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Free Printables and Stuff for Kids

Updated on June 17, 2012

Directory of Sidther's Free Printables for Kids

I have been making lots of free printables for kids including free printable behavior charts, chore charts, visual cues, bookmarks, coloring pages, fine motor practice sheets wards, reward tickets and bucks and more!

Each collection has it's own page (or else it would take forever to load) and with this many and SO many more to come I decided it was time to make a directory for those articles.

Here you can look through all of the different types of free printables I offer as well as educational stuff and more for kids! Enjoy your visit and remember to come back as this will continue to have new freebies for kids added each time I make more!

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It all started with a behavior chart - I needed one and couldn't afford much, certainly not the fancy behavior systems.

When my son was really little, we really needed something to help with a few behavioral problems. We just couldn't afford the fancy ones and i searched online for free ones.

I found a nice free behavior chart right away, but when we needed a new one, I couldn't remember where I had found it and tried searching again. When I searched that second time I got very frustrated. Most of the sites that I found gave me nasty pop ups (and I couldn't afford the better virus protection back then either), many of them turned out not to really be free at all (they required a paid membership) and my poor little computer contracted the absolute nastiest virus it had ever had from one of those sites.

Over the years (including 18 months of homeschool) I searched for many various free printables online. Now I have a much tougher computer that can withstand the occasional click to an iffy site, and I continued running into those sites. I found lots that I loved as well- sites where free really means free- without sacrificing the quality or your security. I have come across some great low cost sites as well!

I started writing here in part to amuse myself as a stay at home Mom now that my son is attending school during the day as well as helping families with kids who have special needs and then I thought that with all of my experience in finding (and making) printables, I might be able to help families find the right freebies quicker and much more safely, so I started a series of free printables!

I make lots of my own free printable charts, bookmarks, coloring pages etc, but I know I'm an amateur and I know not everyone has the same taste, so I thought it would be great to add the links to sites that I trust the most. When I list links to other sites they are ALL sites that I trust. If they are low cost as opposed to free then they are grouped to gather and marked clearly.

I never list sites that I have gotten those nasty pop ups about "your pc may be infected... warning, warning, clean your pc right now...." nope, no sir, NEVER. If you ever find one of those in any one of my links please use my contact button or leave a comment! I check each link monthly but as the collection keeps growing it is getting harder to keep up!

Free printable Charts for Kids

If you are trying to help your child work on their behavior or if you need to help them remember the chores on their own, free printable charts are a great way to go!

You can easily help your kids keep track of their good behavior (which may help modify bad behavior) or track their completed chores using stickers, smiley faces or magnets (if you hang the chart on the fridge). This technique provides excellent visual reinforcement and keeps the positive outcome on the top of the child's mind.

Free Printable Activities for Kids

Stuff to do is always great, even better when it is free! Print out some dot to dot activities, worksheets, mazes, or coloring pages to take with you when you go out or to keep nearby on rainy or boring days.

These free activities are lots of fun and can keep kids busy while waiting for a table at a restaurant, sitting in a car on a long drive or when they are waiting for a friend and getting restless.

Connecting the dots, mazes, coloring and letter practice are also wonderful ways to help your child develop their fine motor skills or improve their skills if they are delayed.

Free Printables For Kids

Award Certificates~Reward Bucks~Bookmarks

The best way to help your child make good behavior, manners and effort a habit is through positive reinforcement.

When you give reward bucks and award certificates you show your child that what they just did made an impression on you. Your child loves to make an impression on you! They will try even harder when they are rewarded for their efforts.

The rewards needn't be huge, little tokens, bucks or tickets which your child must collect in order win the "grand prize" are a great way to do it. A grand prize should be something really special, but not necessarily a material object. Time with you for example would be a great grand prize!

When rewarding your child for reading, try a cool free printable bookmark with a log to keep track of their reading or have them collect a number of bookmarks by reading daily.

Free Educational Activities for Kids

Whether you are home schooling or supplementing school, there are lots of ways to make learning fun and cheap or free!

Having spent 18 months homeschooling I certainly understand the importance of finding new ways to keep your child engaged in their education.

There are lots of great activities that you can do together which are fun, engaging, cheap or free and most importantly, educational!

Sometimes it can be hard to think of new activities to keep your child's interest up, so take a look at some of these articles and you will find eithersomething to try or something that gives you a creative idea for another great educational activity or game!

Taking on a huge challenge - and it keeps getting bigger!

I wrote an article not too long ago about free educational activities. It was not such a difficult article, but it led to another one, which involved a lot more work- world crafts for kids.

This new craft article currently includes a variety of crafts from around the world and I would like to add many, many more countries and cultures. There were a few countries that I had numerous craft ideas for so I have now started mini articles for each of those countries- each of those articles will feature 5-10 crafts from that particular country.

Can you see why it has gotten bigger? I am creating each one of the crafts myself so it is probably going to take a long time, but if you are looking for some great free social studies projects, check it out and check back often for more!

I do need more ideas though for the countries that are missing. If you have any great ideas for something that is an icon of a specific culture or country (ancient or present day) whether it is an instrument, armor, monument or something traditionally made which is unique to that culture, please let me know- also let me know how you would like your name to appear in the credit for the idea!

~~~~~~~Note about Missing Freebies~~~~~~

If you got a free printable from me before and need another but can not find it now- please feel free to contact me- there was glitch where my images used to be stored and some were deleted. They are still on my computer but to be honest there are SO many that I can't remember the names. If you can describe the one you are thinking of I should be able to figure out what filename I gave it! The CANDY Behavior chart that has been so popular is back up- I did not even know it had been missing!

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      anilsaini 5 years ago

      nice lens

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      Awesome links! We are always looking for freebie coloring pages off the net! Why would anybody buy an actual coloring book these days!?! Blessings.