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Pressure vest vs weighted vest for Autistic children

Updated on June 20, 2017

Pressure vest vs weighted vest

Pressure vest versus the weighted vest, why should there be a debate? Technology now a days should be able to stop the controversy right? Well A company called Fun and function has stopped the madness and came up with a weighted compression vest of their own. Best part is you can even get them with cool designs on them. If you are looking to help your child during those times of trial then please look into a vest of your own. This is well worth the investment and your child could blossom from it. While the vest doesn't work for everyone it could be that piece to the puzzle that you were missing. A way for not only you to be able to work with your child, but the school as well. Hands down this is one of my favourite items for my autistic superhero and if you keep reading it may be yours to.

Be sure to speak with your therapist before putting the vest on your child. They are the best person to speak with about the vest and they will be able to help you come up with times that are appropriate for wearing.

Parents helping Parents

I am not a therapist, doctor or teacher. I am a parent trying to help other parents over come the obstacles in our child's life that is significant. SPD or Sensory Processing Disorder is real and a vest may help. I hope you enjoy reading my page and make decisions based off research done to help our children.

Fun and Function
Fun and Function

Weighted Compression Vest

The weighted compression vest that I have advertised on this lens has several advantage points and remember the vest is not for everyone but it is definitely worth a shot. A few things I would like to point out about the vest are that the vest helps create a constant and even deep pressure to enable the child to calm themselves, have balance and create their own self awareness. Think of it this way you are outside in the middle of a snow storm and have on shorts and a t shirt. You can't seem to focus or can't seem to hold it together as you try to find a sanctuary or place that you feel the most comfortable and yet feel out of element. When you put a winter jacket on everything seems to come together and you become yourself again right? No confusion, body awareness perks up and you start to realise where you are and what you are doing. That is how children with Autism tend to feel. Another example would be lets say that you are having the worst day of your life and all you keep thinking is get me home. Then someone you know walks up to you and gives you a huge hug and you go, "oh wow I feel so much better." Putting these perspectives together and looking at your child and their behaviour the vest may help you. Make the difference that you have been waiting for.

The why, when, where and how?

If you are looking for the why wear the vest, where do you wear the vest, when do you wear the vest and how often to you wear the vest then here is a compiled list to help.

  1. When should you use your vest?

    Remember when you use the vest only use it at the times that may be more stimulating then normal or times where you would want them to have a good concentration. When using the vest only use the vest for a maximum of 20 minutes per session. You can use the vest several times throughout the day but remember not to overuse the vest so they don't become accustomed to the vest. Create a vest strategy with your therapist.

  2. Why should you wear the vest?

    Well the why of wearing the vest is very clear. Self-calming, we all want to teach our kids the ins and outs of how to handle everyday life. With the weighted compression vest you have the opportunity to grab their attention and go with it. Help them as much as you can while that vest is on. Eventually they will learn the self-help skills they need.

  3. Where should you wear the vest?

    Where they should wear the vest is solely up to you and your therapist. Find times of the day that are absolutely the most struggling times for your child. Example would be at school, dentist/ doctors office, grocery store and homework time. Finding a balance is key because overuse is going to make them dependent. Try the vest at outings at first then switch to a doctor's bag filled with goodies. A link has been provided on this page.

  4. How should you use the vest?

    When you put the vest one make sure it isn't to tight or to loose. You want the child to feel like they are being hugged. As I tell my son, "Mom can't hug you all day, so this is my way of hugging you while I am away." The rest is up to you, should you add a few decorative pieces to make it their own? Sure why not! Add some glitter or badges. Maybe even a cool logo. Be creative and always keep the child involved.

Fun and Function E-guide
Fun and Function E-guide


What is an IEP? An IEP is an Individualised Education Plan designed to make your child as comfortable during the school year as possible. The school can offer several services depending on whether your child qualifies and another amazing feature is the parent can say I want my child's vest with him/her at school and they can add that right in. That way your child has their vest at home and at school to ensure they can tolerate their day. This vest is one of the best investments I have ever made and when my son grows out of this vest we will buy a bigger one and keep going. Why not? I mean if its effected and they don't have to swallow a pill then I am all for it.

The picture listed is actually a link to get the E-guide. I would recommend getting the e-guide for your benefit.

Best price!

These are truly the best priced vests around. Unless you make your own of course and even then they wont be as good as these.

Just found something that will be worth your while! Ebates is a company that lets you gain cash back for buying online and clicking through them. You will get 4% cash back through Amazon! Plus you and I both will get 5$ just because you joined! Check them out! Just click on the Ebates sign below!

Have you ever tried a weighted or compression vest?

See results

Youtube video from the source!

What is better then a You Tube video showing and describing the product just for you!? I hope you enjoy this short clip of just how great this product really is!

Aquatic Therapy

Here are a few videos on Aquatic Therapy and what it can do to benefit your child. Both of my children are getting ready to start and I am so excited.

Here are some other websites that are great!

Click on any of the blue links below for more information.

Police badge
Police badge

Should you give it a shot?

How many times have you gone to the grocery store and your child ran through the store like a chicken with his head cut off? Or maybe their teacher came to you and said what can we do to help calm him/ her? I know the feeling every investment you make to try to ease up that anxiety just pinches that bank account. This vest is a very good price they ship right away and the child will love it! Of course as you can see my son has a police badge on his. Why you ask? Well to be honest he loves costumes and wears them all the time. Costumes are his comfort zone. So, I incorporated the costume touch to a vest that will ultimately do him wonders! Best part is, I found several police badges at Wilson's 5 and 10 and they were less then $1 a piece! They also have complete sets there to.

Now there is something that I found has made the vest even more comfortable for my little one. He said his school makes him wear it and he doesn't like that and I thought wow any other time he was fine but this is a new sense to him so I will go with it. I told My son, "do you rememeber how every moment mommy gets she hugs you? Well this vest is there when I can't be there. Mommy wants to hug you all day but I can't. So when you wear your vest I am hugging you." This is the best thing I have ever come up with! Works and he loves it. Even tells his teachers all about his mommy hugs.

Anyone can comment. Show your support!

Would love your feedback!

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    • AlexiaLynn profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @jordanmilesbask: Thank you. These vests are amazing. The school my son goes to loves it to. They said its like a miracle vests. Because we had put the police badge on it everyone thinks its a costume. (He loves to wear costumes, more of a comfort for him.)

    • AlexiaLynn profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @CTsHeart: Good luck with therapy! I know therapy has helped us in so many ways. Im currently trying to get at home therapy for my boy. Thank you for the feedback. If I can help just one person who can then help others I feel as if I have completed my job.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      We are currently doing ABA therapy, but haven't attended to the sensory piece yet. I will keep the pressure vest in mind, it sounds like a great idea. Thank you so much for the information. You are helping so many parents.

    • jordanmilesbask profile image


      6 years ago

      Great Lens! This lens will help other parents who have the same problems in getting a right vest for their autistic kids..Thanks for sharing it..


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