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Similac Sensitive Reviews

Updated on September 20, 2012

Why This Page?

When my doctor recommended we switch to Similac Sensitive, I spent a lot of time looking for reviews by other parents.

So - in order to help others - I've decided to put all this information in one place.

Below you will find different reviews from different parents, and the experience that they had with SImilac Sensitive/

Similac Sensitive on Amazon

The first place I go to find reviews is Amazon. Here are some of the things people said:

So here's what one parent wrote:

"I have tried about 20 formulas and this was the only one that worked for my baby. When you find ones that works, you stick to it. The fact that she is getting nutrients from it and it stays down, that is what I am focused on as a mother. Other formulas made her gag and throw up. Just because she did not like them I am not going to go to the other formula pages and put them down."

One parent tried it with her first baby, and then - when it was time to feed the second - she wrote:

"We just had our second child and immediately skipped all other formulas and went straight to Similac Sensitive. This has saved so much trouble from the first time around!"

I recommend you go here for more reviews

More Customer Reviews

Here are some more reviews for you to check out (but start with Amazon):

Yahoo Answers


If you've used Similac Sensitive, please leave a comment here

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    • profile image

      Amanda 2 years ago

      We started our newborn out on the Similac complete. We tried the sensitive because we had some free samples. My baby went from being mildly gassy and content to full on gassy and a fussy terror. I tried it for a week. Switching back immediately.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      We started are twins quickly on formula when they had issues and no weight gain from breast milk. With the quick change I took the Dr. 1st recommendation to use similac sensitive. Our babies did great. Then as I started looking at the ingredients I noticed the first ingredients was corn syrup, 2nd is sugar. I was very shocked to see this. Not sure why babies need all the added sugar. I switched them over to gerber gentle which contains lactose as their sugar source. My daughter was a little constipated but my son freaked out for 3days. On the 4th day he seems to be doing better. During the 3days I contacted similac thinking I may need to switch back if I could find a comparable formula without the first ingredient being sugar & corn syrup. The lady had NO clue or could not answer my questions. Except she did say the sugar was there for taste & sensative is not lactose free. As a consumer that is alarming if the company can not answer simple questions about their product. So then I contacted Gerber. They put a specialist on the phone who was not only educated about their formulas but educated about similac. For our family we are choosing to use gerber just based off of the ingredients & what we believe to be best for our twins!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      We tried Similac Sensitive and it made our problems far worse. The baby was non-stop fussy all day and night and became completely constipated. We checked out the ingredients on the Similac Sensitive and were shocked to see it contains the following:

      1. Water

      2. Corn Malodextrin â which if you Google it you will see it is a complex carb that behaves exactly like sugar and is a corporate way of slipping extra sugar into food that is overlooked by the FDA.

      3. Sugar (sucrose)

      Then come the other ingredients, WTF! Unlike other foods, the percentage of sugar or grams per serving is not listed. I call that dishonest and incredibly creepy. As a result, I would advise parents to avoid Similac.

      We switched to Gerber Gentle and the baby slept peacefully and went back to normal, made two record-breaking poops and became happy and peaceful again. They also have corn malodextrin, but it is not the #2 ingredient followed by sugar.

      As a father, I have a zero tolerance level for any baby food company not 100% honest and up front with their ingredients. I am disgusted by the makers of Similac! Buyers beware.