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Pregnant Again?

Updated on October 8, 2015

The Two Red Lines

You're menses were late but you weren't scared or anything but still you bought PT in the department store and you tried it out! POP!!! two red lines showed right in front of your two eyes. YES! you are pregnant again honey.but let me ask you, Did you feel excited after knowing the truth like you did the first time? or did you think of buying another expensive test pack to really know if its accurate?

In my case, I did. Still it's positive. Frankly i didn't know what to think or do. I thought of calling my husband and tell him the great news but i hesitated. I don't want to shock him or something but you know what? I did call him in the end. I mean he is the father so why would I hesitate. After the call, believe me I started thinking about my experiences during the first pregnancy and started to think of so many questions like would I experience the same morning sickness? or will i forever hate the smell of garlic and onion? Well, these are just some of the "unnecessary questions" i had in mind. What really concerned me most was the fact that I am going to be a mommy for the second time around. Can I handle the pressure? Will become a great mom to my kids?

Too many questions right? But for sure you know the answers very well. Like I do.


Again, The Morning Sickness and Nausea

Knowing that I was pregnant with baby no. 2 morning sickness followed through. Ugh! Morning Sickness! Again i'm experiencing it. Every morning, i hated the feeling of hunger. I hated to eat. Yes! not only on breakfast but all the meals of the day. But it didn't last long unlike the first baby. During baby no.1, the morning sickness lasted for 9 whole months of my pregnancy. Baby no.2 though is different. It was only on the first trimester and you know what I was really really thin solely because I hated eating and I also disliked the smell of instant coffee which by the way is very popular here in the Philippines.

Like the first pregnancy, I didn't had much of upset stomach and going to the bathroom to throw up and I am grateful about it although it is very common for pregnant women to feel nauseous. I only had this "ewww" feeling of all the foods that i see but no throwing up. But you know your'e experience might be different from mine. So if you are experiencing this morning sickness and nausea I recommend to eat dry foods like cereal, toast or crackers before getting out of the bed and before going to bed try eating high-protein snacks simply because protein takes longer to digest. Take note: Nausea can happen in anytime of the day but it is worst in the morning with an empty stomach.

But remember, do not forget to ask your doctor for some professional advice about these stuffs! It is much better if an advice is really coming from a pro!

pregnant woman carrying a weighing scale
pregnant woman carrying a weighing scale | Source

Again, Here Comes the FOOD and the lbs...

You are expected to gain weight when you are pregnant like every pregnant women in the world. So don't worry honey you are not alone at all and by the end of your pregnancy you may weigh about 27.6 lbs more. Shocker! Okay! you've been there before and here you are again! Gaining so much weight, you can't even stand it. Well, every body type is different. What happened to me, may not happen to you at all so don't be worried mommy. In my case for baby no.1 i didn't become that big maybe that's because of the morning sickness. I only gained few lbs so when you see me, I looked like I swallowed the whole watermelon.Yes, it's true. Only my belly that was huge that time. My legs? nah! They were all the same. (I'm actually a thin kind of person) But for baby no.2? I gained 11 lbs in just one month. Can you imagine that?Yeah 11 lbs in one month and i blamed it on the ice cream sitting in our fridge. Not only that. Since I live in the Philippines i eat rice and i eat rice 3x more than my normal rice consumption. Carbs and lbs are just like inseparable these days.

You are gaining so much weight because you are eating too much. Yes you can't avoid the eating but you can minimize it right? That's what my OB told me. Eating healthy meals will allow you to gain adequate weight during your pregnancy and remember, do not forget to ask your doctor for some professional advice about these stuffs! It is much better if an advice is really coming from a pro!


Again,The Prenatal Visit

Being pregnant for the 2nd time means you have to go visit your health care provider again. If you are a working preggo mommy, it means you have to allocate at least one day for your prenatal visit. And if you are a plain housewife with one kid and another one coming, the only dilemma is who will watch over your eldest (this applies to no-nanny at home mommies). Right! you can't go visit your OB with a two-year old kid on your side (you'll know what i mean).

Prenatal visits are important. You still have to go see your doctor even if it's your 2nd or 3rd or 4th pregnancy. Like I've mentioned before every pregnancy is different, you can't expect it to be the same as the first one. Prenatal care can help prevent complications and it educates women about the important steps they can take to protect their infant and ensure a healthy pregnancy. If you were doing just fine during baby no.1, you'll never know what might happen this time around, so it's better to be prepared.

The advantage you can get by being pregnant again is that you already have some insights to what to do and what not to do. During my first pregnancy, I was more paranoid. If i feel something strange or aching in my tummy or in my body the next time you'll see me will be at the doctor's clinic. Although i hated to line up and wait for my turn. I can't take my baby at risk and I was just being careful that time and every prenatal visit was a like a race to me because I took an OB-Package in the nearby hospital and I had to be early. When I say early it's early as 7 a.m. Getting out to bed that early was already a challenge but i managed. So I had to be there by 7 a.m to be the first in line because by 8 in the morning you'll get to see millions of pregnant women coming in. No just joking! only 50 preggos. Now, I am a little bit more relaxed than paranoid plus I am more cautious and careful than before. And I don't have to line up or get up early in the morning because the doctor's clinic accept reservations. Yey!!!

But always remember, do not forget to ask your doctor for some advice! It is much better if an advice is really coming from a pro!


Again, The Preparations

Now that I am on my sixth month, I am getting ready for the 2nd baby's coming. So like baby no.1 I have to be prepared as always.Take note, You have to have a checklist on the things that you need upon delivery and I'm already nervous talking about delivery. During the first pregnancy I used to watching videos of real life delivery. Just getting some thoughts on what to do when it's my turn. But before that, you need to prepare some baby stuffs that you might need along the way. you can't go to labor if you aren't bringing anything. Flashback 2 years ago, a month before my due date all things were already placed in a box so my baby's things were just a hand picked away. So, from baby's clothes (3 pairs of clothes are fine!) to mittens and socks to my clothes that will be used during my hospital stay and other things were all placed in one box. It's convenient trust me.

Preparations for your delivery does not end there. You yourself have to be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally too and learning about the ins and outs of delivering a baby is important preparation, it doesn't give you ultimate control over your own labor.

Remember, women who learn about birth ahead of time are more active participants in their own birth process, which leads to better outcomes.

There you are! Congratulation mom you are now few steps on finally seeing your second baby!


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