • Understands front and back.
  • Understands over (on) and under.
  • Understands top, bottom, middle.
  • Understands beside and next to.
  • Understands hot and cold.
  • Understands fast and slow.


  • Understands day and night.
  • Knows age and birthday.

Listening and Sequencing

  • Follows simple directions.
  • Listens to a short story.
  • Listens carefully.
  • Recognizes common sounds.
  • Repeats a sequence of sounds.
  • Repeats a sequence of orally given numbers.
  • Retells simple stories in sequence.

Motor Skills

  • Is able to run.
  • Is able to walk a straight line.
  • Is able to jump.
  • Is able to hop.
  • Is able to alternate feet walking down stairs.
  • Is able to march.
  • Is able to stand on one foot for 5-10 seconds.
  • Is able to walk backwards for five feet.
  • Is able to throw a ball.
  • Pastes objects.
  • Claps hands.
  • Matches simple objects.
  • Touches fingers.
  • Able to button a garment. Builds with blocks.
  • Completes simple puzzles (5 pieces or less).
  • Draws and colors beyond a simple scribble.
  • Able to zip a zipper.
  • Controls pencil and crayon well.
  • Cuts simple shapes.
  • Handles scissors well.
  • Able to copy simple shapes.

Social-Emotional Development

  • Can be away from parents or primary care givers for 2-3 hours without being upset.
  • Takes care of toilet needs independently.
  • Feels good about self.
  • Is not afraid to go to school.
  • Cares for own belongings.
  • Knows full name.
  • Dresses self.
  • Knows how to use handkerchief or tissue.
  • Knows own sex.
  • Brushes teeth.
  • Crosses residential street safely.
  • Asks to go to school.
  • Knows parents' names.
  • Knows home address.
  • Knows home phone number.
  • Enters into casual conversation.
  • Carries a plate of food.
  • Maintains self-control.
  • Gets along well with other children.
  • Plays with other children.
  • Recognizes authority.
  • Shares with others.
  • Talks easily.
  • Likes teachers.
  • Meets visitors without shyness.
  • Puts away toys.
  • Able to stay on task.
  • Able to work independently.
  • Helps family with chores.


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