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Simple Chores Appropriate for Toddlers

Updated on April 25, 2017

Toddlers Can Be Little Helpers

Encouraging your children to help with chores from an early age teaches them responsibility, practical living skills and good habits. As a parent, it is important to involve your kids in everyday family activities. Allowing them to help you with simple tasks will help them develop confidence, self-esteem and a sense of well-being.

Most toddlers are perfectly capable of performing many small household chores by the age of 18 months. The trick is to find tasks that are easy for them to accomplish and appropriate for their age. It's best to start with one or two tasks so they don't get overwhelmed. Always be willing to help, offer encouragement and praise your child for a job well done!

Sweet little girls with apples
Sweet little girls with apples | Source

Simple Chores Suitable For Toddlers

1. Get Dressed: Toddlers can learn to dress themselves. Sure, they may put their clothes on backward, but they will soon learn to do it correctly.

2. Pick up Dirty Clothes; Kids can help pick up dirty clothes and place them in a laundry hamper or clothes basket. A cute personal hamper makes this activity fun.

3. Fold Clean Laundry: Toddlers love to help mom with laundry! They can fold small items such as washcloths, socks and underwear. Most adults don't like matching socks ... this can keep a toddler busy for hours.

4. Pick up Toys; Children can pick up their toys and put them away after playtime. A special shelf, toy chest or basket works great for this!

5. Set the Table: If you have some plastic or unbreakable dishes and silverware, this can be a fun chore for most older toddlers.

6. Dusting: Small areas such as small tables, coffee table, books, etc. can be dusted by toddlers. Just give them a small cloth or old sock to use and they're all set!

7. Make the Bed: Children can learn to tidy up the doesn't have to be perfect! It helps them learn to keep a clean & tidy room later on, when they are older.

8. Water Flowers: Fill a small watering can or cup with water and let your child water some plants and flowers outside with supervision.

9. Wipe up Spills: Children can wipe up small spills with paper towels or a cloth moistened with plain water.

10. Feed Pets: Your little helper can feed and water the pets with supervision. It teaches them responsibility and a love for animals.

Playhouse Fun

Child playing in playhouse
Child playing in playhouse | Source

Otis Owl Pop Up Hamper for Kids

The Skip Hop Zoo pop up hamper is perfect for storing your toddlers dirty laundry. Your little one will quickly learn to pick up their dirty clothing and place in the hamper. The Otis owl design is delightful and perfect for a toddler's room. Inspire your child to be a little helper!

Favorite Family Chores

What's your child's favorite chore?

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Skip Hop Zoo Pop-Up Hamper, Otis Owl
Skip Hop Zoo Pop-Up Hamper, Otis Owl

What a cute hamper for kids! The Hip Hop Zoo pop up hamper features Otis owl on the front. The hamper is lightweight and easy to carry with grab and go handles.


Little Tikes Toy Chest - A Great Organizer for Toddlers

Durable Toy Storage Chest for Kids

The Little Tikes Bold N Bright toy chest is perfect for teaching your child to pick up his/her toys. The chest is constructed of durable plastic and easy to clean.

The main storage area is big enough to put larger toys, stuffed animals, etc. Small toys can be stored in the two green plastic bins/drawers that slide underneath. The drawers are great for storing books, blocks, puzzles, etc.

The lid is not attached, which is an important safety feature. *Note* To prevent little fingers from getting pinched, the lid can be removed and stored until your child is older.

Toddlers Toy Storage

Little Tikes Bright 'n Bold Toy Chest - Green/Blue
Little Tikes Bright 'n Bold Toy Chest - Green/Blue

This cute toy chest for toddlers is not only attractive, it's durable and made to last.

Children playing in a field of dandelions
Children playing in a field of dandelions | Source

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