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Simple Steps for Hosting a Baby Shower

Updated on July 17, 2014

Holy Moly, You've Been Nominated to Host a Baby Shower!

Your best friend or family member is having a baby and you have been the one nominated for hosting the shower (either because you so graciously offered your services, or because you were asked. Either way, you know hold the title of Baby Shower Hostess.

So now what? If there are a thousand and one things going on in your head about how to host a baby shower, then you have stumbled across the right path. I have laid out the basic and most important parts about hosting a baby shower for that special mom to be.

Just remember, when hosting a baby shower it is okay to step outside the box. Just because you read it here doesn't mean it's all inclusive, and in retrospect, if it's not written here that doesn't mean it's off limits either. Make the baby shower special in any way you want. Make it as creative and clever as you want. The sky really is the limit here. :)

Step 1

Pick a Date, Time and Location for the Baby Shower

If you are hosting a baby shower the very first thing that must be decided is the where and when. Without this, you can't send out invitations, and if you can't send out invitations it's a pointless event. But you already knew that ;).

When choosing the date, you should keep a few things in mind. Make sure you don't pick a date that has the potential to minimize the guest attendance. An example of this is choosing the baby shower to be on the same day as the Super Bowl.

When choosing the time for the event, make sure you take into consideration meal times and high traffic times. If you have the shower at dinner time, you will be expected to feed your guests a meal, not just appetizers (it's only right, after all. If you were ripped away from your home at dinner time to attend an event for someone, you would fully expect a meal.)

The location for the baby shower can be one of the easiest decisions, and also one of the most difficult ones. You may want to host it at your home, but the guest list may be too big for fitting everyone in comfortably. In this situation, you may want to consider moving the shower to a larger home, or renting out a party space.

Step 2

Sending Out Invitations

Once the details of the baby shower has been decided, now you can send out the invitations. Of course before you can send them out, you will need a guest list. Get this from the mom-to-be. She can provide you with all the friends and family that she would like to be there. Make sure she gets you addresses to go along with the names on the guest list, otherwise it obviously does you no good. ;).

Traditionally an invitation is sent in the mail, but with today's high tech capabilities, you can send out e-vites should you choose. I still personally prefer the old fashioned snail mail method, because there is just something about receiving something other than a bill in the mail. Also, you can't hang an e-vite on your refrigerator to remind you.

The one thing to remember about sending out invitations is to get them out at least 3 weeks before the baby shower is supposed to take place. Any sooner than that and people may forget about it all together and not show up...any later than that, you may risk having a shortage of guests because they already had their schedule full.

Step 3

Plan the Details

Food and Drink Menu

Decorations and/or Themes

Games to Play

Prizes for the Games

Baby Shower Favors

That's really all there is to hosting a baby shower, I promise. Okay, so it may not be as simple as the 5 things I just listed above, but it really is that simple!

Take it a step at a time. Plan the food and drink menu accordingly, such as the time of the baby shower. Finger foods work well, as do simple beverages, like iced tea or lemonade. Don't forget the cake - A baby shower cake or cupcakes or dessert is a must! (If you need more ideas on what to serve a baby shower, you can read more here:

The decorations can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make them. It's not necessary to have a theme, but if you want to have one, go for it! Dr. Seuss themes are great, as are sports themes for baby boys, or even just a pink theme for baby girls. Remember, you can get as creative as you want here. This is your time to shine.

Every baby shower must have games, or at the very least activities planned out for the guests. Trust me, it's one of those traditions that we all groan about, but the minute we go to a baby shower without games, we're shocked! And admit it...we're bummed that we didn't get to play those silly childish games we all love to bash. So, just stick with this tradition. Have baby shower games at your baby shower. Don't forget the prizes. (If you need some ideas for some easy and fun baby shower games, you can find a ton of them right here:

Favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming. It's always nice to get something for going somewhere. Even if it's just a fancy wrapped package of candy. We love free things. So give your guests some free things.

Ready, Set Go!

Yes, Really. There's No More Steps

That's it. In the most simplest form of hosting a baby shower. Do not over complicate it. You will only stress yourself out. A baby shower is meant to be fun, and to create memories (and hopefully get the mom-to-be lots of things she needs for the baby!)

If you follow the 3 steps above, and take very good notes of your ideas and the details, you'll be hosting a fabulous baby shower. If you are on a budget, the dollar store is a very good place to get decorations, plastic ware, game prizes and even favors.

Happy baby shower planning, and remember this....if you have fun while planning the shower, the guests won't be able to NOT have fun! ;)

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