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11 Super Safari Baby Shower Invitations

Updated on September 18, 2014

It's a Safari Shower!

Animals are one of the most loved and thought of themes for baby showers. And, where can you find all sorts of cute animals in one place?

The safari of course!

It's no wonder that safari baby shower invitations are such a popular choice for moms-to-be. If you're planning a safari shower, here are some safari theme invitations, and supplies you definitely don't want to miss.

# 1 - Safari Gathering


Wooo-eeeee! With over 120 review (currently 5 out of 5 stars) this delightful safari baby shower invitation is among the most popular I've seen! You're sure to bring a smile to your guests faces with these adorable, festive, happy, and gender-neutral invites.

There's even a place to customize the invite on the back!

# 2 - Safari Bunch


I really love these invitations. The simple, and cute design features a giraffe, rhino, and monkey gathered around your shower details. The colors fit any gender (or a mystery!). Matching address labels and thank you cards are available should you plan to round out a complete safari baby shower theme.

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# 3 - Baby Giraffe...


Such a unique idea... a baby giraffe constructed from colorful, baby-appropriate words and phrases. No wonder it was a design challenge winner! You can customize these invitations with optional matching backers, thank yous, and address labels.


#4 - Going WILD with Excitement

A really cute safari themed baby shower invitation with the clever tagline "We're All Going Wild with Excitement".

The animals feature something like a patchwork quilt design that adds to its character, as does the card's zebra-print border and reverse side.


# 5 - Smiling Safari

A group of smiling safari pals grin ear to ear in this cute design.

Talk about coordinating... these invitations are available with optional matching postage stamps! You can customize the invitations with your choice of fonts and paper stocks too.


# 6 - Dangling Monkey

A dangling monkey is the highlight of these 5.25" x 5.25" square safari theme invites.

He almost looks 3D as he vaults to the forefront of his zebra, lion and giraffe pals.

Need Safari Shower Supplies? - Plates, Decorations, and Games (OH MY!)

Amazing Safari Party Design - DIY

# 7 - Green Grazers


This modern invitation meshes a polka dot exterior with a sweet safari interior. There is a lot of room for your baby shower details... or simply use the customize tool to eliminate what you don't need.

The top reads, "Our precious bundle of joy is on HIS way, Help us to make this a very special day!" Of course, you can edit to HER or ITS depending on the gender (or mystery) of your baby.

# 8 - Savannah Soiree


Another cute safari themed invitation that's brightly colored and modern. Hearts leap out of the elephant's trunk for sweet effect. Three color schemes accommodate boys, girls, or gender neutral showers. Optional matching thank you cards, gift bag tags, and address labels are also available.

Easy Games & Scratch-Offs for Your Shower!

Want an easy and fun activity for your shower? Try these baby shower scratch offs and pull tabs - there's one winner in each pack. One of your guests can go home with a special thank you prize. Fun!

Fun Express Baby Shower Lotto Game Cards - 24 Pieces
Fun Express Baby Shower Lotto Game Cards - 24 Pieces

Pull three tabs. The guest that gets three baby bottles in a row... wins!

Mommy's Big Belly Baby Shower Scratch Off Game
Mommy's Big Belly Baby Shower Scratch Off Game

Why is mommy's belly so big? Guests will scream with laughter as they scratch mom's belly to find out if they got the GAS, the SMOOTHIES, the WATERMELON SEED or if they got the ADORABLE BABY!! 20 Cards to a pack and as always, the top card is the winner for your convenience.


# 9 - Patchwork Quilt


What sets this safari theme invitation apart from the rest is the unique "patchwork quilt" design. It kind of reminds me of some infant bedding designs I've seen in the store.


Here's another great front and back design with patch and quilt-like elements. Love those elephant ears!


# 10 - Zoo Crew

These cute "Zoo Crew" baby shower invitations are customizable... choose your wording, font, paper stock and more.


#11 - Jungle Safari

Yet another invitation feature a cute collection of animals ready to celebrate. This one has a unique backside too that really pops!

Which of these safari shower invitations do you like best?

Let us know! Please like, share, or comment on this lens!

Which Safari Invitation Did You Like Best?

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    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 6 years ago from New York

      These safari baby invitations are adorable. They are all so cute I can't decide which one i like best.