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School Bags for Pre-Schoolers

Updated on August 10, 2013

School Bags for Pre-Schoolers

Ranging from cute and cuddly in appearance, to adventuresome, to enchanting, your pre-schoolers have a huge selections in terms of school bags to choose from. Whether going to daycare, or to a formal pre-school program, it's fun for toddlers and pre-schoolers to have the same thrill of back to school preparation time that their older siblings enjoy. Following are some of the best designs, from the perspective of a mom of 8, along with links to purchasing venues, of course.

What is Your Pre-Schooler's Need

Is your pre-schooler going to be toting papers back and forth? Or simply a lunch? A toddler in a daycare setting will need changes of clothes, and pull ups, no doubt, but the pre-schooler will be in a slightly more mature environment, with practical learning activities.

Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies Insulated Lunch BagsCHECK AVAILABILITY

Is the pre-school an all day affair, or half-day? Will the child continue on to a daycare setting afterward? Each of these issues will come into play, as you consider what size and style of pack you want to select. A backpack in lunch toting size will accomodate snacks, juiceboxes, and perhaps a few papers. It's not unreasonable to have both a lunch tote, and a backpack, if need be. However, tailor your choices to your child, and don't stress about over, or under, doing it. Your youngster is in the least formal of educational settings, with experience being more hands on, and less about paper and books, at this age.

Check out more from Skip Hop: Skip Hop is great for providing whimsical products for young children. You can escape the typical cartoon characters for fun shapes and colors in creative designs that can promote imagination while providing organization.

Bright Colors

Toddlers can be attached to favorite characters, as pre-schoolers are, but they tend to have a good deal of flexibility in liking many characters. They may adore Elmo, or Dora, but they are still generally flexible in their tastes. We may have a grand idea that everything Sesame Street represents our littlest ones' interests, but chances are good that they won't really mind something different.

Stephen Joseph Girls 2-6x Girl's Go-go BaCHECK AVAILABILITY

If your toddler expresses a given interest, go ahead and find something relevant. However, if you find something that you enjoy, or that's bright, interesting, and allows you to interact by discussing shapes and colors, this is a good selection, as well. The animal backpack, displayed below, for example, allows you to practice animal names and characteristics, much as you would with toddler board books. Think of this as another learning venue!

Stephen Joseph Kids' Backpacks and Accessories: Stephen Joseph provides you with more of the bright colors and fun themes that will keep your youngster's imagination moving. From pirates to butterflies, boys and girls will enjoy the fun options.

Great School Bags for Toddler Boys

Look for fave themes that range from fire engines to sharks. Stephen Joseph school bags are particularly fun options for boys, but you will find a huge selection of designs that appeal to boys. Find a piece that's sturdy and easy to open so that your youngster can become comfortable with getting his own things out of his school bag.

Stephen Joseph Go Go Bag, Shark
Stephen Joseph Go Go Bag, Shark

This is a fun theme for travel or for preschool situations. You can pack up a bunch of activity items for a road trip or flight. You can also include a small set of clothes for an overnight getaway.

Stephen Joseph Little Boys' Boy's Go-go Bag, Firetruck, One Size
Stephen Joseph Little Boys' Boy's Go-go Bag, Firetruck, One Size

Fire engines seem to have a universal appeal to young boys, and the bright colors are attractive and fun in this design from Stephen Joseph.


Great School Bags for Toddler Girls

Look for cute themes for a young girl. Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy owls, ladybugs and butterflies. These pieces are perfect for complementing a bedroom theme. They are ideal for helping your youngster to learn basic organizational skills. They also work well for pretend play, allowing for a child to carry her belongings to the makeshift tent in the living room or to the backyard tea party under the shade tree.

Stephen Joseph Go Go Bag, Ladybug
Stephen Joseph Go Go Bag, Ladybug

Lady bugs are cute and fun, perfect for the girl who is inquisitive.

Owl Quilted Backpack by Stephen Joseph
Owl Quilted Backpack by Stephen Joseph

The trendy pairing of pink and chocolate are the perfect backdrop for a clever owl theme.


School Bags for Pre-Schoolers

Your pre-schooler is a little more opinionated about his or her interests, though perhaps, more civil in expressing it. Beyond the terrible two's, and on the verge of full-time schooling, your pre-schooler is absorbing informations, processing, and verbalizing. Many pre-schoolers identify with particular character favorites, whether cartoon favorites, or themes. Your daughter may love Arie or Belle, of Disney Princess fame, while your young man may be a staunch fan of Lightning McQueen from Cars 2, or of Buzz or Woody, from Toy Story 3. Character school bags are great for toddlers as well, but especially fun for pre-schoolers, and on into the first couple of years of elementary school.

Cars 2 School Bags for Pre-Schoolers

Finding a bag that reflects a popular movie or cartoon character can be a lot of fun. I had a child go wild for anything related to a major animated film several years ago, and tapping into that interest was always easy.

Disney Cars Boys Large Black School Backpack
Disney Cars Boys Large Black School Backpack

With the Cars 2 Movie coming out in the Summer of 2011, Cars gear will be a huge hit with the boys for back to school shopping. A Cars backpack is a school bag which will reflect your child's interest, while reminding you both of the summer fun, seeing the movie together, and enjoying your family time.


Toy Story School Bags for Kids


Toy Story has become a lasting theme, with almost 2 full decades as a childhood favorite from Disney. If your youngster loves Buzz, or Woody, then a Toy Story school bag is just right!


Disney Princess School Bags for Girls

There are always plenty of princess products available, and you will find the latest as you explore those shown here. From rolling bags that make your preschooler's task of getting around easier to simple backpacks, there are many options for teaching good organizational skills that will transfer into school and life situations.

Disney's Princess 15" School Backpack/Medium Size
Disney's Princess 15" School Backpack/Medium Size

Does your daughter have a favorite Disney princess, or does she love them all? You have such a great selection, with Amazon, where the virtual aisles expand far beyond what your local department store could contain!


When you prepare your pre-schooler...

You are dealing with schooling on a much smaller scale, but you still have the opportunity to help your child with routines, and regimens, which will help later on. Organizational skills come with practice, and with small children, simple tasks, and not too many, can be taught in a way to help your youngster with establishing routines for the future.

For example, make it a practice to check through your child's school bag right away when he returns home. Go through papers, belongings, and use it as a time to talk about the things he learned today. Spend time removing things that don't need to stay in the pack. Make sure that before he goes to bed at night, his school bag is ready for the following day, and is put in a designated place.

When your child is a tween, organizational skills can be a challenge, but with some structured preparations being taught from early on, your tween can have it down ahead of time!

More Great School Bags

Each of these preschooler bags is a great example of popular characters or fun design elements.

Are you ready to send your youngster to preschool in style?

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