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Protect Children Against Cyber Bullying - Quiz

Updated on November 23, 2014

Pedophiles and Bullies Target Vulnerable Children Online

Cyber bullies and threats to a child's security are everywhere and the perpetrators have little respect for the victim or the life they may ruin. When the computer cyber bully is at work it is a common event to hear of a young person or child committing suicide because of these actions by others, either over the internet or the moibile phone in the schoolyard. It is also common in the workplace and even in the home.

Children who are naturally shy and intimidated often seek out friends on the Internet where they are not exposed to ridicule or bullying, or so they think. They engage in chat rooms or in forums seeking friends and generally appreciate their time online doing something they not only love while enjoying the company, be it a distant affair, of mates they can share things with. That is until it goes horribly wrong. So how do you stop it?

This lens examines some safety devices that parents can use to help their child(ren) avoid disastrous consequences online.

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The Greatest Tool for Child Bullying Ever Invented

Proetct Your Child

The Internet is a tremendous tool but it is full of flaws and its power is yet to be fully understood. When huge Companies like NASA and Yahoo are being hacked and their computers hijacked what chance has a child (alone in a bedroom without supervision) got against those who will have his or her favors or even their life?

Young children are unaware of the dangers that lurk behind their key boards. If it has a camera on it they may not realise just how vulnerable they are to a predator. Many kids love to expose themselves as it is natural and they see no wrong in it. An incident happened recently when a young boy of 7 asked me if I knew what a certain part of his anatomy looked like and before I could answer him he pulled the front of his pants down to show me. My shocked reaction only brought laughter on his part. If he did that with a pedophile he is in real danger.

The Internet is the ideal tool for crooks to get into your home without coming through the door. They will access your children, your bank account, your personal details and they can lure your children into a situation where they can be raped, hurt or even murdered. Physically they may not be touched but mentally can be scarred for life.

In Sydney recently a couple of predators lured an 18 year old girl out to meet them. She connected with them on Facebook and 3 days later her body was found in bushland where they had raped and murdered her. This is not a unique event as it is happening every day somewhere in the world. Is your child safe? Worse still do you know who they are in contact with online?

How Much Do You Know about Your Child's Online Friends

Is it worth protecting them when online

Where do your stand on Cyber bullying?

Should the Internet be censored to stop this crime?

Bullies can't be stopped but they can be changed!

Kids are Vulnerable

Kids cannot fight bullying on their own - Adults must get involved

Emotional Wounds from Bullying

Children are vulnerable to insults, invasion of privacy, being put down in front of others, and being called names. A child that is bashed emotionally is no different to the one who suffers physical abuse except that the wounds are hidden. The worst kind of bullying is when others turn away and don't want to know you so you feel isolated, ugly, tormented, and your self-esteem is just about zero.

This is happening to so many kids around the globe who have dared to interact with others through the Internet and social sites. Once it was enough for kids to have one or two good friends to play with after school and on week-ends but the access to cyber space has changed that. Now kids number their friends in the hundreds on such sites as Face Book. They gain these friends by networking and a lot of hard work. many spend hours doing it and building up a following.

One hateful post on their home page can change all that and if personal details are released a child is not only devastated but feels they are a loser. So when someone called them that it strikes a cord and the bullying snowballs into the school yard, the classroom, and even to their close friends who suddenly may find it undesirable to be in the child's company.

It can and does drive kids into anti-social behaviour and even to suicide. Let's educate children to stop and think before doing this to another person.

Bullies, Victims & Bystanders Board Game; Ages 7+; no. DD-500042
Bullies, Victims & Bystanders Board Game; Ages 7+; no. DD-500042

Teach children about bullies through a simple board game that will help them come to terms with what they should do to escape the harassment.


Stop Bullying

If you knew a Bully What would you do?

Would you go to the police and report him/her?

School Bullies
School Bullies

The more we learn about bullies and how to stop their crime the better. Every bit of information is part of understanding the whole and through knowledge we can defeat them.


Name Calling is Part of It

Provoking someone into taking their own life is a crime. Tormenting them to the point where they break down is a crime? Torturing them with jokes, whispering about them behind their back, sending them messages that lowers their self-esteem is also a crime. Stalking someone, making them aware that they are being followed and watched is a crime. Chasing them like some tormented monster is a crime.

There are so many aspects to bullying and it quickly gets out of control when the other party is determined enough to do the victim damage. It is in many ways akin to imprisonment and murder. When a child feels trapped and their world turns upside down they feel helpless and hopeless. They are often not able to talk to their parents because they don't know how to express what is happening to them.

The bully might also be a sibling who is jealous, spoiled, seeking more attention from parents or for some other reason, So a child can be a victim in their own home and from any age. Older sibling can resent the present of a younger brother or sister, especially if that one is smarter and seemingly getting more attention or favours, Be on the lookout, therefore, for a child of your own who may be withdrawn, unhappy, avoiding being in your presence or exhibiting another form of abnormal behaviour.

The same symptoms can show up in a child that has been sexually molested or is being tormented by outsiders.

Understanding & Coping with Bullies DVD VIDEO; Practical Advice for Students.
Understanding & Coping with Bullies DVD VIDEO; Practical Advice for Students.

This video brings the point home in stark reality. Seeing is better than just reading and the whole family can experience it together, This is a great innovative way to take the first steps towards stopping it.


Best Treatment for School Bully

The Fear of Mixed Race Kids

They look different and many speak differently, often with accents. Their clothes may be different and their parents are often even more different. So how do kids whose genes tell them to avoid anything that is not like them change their behaviour?

It often has to begin with the parents who might unwittingly or otherwise make some racial comment in front of their children. Even simple things can be taken on board and worked into something more serious. Take a remark like this: "That Chinese half-cast has no manners." Their son or daughter who hears the remark picks up on it and before long the child referred to is spoken of to other kids in derogatory tones. "That kid's a moron." or something like "Better watch that kid, he's likely to do anything," Then it gets twisted further and before long everyone in the school is avoiding him, whispering about him, even acting violently towards him.

These remarks are subtle, said in private and never detected. The child involved becomes aware of the bullying but may not know how to stop it or talk about it to parents, teachers or the police. There are a lot of mean tricks and jokes played to make the victim's life a misery. He/she feels rejected and may even start blaming the parents for producing him/her.

As the taunts increase his life becomes worthless and that's when he feels he would be better off dead.

The only approach others can have is to welcome such children into their homes. Teach your child to reach out to someone who is isolated and lonely in school. This is what I did with my children and my youngest daughter made some remarkable friends that keep in contact with her now many years later. My eldest daughter has 2 overseas students living in her home. The ones who don't keep in contact are those who were never bullied or in that situation.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 3 years ago

      Excellent lens Extremely valuable.

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      shana273 4 years ago

      I cannot stand bullying. Thank you for writing about it.

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      othellos 4 years ago

      Excellent. Right on the point remarks. Very informative quizzes with..."heaps of points" as well! Thanks a lot:=)

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      asmond5 4 years ago

      Nice lens, Learned a few statistics albeit disturbing ones. This is a sore subject to me I can't stand to see some jerk picking on someone.

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      VspaBotanicals 5 years ago

      Very informative.

    • tonybonura profile image

      Tony Bonura 5 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

      I have always dislike bullies.


    • tonybonura profile image

      Tony Bonura 5 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

      I have always dislike bullies.


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      Kara Hara 5 years ago

      interesting and fun quiz.

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      nice lens, found you via linkedin group

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      This is an excellent lens. I am surprised at the numbers. Thanks for the information.