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Safe Superhero Capes

Updated on April 10, 2012

Safe Superhero Capes for Kids

With younger kiddos, we need to be very careful with things that are secured around their necks. Too easily they could get snagged on something and choke or injure their little necks.

My little Superheroes needed capes of their own that they couldn't get injured with, so here is what I "invented"!

What You Need

  • Scissors or a Rotary Cutter & Cutting Mat
  • Your Main Material --> I like to measure the cape so that it starts up at the kiddos shoulders and goes to somewhere right around the backs of their knees. I use the main material to create the arm straps as well.
  • Matching or contrasting fabric for your superhero's initial...or whatever other embellishment you'd like to add.
  • Sewing Machine/pins/thread

Awesome "Newbie" Sewing Machine

Singer Touch & Sew 7462 Electronic Sewing Machine
Singer Touch & Sew 7462 Electronic Sewing Machine

I am very much a beginner sewer (sewist? person who sews?). :)

I did the whole Home-Ec thing in Junior High, and my mom tried teaching me a handful of times, but I always jammed down on the pedal and went way too fast. She and I both gave in to the unfortunate fact that I was not at that time going to learn to sew. (Fortunately this was some years before I would learn to drive - haha!)

As a wife and a mother, I started feeling the need to own a sewing machine and to learn to sew. I did some research, shopped around a bit, and finally came across this great machine. I love how you can easily change the type of stitch that you do with the touch of a button!


The Main Cape

As I mentioned earlier, I like to cut the cape so that it starts at the shoulders, and goes down right around to knee length. I also like to cut the sides at the top so that they curve in a bit and the top is shorter than the bottom.

Hem all the way around the cape.

Make Your Straps

I have since learned that you're supposed to iron these darn things. I didn't do it at the time, but it still worked out okay. Anyway, I measured the length that I needed (using the kiddos' arms, of course), folded it in half with right-sides together, sewed along the long edge, and turned the thing inside out.

I then sewed a top-stitch along all 4 sides, and attached it to the cape.

How to Turn Your Tube Right-Side-Out

Another Way to Turn Your Tube Right-Side-Out - (An Even Easier Way)

Assembling Your Cape

Cut out the first initial of your Superhero's name, and sew on. I used the zigzag stitch - that one seemed to work out the best for this.

If you draw the letter on the reverse ("wrong") side of the fabric, don't forget to trace it so that the letter is BACKWARDS. (Ask me how I know!)

Unfortunately, I didn't take a whole lot of pictures as I was doing these capes. But you're welcome to leave me your questions here!

And You're Done!

If You're A Beginner Like Me.... - ....You'll Need One of These!

My husband teases me because when I crochet he says I spend more time unraveling the project, and when I sew I spend more time ripping stitches....

Whether you need to get rid of a crooked seam, or any other sewing errors, one of these guys will help you out. And if you like losing small things like I do, do yourself a favor and grab two! =)

What Did You Think? - (I'd love to know if you tried this pattern!)

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      LoveAndBeyond 5 years ago

      Great Idea!