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Projection Night Lights for Kids

Updated on March 11, 2013

Best Projection Night Lights for Kids

As a parent you want your kids to feel safe and secure and for some kids, nighttime can be a fearful time which is why projection night lights for kids can be an ideal solution for your child. Many children suffer from a fear of the dark and who can blame them? Happily for both parents and kids there is an easy solution, night lights are a great way to help an unsettled child to start a better sleep routine.

A projection night light gives off just enough light to ease your child's fears without being too bright to keep them awake. The soothing patterns of a projection light can not only help a child who fears the dark but can help a child who finds it difficult to drift off to sleep. There are a lot of beneficial uses for night lights and with a lot different types of night lights available to suit a wide age group so an older child does not have to be embarrassed at needing a night light.

You can find a great selection of projection night lights for kids below, help your child to sleep soundly and make every evening peaceful for the whole familiy.

Image Credit: Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light from Amazon

Most Popular Projection Night Light for Younger Kids - Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Lights

The range of Cloud b Twilight Constellation night lights for young kids are some of the most popular night lights available. The cute design will appeal to kids and comes in a range of soothing colors. There are two types to choose from, a turtle or a ladybug and both come in a choice of colors ideal for boys or girls. The night light is ideal for children aged 2 and older.

These night lights project a wonderful starry night display across the walls and ceiling of your child's room and comes with an illustrated star gazing guide so you can teach your child about the different constellations they will see in their room. Designed with children in mind the night light stays on for 45 minutes, enough time for most children to drift off to sleep. Simple to operate your child will love their new night light.

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Turtle
Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Turtle

My favorite is this cute and cuddly turtle night light. It comes in many colors and shuts off automatically after 45 minutes.


LED Projection Night Lights for Older Kids

Although the Cloud b night light range is ideal for all kids over the age of 2, older children might want a night light that looks a little more grown up and a little less like a "night light" If your child feels a little too old for a night light but would still like something to ward off the nighttime shadows (although they might not admit it!) then there are a few great choices available.

These projection night lights are ideal for bigger kids and come in a variety of different styles with different projections from favorite characters like Spongebob to Disney Princess or Pixar Cars. The lights are LED so need no bulbs and remain cool to the touch which is ideal for kids rooms.

Bright Colored Night Lights for Older Kids

A night light does not have to be something a older child should feel they need to hide or do without if they have a sleepover. A projection nightlight is perfect for older kids because it can give a room a cool effect.

Projection Night Lights for Babies

If your baby has trouble settling into his or her nursery at night then a projection night light may work well for you. These types of night lights are specifically designed with soothing sounds and images to help your little one drift off to sleep and are a great way to help your baby start sleeping independently.

Below are some popular night light projectors for babies that will help to soothe and comfort your baby.

Chicco Goodnight Stars Projector, Pink
Chicco Goodnight Stars Projector, Pink

Perfect for a little girl, project puts stars on the ceiling and makes light nature sounds. This night light projector is great because the lights do not dance on the wall distracting little once. This is also a blue and green one available for a boy.

Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System, White
Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System, White

Night light projector for kids room that sings lullabies.


With three kids all my kids had a night light from time to time. As a baby my youngest one enjoyed the projection night light when still in his crib. The one he had played soft music while the light was on and lightly went dimmer as the music became softer.

Do Your Kids Have a Night Light? - Let me know you was here, please comment below.

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