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Learning to take care of yourself

Updated on November 30, 2010
As I sit here not able to sleep my mind is wandering to the time of my youth. I became a Mother at an early age, and for me there was nothing better. Loving someone that is so dependent on you is scary and yet fulfilling at the same time. I was married young and had no idea of what being a wife or Mother meant, or the demands that it would put on me that I was not emotionally ready to give. Now my children are all grown and have children of their own, and I sometimes look back and wish that I had done things diffrently, but life does not come with a manual to tell you how to do certan things in life, it is a learn as you go process. Now here I sit wondering if I could go back what would I do diffrently. I have Granddaughters that are bright, beautiful young women and my desire is for them to live their lives to the fullest. I do know that one of the things I would do diffrently is to take better care of myself.Being a Mother and a wife really require a lot of who you, and there were times when I forgot about me. If I could go back and do it again I would take more time for me. Family is wonderful but we as women have to learn how to put things in to it's proper perspective. I think that we neglect ourselves for those that we love, and then one day we look up and we have graying hair, and aches and pains and the time seems to have flown by and you wonder where the time went. I would encourage the young women of today to slow down and enjoy life, and take care of your bodies for they are the only ones you will get. I may sound like I have regrets, well I do but not about my children I love them dearly and would do it all over again. What I do regret however is not taking time for me, not learning how to relax,or say no when I wanted to, or going to the beach and just enjoying the sun, and the water and all that God has made for me to enjoy. We as women have to learn to slow down and realize that we cannot save the world, or hold our childrens hands forever. I know that it is hard to let go of somethings, but if you don't life will consume you and you will lose yourself in the lives of those that you love. Self love is something we need to learn to have it is ok, I am now in the winter season of my life and I do plan on doing some of those things I did not allow myself to do when I was younger. I do plan to relax and smell the flowers along the way.


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