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The Dangers Of Sexy Texting (Sexting) For Teens

Updated on November 8, 2010

What Is Sexy Texting (Sexting)?

Texting is part of our culture. It seems like everyone has a cell phone and texting is more popular than ever. Especially for the younger generation, texting is the most popular form of communicating. It is fast and can be done just about anywhere. However there are some problems that have come to the surface as a result of texting and sexy testing is one of them.

Sexting or sexy texting is a new word that has been derived by combining the words: sex and texting. Sexting is the process of sending and receiving messages that are sexually explicit via the cell phone. Sexting has been called phone sex and usually includes sending a nude or semi-nude photo along with the text. It has become a very popular practice amongst teenagers but they need to be aware of the possible consequences of the text message for the sender and/or receiver.

Dangers of Sexy Texting
Dangers of Sexy Texting

What Teens Need To Know About Sexy Texting (Sexting)

The original sender of the message may have intended the message to be exclusively for the viewing of the person that it was sent to but it may not happen exactly as planned. One cannot assume that a message will stay private even if originally was intended to be. There are hidden dangers to sexting that the sender may not be aware of or even think that the possibility may exist. Teenagers need to be aware of following serious consequences that could occur as the result of sexting:

  • The sexy photo is distributed publicly and does not stay in the phone of the intended receiver.
  • A sexually explicit message can quickly be all over the internet and can ruin the sender’s reputation.
  • Risqué pictures can affect someone’s future because the photos can stick around so long. There is a possibility of suffering future embarrassment if someone views those pictures in later years.
  • Sexual photos of underage kids are illegal. They cannot be taken or have them in your possession. A person could go to jail for child pornography charges for sending or receiving sext messages.
  • A student could be suspended from school as result of having a sext message on their cell phone.
  • A person can end up being a victim of a crime as a result of sending text messages.

It is very important that any teenager who sends a text message of this sort understands the severity of what could happen if the message gets into the wrong hands. What was originally intended to be a private message could end up being a public problem.

More Dangers of Texting

Texting while driving is also a bad habit that teens or really anyone can get into. It just makes no sense to take your eyes off the road to text. Not only is your mind not on driving but neither is your hands on the wheel or your eyes on the road. You are setting yourself up for a major accident.

It makes no sense to risk your life and the lives of others to send a text message. Wait until you get out of the car to text. There are also many laws in effect that make it illegal to text and drive so you would be taking a chance on getting a major fine and maybe even a license suspension. Think about it before you text otherwise it may be your last word.

Dangers of Texting and Driving


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    • valeriebelew profile image


      8 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA

      Yes, both are so thoughtless and dangerous. Very good hub.


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